Join me for THE GATHERING to connect with and attune to the most powerful energy of the entire year.

Monday, August 21 is the 2nd New Moon in Leo of the year, which is highly rare.
It is the most potent New Moon of the year for manifesting your Visions, Wishes and Dreams.
It is also a very rare Solar Eclipse.
These are extraordinarily potent energies and it can be pretty intense to ride the waves without a whole lot of grounding, centering, self-care and spiritual practices.
When these energies are harnessed and consciously embraced, this can activate some of the most positive transformations that you have ever experienced in your life.
Monday, August 21, 2017
6:30-8:30pm PST
$40 in person in Santa Barbara, CA
$30 via Live Stream (you will be watching and participating during THE GATHERING from wherever you are)
$30 Video (sent out August 8)
Light snack provided
Join me for THE GATHERING to connect with and attune to the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Leo.
New Moon and Full Moon is a powerful time to GATHER together and practice Gentle Yoga and movement, breathe, chant, meditate, clear and balance our Chakras, share, connect, intend, clear, bless, vision, and gather around the fire circle outside under the Moonlight (if it is clear) and inside by the fireplace (if it’s raining) in ceremony with so that our wishes, prayers and intentions are heard.
Every Full and New Moon activate powerful energies within us.
The New Moon in Leo is a powerful time for creating and activating:
*Love and Romance
*Creativity and Artistic Expression
*Celebration and Fun and Play
*Strength of Purpose
*Being center stage
*Taking risks for excitement
*Bravery, Courage and Boldness
*Harmony with Children
The New Moon in Leo is a super powerful time for releasing:
*Being overly dramatic
*Being overly Self-Centered
There are 2 Eclipses in August.
It is a very powerful time of transformation.
The Lunar Eclipse on August 7th focused on all of our relationships.
Our emotions and our instincts reached a peak during this Lunar Eclipse.
It gave you the opportunity to take an objective and balanced look at your close personal relationships.
You have been in touch with your own needs and intentions, and the needs and intentions of others and you can clearly see any relationship imbalances that have been causing disharmony.
During the Lunar Eclipse, the Moon went dark and represented a resetting of your emotions, clearing away the emotional baggage of the previous six months.
Basically, the upcoming Solar Eclipse is a fresh slate in the realms of opportunities, plans, and manifestations. All possibilities are on the table so it’s an incredibly powerful time for getting clear about everything that you want to create in your life, write it down, create a course of action and then go for it.