Hello my friends…

I hope all is well with you wherever you are.

Many people continue to be faced with many challenges internally and externally and you have all been in my heart and prayers.

My prayer is that you and your loved ones are safe and that you feel loved and supported by your friends, family and community.

I recently returned from an extraordinary trip to The Kootenays in British Columbia, Canada where I was beyond awe inspired by Mother Earth and the natural world.

Many people are going through massive initiations initiated by Mother
Nature right now: Fires, erupting Volcanoes, Earthquakes and Hurricanes are happening all over our planet right now and I just went through a huge initiation initiated by Mother Nature too.

I am going to share my story with you.

I hope that it supports you in whatever you are going through in your life right now.

While in Canada I traveled with 4 dear hearts nearly 3 hours away from
our home base high high up into the Alpines to go on a hike.

Just the day before, I went on an epic hike with my 2 incredible friends who were hosting me at their Shangri-La through a gorgeous forest around a giant lake.

It was typical Fall weather, a little chilly, but nice.
I wore several layers and my very thin Vibram Five Finger shoes.
By thin I mean 1/4 inch total including the rubber sole and the inner
foot pad.
I love wearing my Vibram Five Fingers because I can really feel and
connect with the Earth when I walk. It’s the closest thing I have ever
experienced to being barefoot.

We all assumed that the weather and conditions would be more or
less the same as they were the day before.
As we drove higher and higher into the mountains, snow began to fall.
It was so lovely.

By the time we reached the parking lot at the base of the Monica
Meadows trail, we were surrounded by a lot of ground snow and
snow covered trees and it was snowing.
The trail was more or less straight up.
At first the trail was mostly dirt with snow on the edges, but within 10
minutes the entire trail was pure snow, it was snowing even more and
we were surrounded by even more snow covered trees.

I was walking on snow for what would turn out to be 3 hours.
My feet were friggin freezing.

My choices were:
Turn around and wait in the car for several hours and miss out on the
hike and what would turn out to be some of the most extraordinary
natural beauty I have ever seen…
Put into practice every major Jedi mind trick, Yogi superpower, mind
over matter, I am in control of my body practice I have ever practiced.
Every day I practice.

I condition my body, mind, heart, Soul and Spirit to work together as a
team so that I can tap into my highest potential as consistently as I
can so that I love my life and feel aligned with my truest, deepest and
highest Self while being of the greatest service possible in the world.

And THIS was the advanced course for me.
THIS is where the rubber meets the road…or in this case where my
nearly bare feet meet the snow.

On my drive from Spokane to Canada I listened to THE WAR OF
ART by Steven Pressfield.
It really inspired me and it totally kicked my ass.
I started hearing his wise teachings as I walked on the mountain.
Especially the part about resistance.

The more important a call or action is to our Soul’s evolution, the
more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.

Damn. I was feeling resistant to the call.

This was Canada’s initiation for me and I had to decide if I was going
to hike up the proverbial mountain or well, you know, quit.

Of course 10,000 thoughts passed through my mind:

You’re crazy.

This is insane.

What the heck are you doing?

Turn back.

Play it safe.

And of course:

How the heck am I going to do this?

I checked in with my inner team.
Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit were on board saying:

My body was the resistant one saying:


What about me?

It’s my feet that that have to do this and I am afraid of:


Losing my toes


Falling down the mountain

Twisting my ankles

Twisting my knees

Cracking my head open

My 4 compadres were a blend of Yogis, Meditators, Life Coaches,
High Human Potential students and practitioners, Nature lovers and
incredibly loving and supportive.

One of my new friends had been a lead nature adventure guide for a
wide range of individuals, non-profits and corporate partners and has
taken hundreds of groups into the wilderness for life-changing and
community building experiences.

Oh, and there was one very cute dog with us who was barefoot.

He didn’t even have 1/4 inch soled Vibram Five Fingers on.

So I was in very good company and really wanted to experience this
epic adventure with them all.

