Tuesday, April 11, 2017

6:30-8:30pm PST

$40 in person in Santa Barbara, CA

$35 via Live Stream

$35 Video (sent out April 12)

Light snack provided

Join me for THE GATHERING to connect with and attune to the Full Moon in Libra.

New Moon and Full Moon is a powerful time to GATHER together and practice Gentle Yoga and movement, breathe, chant, meditate, clear and balance our Chakras, share, connect, intend, clear, bless, vision, and gather around the fire circle outside under the Moonlight (if it is clear) and inside by the fireplace (if it’s raining) in ceremony with so that our wishes, prayers and intentions are heard.

Every Full and New Moon activate powerful energies within us.

The Full Moon in Libra is a powerful time for creating and activating:
*Healthy and Harmonious Relationships
*Internal and external Beauty
*The Art of living well
*Beautiful living spaces
*Being social
*Being diplomatic
*Being easy going, adaptable and flexible
*Being graceful
*Thinking clearly
The Full Moon in Libra is a super powerful time for releasing:
*Toxic, disfunctional, unhealthy and unharmonious relationships
*Being overly Self-indulgent
*Being overly dependent on others
*Being indecisive
*Being calculating or manipulative
*Being a people pleasure