Is there something that you have REALLY wanted to create in your life?
Do you want to up-level your self-love and self-care?
Do you want to organize your home or finances?
Do you want to start writing or finish your book?
Do you want to launch your website?
Do you want to organize your house?
Do you want to clean up your finances?
Do you want to (fill in the blank)?

What is it that you truly want to create, manifest and activate in your life right now?

What’s the thing that you have been procrastinating about?

Whatever you want to create is what is I WANT FOR YOU which is why I have created a very powerful program to help you DESIGN YOUR DESTINY and manifest your dream VISION that you are holding for yourself and your life.

And I am SUPER excited and enthusiastic about inviting you to the:


Join us for a 6 Week Visioning and Accountability Group to manifest one or more of your Big Visions for 2016.



If you can’t join us live you can watch the videos.

Tuesday, October 18 – Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Meetings every Tuesday morning from 7-8:30am

At a beautiful and magical shangri-la in the foothills of Santa Barbara.

$299 / $249 each if you join with a friend / $225 for former Vision Courage Action Participants

If you miss a class there will be a video of the class available for you to access at any time.

Check out THIS video to see an interview of a former Destiny Design Lab participant.

As you follow your call to destiny, there are specific things that you know you want to create.

But designing your destiny, transforming your vibration and Self-Mastery is not a fast process.

It is a step by step process and one of your major guides along the way is to follow the energy of what excites you.

By focusing on manifesting just one or two of the things that excite you in life and that are part of your overall big Vision for yourself, you will be one step closer towards total self mastery and will have the deep satisfaction and happiness that comes from accomplishing a goal that is in alignment with your true essential nature.

As you follow the call of your destiny and design it you will continuously raise your vibration to match your highest potential.

Day by day you will become a true Master at being your own unique and wonderful self living in alignment with who you truly are and why you are truly here and what matters most to you.

During this powerful 6 week process we will focus on creating a vibrational and foundational lifestyle transformation so that your thoughts, words, feelings and actions are a resonate match with what you truly Love, totally lights you up and invokes happiness and bliss within so that you become the living embodiment of the things that you deeply desire to manifest in 2016.

And you will MAKE IT HAPPEN.

During this 6 week process previous participants have totally revamped their daily self-love and self-care program, lost weight, got into the best shape of their lives, totally organized their homes, completed writing their book, recorded their Albums, created and launched their new websites, organized and hosted retreats, created new menus for their restaurants, expanded their businesses, increased their profits, created their business logo and brand, designed new clothing lines and so much more while deepening their relationships with their partners, children, friends and family, aligning with their deepest Values and have completed the 6 week session feeling more alive, happy, healthy, peaceful and successful than ever.

Once you get clear on what you really want to create next in your overall big Vision for your life and understand why you’re already worthy of it of having it, you will design an actual plan of action to manifest your destiny.

This 6 week session will include:

*Meditations, Visualizations and Sharing with an empowered group of individuals devoted to manifesting their greatest Visions

*Empowerment conversations about our core themes of  DESIGNING YOUR DESTINY, VISION, COURAGE and ACTION

*Specific exercises to help you be present with and then clear the inevitable fear, doubt, insecurities and challenges that arise when you devote yourself to manifesting your Vision so that you can tap into the COURAGE to manifest your VISION

*Writing exercises creating a powerful Vision Statement

*Get clear about the feelings that you want to cultivate as you create your Vision

*Create a clear big plan of action, weekly plans of action and daily plans of action

*You will have a one on one accountability partner to help you process everything that you are going through and to help you stay on track and in alignment with your Vision and Destiny

*We have a private FaceBook Group where we can post inspirational messages and encourage each other

*You will receive a workbook to help you navigate your 6 week manifestation journey

*You will have learned life long skills that will help you manifest anything that you desire


Here are some of the amazing testimonials from the last group:
Anne is incredible…the space and the energy she holds for each and everyone of us throughout the six weeks is inspiring! To have had a group and a weekly practice to devote myself to my Vision was extrememly powerful! I am a completely different person after completing this program in the best way possible! I have learned a new way to live and show up in the world! I am truly transformed and have truly manifested my Visions. Empowering, conscious and sacred. Thank you Anne! So much Love.
~Erin Gomez, co-creator of The Juice Ranch and Raw Food Chef, Santa Barbara

I know I personally used this program for my entrepreneurial pursuit and I can’t believe how far I’ve come, how hard I’ve worked, and how much change has accumulated at the end of this group through the build up of little changes, to do lists, and check ins to keep your going. And it really is the early morning once a week grounding sessions spent with the group that foster the self-love, connection and self-care that allowed me to carry myself through. I can now fully claim for myself purpose and passion.
~Katie McLean, Visionary Artist creator of the active wear Psychedelic Honey, Santa Barbara

The Destiny Design Group was an incredibly effective platform for manifesting huge change in my life. Together we visioned our individual goals, shared in a collective energy of accountability and support and worked through the internal blocks that can keep us separated from our grandest dreams. I was amazed by what I could create during this process with the support of this motivating and powerful group lead by Anne.
~Samantha Goldstone, Visionary Artist and Healer, Santa Barbara

The Destiny Design Lab is a dynamic intimate experience. There is something very potent about beginning the day in a circle of peers who are willing to open to vulnerability and possibility. We met our raw dreams and longing with solid plans of action, bolstered by the courage of one another and deep within ourselves. Anne is a dynamic and honest guide. She is willing to demonstrate her own process and learn within and beside the group that she is facilitating. As with any process, the deep lessons percolate long after the program has finished. And the method Anne has offered provides a new framework that can be applied again and again to our ever-evolving visions of who we are, how we want to feel, and what we need to do (or not do) to get there.
~Lisa Field, Visionary Photographer and Healer, Santa Barbara, CA.

Anne is a brilliant teacher. She offers her students a level of vulnerability and courage that all can learn from. I am very grateful to have participated in her Destiny Design Lab where I can honestly say I charted a beautiful new course for my life and my way of living. I depend in many new friendships with like-minded conscious people, got in touch with my scattered dreams, brought them into focus and made them a reality. Thank you Anne!
~Janelle Christa Bottelsen, Visionary Healer, Santa Barbara