Yesterday, I had the great pleasure of hosting 2 new amazing friends from Copenhagen, Jesper and Helena and a group of 20 incredible high vibe friends who are all doing beautiful and positive work on the planet for a group talk about and meditation with Jesper’s magical creation the ENAGI Crystal, whose tagline is GOOD VIBES WHEREVER YOU GO, which of course I love and completely resonate with.

The ENAGI crystal came into my life almost a month ago and the positive transformations that I have experienced are nothing less than profound for me.
I have experienced consistent happiness, clarity, focus, motivation, energy, empowerment, courage, radiance, love, liberation, enthusiasm and upliftment without barely any wobble.
I have let go of physical, mental, emotional and relational stress, tension and heavy energy that was suppressing my mojo and it has all been really simple and really easy.
Any low vibe patterns that made me feel stuck have cleared.
I feel better than I have felt in years…and I was already feeling really good.
I feel consistently connected with my Highest, Truest and Deepest Self.
I feel like I am consistently connected to Source Energy and am back home in my most natural energetic field.
The people, places and things that I have been attracting in alignment with my Purpose, Values, Message and Vision have been truly magical.
I have never felt more aligned with and congruent with who I truly am and why I am here.
There have been countless epiphanies and breakthroughs on all levels.
Truly, I have never been consistently happier than I am right now.
Oh, AND after activating the ENAGI Field here in my entire space yesterday, my electric piano that has not made any sound (and I have been intermittently looking for someone to repair it) NOW WORKS PERFECTLY!
Of course The ENAGI Crystal is just part of the positive changes that I am experiencing and is one of my new amazing tools in my transformation tool chest as part of my overall lifestyle.
Everyone who attended the talk and meditation and experienced the ENAGI crystal shared that they felt calm, ease, peaceful, clear, focused, uplifted, love, light, connected to Source Energy, happy, care free, worry free, liberated and expansive. Many people shared that they usually have to go through some kind of physical, mental or emotional preparation to meditate and that they dropped right in to the meditative zone more quickly, easily and effortlessly without any prep than they have ever experienced before.
The thing that I love about the creator of the ENAGI crystal Jesper and his partner Helena is that they are both simultaneously highly intellectual, highly educated, down to Earth, practical, intelligent and have corporate backgrounds (that they left to pursue their greater dreams) and they are super cosmic, spiritual, progressive, loving, compassionate and heart centered people who are here to raise the vibration of the planet and be of great service in the world…my favorite kind of bridge building, Heaven and Earth merging people.
Jesper is an Electrical Engineer and wanted to develop a machine that could harvest unlimited Zero Point energy. Zero Point energy is the energy that all living things need to live and thrive. He was inspired by Albert Einstein’s theory of Zero Point energy from 1913. The theory is that at every point in the entire universe there is a minimum energy state, and if it is harvested a new minimum energy state will arise from nothing. In other words, the theory postulates that unlimited energy is present everywhere throughout the universe. The theory was scientifically proven in the 1990s through the Casimir Experiment. Jesper was motivated by a desire that the world could become a place that was not polluted and by the idea that the introduction of unlimited energy could make humanity realize that there are limitless possibilities.
He began to build a machine with a small team of engineers that generated a strong electromagnetic field which harvests Zero Point energy.
When he and other people were inside the electromagnetic field of the machine, they began to notice sensations. Jesper became more sensitive and could feel the life force flowing more dynamically through his body, his thoughts became calmer, his mind became sharper and he easily attained new insights in general. Others who worked with him on the project noticed the same effects or other unusual things.
Later, he and his team found a way of transferring the field so that others could come into contact with it by storing it in fluorite crystals. This meant that they could begin to experiment with the field with families and friends, and thus gather information on the effects of the field. They also sent some samples to experts in the US who work in the intersection between technology, energy and healing so that we could also obtain their observations on the field and its effects. At this point he called it The NULL-Field, ZAP-field – The Zero Point Absorption Field – or just ‘the field’.
Gradually they learned more about the qualities of the field and discovered that everything affected by the field over time was upgraded to possess a greater potential. Matter was purified of all negative and unwanted energies and filled with life force. Additionally, the field proved so powerful that it can help us to achieve a ‘quantum leap’ in our own development.
In May 2015 they discovered a new and better way to generate the field.
And they decided to name it the ENAGI-field.
All in all you could say that they have made Fluorite Crystals super conductive for life force energy.
The effect of the ENAGI field will depend on what condition you are in, how your health is (imbalances may be hidden), what you are going through at the moment and how you wish to use ENAGI. On short sight, you may feel more centered, calm, feel you can handle things better, feel a better flow in your body – even relief of pain, come into better contact with your inner state and if you are a sensitive person you may feel more protected in the field. In the long run you may obtain higher consciousness about what is going on inside you and around you, more awareness and strength maybe after a period with detoxing old energies. In the end, you could feel more direction in your life, more heart centered, more meaning and start living more of your potential. But really, anything could happen and if you set an intention you will give the energy a direction where it can flow and change your life for the better. ENAGI should be used in a conscious way and make you a far better co-creator of your own life.
They have created 4 varieties of ENAGI crystals:
*One for personal use that you wear on your body that creates a 2 foot in all directions ENAGI field around you
*One for a room that creates a 10 foot in all directions ENAGI field around the room
*One for a house that creates a 50 foot in all directions ENAGI field around the house
*One for a house and surrounding property that creates a 100 foot in all directions ENAGI field around your entire home and property
If you would like to experience the ENAGI Field and acquire an ENAGI Crystal, respond here or send me a private message.
When you attend any of my upcoming gatherings, workshops and cleanses, you will have the great blessing of being in the ENAGI Field of high potential transformation.
Be aware though, people who don’t like or don’t want to positively change, grow and evolve do not like to be in the ENAGI Field because it creates a total physical, mental, emotional and relational transformation. It will clear whatever is not aligned with your highest and best good and will re-align you with and re-activate your highest potential.
This is one of the main reasons I love and resonate so deeply with the ENAGI Field.
It supports me in being the best me that I can be and supports others in being the best them that they can be.
And it keeps getting better and better and better…
For more information please visit HERE or send me a private message