unnamed-9We are so happy to invite you to the

with Sara Jaqua and Anne Van de Water

Sunday, August 31, 2014
Santa Barbara, CA

Join us for a transformational and restorative day of cultivating Self-Love through connecting with the Plant Spirits that align us with out deepest nature of Love.

Our time together will include Yoga, Meditation, Breathwork, Emotional Cleansing, Ancestral Healing, Group Sharing and communing with the Plant Spirits by drinking herbal teas, breathing sacred aromas, and sipping flower essences.

Afterwards we will enjoy a light plant based high vibration snack and floral elixir.

Space is limited to 10 people so register ASAP.

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Sara Jaqua is a Plant Spirit Healer and naturalist. She works with clients to deepen their knowledge of plants and their ability to transform spiritual and emotional issues. She has studied with Dorothy Maclean (co-founder of Findhorn) and with Pam Montgomery (author of Plant Spirit Healing) at The Partner Earth Education Center in Vermont. Sara’s herbal remedy company, Gibraltar, is inspired by her love of plants and their healing gifts. Sara is a huge fan of Anne and her Vibration Transformation Lifestyle Program.

Anne Van de Water is the creator of Vibration Transformation, a lifestyle program for big hearted spiritual leaders, teachers and visionaries like you who are here to make a positive contribution to the planet. Her mission is to help you raise your energetic vibration to match the energy of your mission, message and vision so you can fully embody it and become it. The foundation of Vibration Transformation is deep self-love and self-care and aligning all of your choices so that everything is a resonant match with your life purpose, your values and your deepest intentions, wishes and dream for your life. Her intention is to help you to transform your life into a reality that makes you lovingly, light-heartedly and blissfully say, “This is my life and I love it.” Anne is a huge fan of Sara and her magical ways with the Plant Spirit realm. Anne is based in her hometown root of Santa Barbara, CA and travels the world activating LOVELIGHTBLISS across the lands and the seas. Visit her at www.annevandewater.com