BALI copyToday is Friday, ruled by Venus, the Planet of LOVE so it’s a really good day to flow some mega LOVE.

It is the last day of Mercury Retrograde and the last 3 weeks have been a time of wrapping up loose ends from the past.

In honor of Venus and Love and in honor of my recent past when I spent 2 months on the island of Bali (and the islands near her), I am writing an Ode to Mama ShamBALI.I feel like it’s taken me a couple of months to fully digest and process all of the major positive transformations that happened for me while I was there.

Now I am ready to share some of the gems that I received while on my vision quest and share them with you.

Rather than go on and on about the countless magical and miraculous unfoldings and adventures that I had on Bali, I am going to tell you about the many gifts that Bali has to give us all.

There are a lot of people who followed my adventures on Bali and dream of going there…you might be one of them 🙂


And, in the meantime, you can tap into her mystical and enchanting energies and start to connect with her wherever you are.

Bali is an activator of these Divine and inherent energies in us all.

I am SO GRATEFUL for the countless blessings that she bestowed upon me and the many energetic gifts that she gave me.

The Heart of Bali is Beauty.
Everyone is an artist.
Everyone is devoted to Great Spirit.
Everyone is creating beauty wherever they go, with whatever they say and whatever do as an offering to Great Spririt.
Everything and every moment is a ceremony imbued with beautiful flowers, candles, incense, crystals, colors, food, dance, art, poetry, nature, breath, movement, meditation, eloquent speech, singing, touching.

Ask yourself: How can I make my day and everything and everyone in it part of an on-going beauty giving     ceremony to Great Spirit?

The Heart of Bali is graciousness.
Everyone is giving.
Everyone wants to help.
Everyone wants to be of service.
Everyone knows that we are all one big organism of LOVELIGHTBLISS.
Everyone sees everyone and everything as an emanation of Great Spirit and they are therefore very gracious and kind to everyone and everything.

Ask yourself: How would my life be if I navigated through my day today be kind and gracious to EVERYONE who I  encounter regarding them as an emanation of Great Spirit?

The Heart of Bali is Unity Consciousness.
Everyone recognizes that Great Spirit is everywhere and in everything.
Everyone knows that Great Spirit resides in the darkness and the light.
The Balinese honor the underworld of darkness and shadow and place offerings on the ground to make peace with the demons and the darkness.
The Balinese honor the Celestial realms of Light and Bliss and place offerings up high to the sky.
The Balinese know that the Heart of Love connects us to the Earth and the Sky, the darkness and the Light.

Ask yourself: What shadowy dark place inside of myself have I been resisting? How would my life be if I honored, respected and loved that part of me?
What light-filled and blissful part of myself have I been resisting or repressing?
How would my life be if I honored, respected and loved that part of me?

The Heart of Bali always goes with the flow.
The Balinese know that Nature and Great Spirit have a rythym and a way and a plan that is beyond anything that our minds can comprehend.
Balinese time is VERY DIFFERENT from man-made time.
On Bali, when you fight against what is, you end up feeling like a real doodlebug.
When you graciously align with what is and shift things that feel out of alignment in an easy and sweet way you feel very relaxed, at ease and harmonious.
Remember the serenity prayer:
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change.
Courage to change the things I can (with graciousness and kindness).
And the wisdom to know the difference.
On Bali, when you align with what is, let go of resistance to what is and simply ride the waves as they come, life is imbued with much grace and Universal support.
In this practice of deep surrender and Faith, magic and miracles CONSTANTLY unfold and everything and everyone that is part of Great Spirit’s grace flow naturally into your energetic field to frolic with you as you glide down the river of LOVELIGHTBLISS.

Ask yourself: What currents (people/places/things) have I been fighting against in my life?
How would my life be if I stopped fighting, surrendered to what is and graciously and kindly made  shifts when possible to enhance the natural goodness that is always here in life?

I deeply love, cherish and adore Mama ShamBALI.
She is definitely one of the Great Mothers on Mother Gaia Planet Earth.
She has many gifts to give us all whether we visit her or not.
She is constantly pulsing the high vibrational forces of LOVELIGHTBLISS.
Soften, get tender, open your Heart and receive her countless blessings.