This week I had my first surf lesson with my surf guru Aubrey.

I have surfed about 10
times and have been given some wonderful instruction along the way, but it was extra special with Aubrey because she is a real life mermaid and her love for the sea is a total match for my love for the sea.

Aubrey grew up at La Conchita and started surfing at Rincon when she was 7.

We did some yoga and then she gave me step by step instructions on and off the surfboard on the beach.

We watched the waves and got clear about how to approach our session once we were in the ocean and went into Mama Oceana with great love and respect.

She held the board steady for me while I practiced jumping from my belly to standing and taught me how to duck under waves.

Then I caught 4 waves and had a total blast.

And Aubrey caught a bunch of waves cutting back and forth like a total pro with a giant smile on her face.

We were both giggling the entire time…so happy to be in the sea.

After awhile she suggested we do a lil buoy paddle and within a minute I spotted dolphins.
We picked up our pace and very quickly paddled out to meet them.

Over the course of about 10 minutes a pod of about 25 dolphins slowly cruised around us in small groups of 4 or 5.

We got off our boards and into the clear emerald green water and they were right there next to us and we were talking to them and making dolphin squeals and laughing and playing with them.

When the last Mama and tiny baby dolphina (with it’s Iil itty bitty fin waving at us) swam by we jumped up on our boards and I was beaming with the purest love and gratitude ever.

Aubrey, who is a very magical healer looked at me in utter awe and wonder and said,

“Your aura is huge and is the most electrified aquamarine blue that I have ever seen!”

And I said,

“It’s because I am so happy! We live in one of the most magical and gorgeous places on the planet. I am with one of my favorite people on the planet. We are swimming with my favorite creatures on the planet. And I am doing one of my favorite things ever. I am so grateful. Life is incredible! We are so blessed!”

And at that very moment the light cloud cover over our heads parted and a giant beam of light came shining down on my head.

And I started to sing, emulating a Heavenly angel ;-))

And then our smiles and giggles and happiness amplified off the rictor scale.

As we paddled in Aubrey and I realized very clearly that we co-create some super sweet high vibration mojo together and we had an epiphany:

My girl Aubrey and I had the most magical experiences this week surfing and frolicking with dolphins and decided that we want to create this experience for other women.

So coming up on July 20 in Santa Barbara, we are going to be offering a day long Wave Dancer Vibration Transformation gathering including yoga, meditation, breathwork, emotional cleansing, group sharing, life coaching, singing, ritual, a dharma talk and relaxation with me followed by a delicious raw food lunch and a journey down to the sea for a deep dive surfing lesson and sea session with Aubrey.

We are so excited about our offering and will be sharing all the details soon.

So save the date and stay tuned…

And in the meantime:

Breathe deeply.
Move your body.
Eat high vibration nutrition.
Dive into the sea.
Ride the waves.
Swim with the dolphins.
Be grateful.
Receive the Light.
Love freely.
Be happy.

We love you and we support you.