The dog became my partner in snow walking.
If he can do it, I can do it.

So, I made a decision.
I committed.
I stepped into that experience, into the challenge, into the cold, and
into the freeze with 100% of my body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.
And when I stepped in fully I was not doing it alone.

Not only were my 4 human friends and dog friend with me, I also felt
the presence of:

My guides and guardians, The indwelling teacher within my heart
and every powerful and positive teacher I have ever encountered in
this lifetime and beyond, The most benevolent Gods and Goddesses,
Angels and Archangels, The ascended illuminated enlightened
Masters, My truest, deepest and highest Self, My future Self having
successfully and healthfully accomplished my mission and vision, All
of Nature and the Nature Spirits, The sky, Sun, Moon, stars and
planets, The Earth, land, water (including the snow), animals, plants
and minerals, The elementals: earth, water, fire, air, space, light and
the celestial cosmos, The four sacred directions north, south, east
and west, and my 7 energy centers, my chakras.

I always connect with them and call upon them several times a day
and have a deep, current, powerful relationship with them all that I
constantly cultivate so I knew they were already with me loving and
supporting me.

I asked them as I always do to please lead me, guide me, direct me
and protect me in my thoughts, words, deeds and in all of my
relationships with all people, places and things on all levels, planes
and dimensions during this experience as I always ask them to do
every moment of my life.


I felt the presence and activation of every spiritual teaching that I
have ever learned and practiced.

I deeply felt the presence of a former partner who I went on many
outdoor adventures with including attending Tom Brown’s Outdoor
Survival School for a week of camping off grid in the Pine Barrens
forest in New Jersey.

Tom Brown is an outdoor survival guide and teacher whose teachings
and presence have had a huge positive influence on me and my life.
He has written several books.

The first one I read is called “The Quest” and it was a gift from my
former partner.

In it Tom tells the story of his teacher whose name was Grandfather.
Grandfather initiated many initiations for Tom including jumping into
and sitting for long periods of time in nearly frozen ponds and lakes.
He would have to activate his inner fire to keep his body warm or else
he would freeze to death.
He had to practice mind over matter and spirit over body.
He had to commune with nature always rather than resist it.
I had to practice those very things.

I have a powerful relationship with the element fire so I called upon
Agni, the Sanskrit name for fire and the God of Fire.
I visualized that my feet were hot and were melting steady stable
grooves into the snow so that I would be simultaneously warm and
sure footed.

I prayed. I chanted. I invoked. I visualized. I was present. I was
focused. I was meditating while in motion. I went into a total flow

Every person that passed me by said something akin to:

Are you OK walking in those shoes?

That must be gnarly.

Someone said:
I am worried about your feet.

I responded:

Please don’t project anything negative onto my feet. Please visualize
them warm, stable and healthy. Thank you.

It didn’t help when we saw a bunch of blood splattered on the trail.
That made my mind wobble.

I had a few flashes of slipping, falling and cracking my head open.

Which of course made me feel slippy.

No Anne!


You can’t afford to wobble for even a moment.

You are way the heck out here now and you are not going to get air lifted
out of here because you started focusing on what you don’t want to
have happen.


OK OK I am here.

More prayers + More chants + More invocations + More positive
vitalizations of what I want + More presence + More focus + More
meditation in motion = Deep flow state.

Along the way, the most beautiful Winter Wonderland ever.

One of those “Is this really happening?!” environments.

I felt like I had walked through the magical closet in The Chronicles of Narnia and ended up in the realm of snow covered magic making.

Oh yeah, and the day before I acquired a hand crafted custom broom
from a magical White Wizard who created all the brooms for Harry
Potter and Bewitched so I visualized that I was riding my broom too.

And then…

We arrived at our destination, Monica’s Meadow.
It was nothing short of spectacular.
We all gazed in awe.
Everyone was just standing there awestruck.

That wasn’t an option for me.
Had I done that the freeze would have taken over my feet.
So I danced.
I flash danced.
And of course I sang:

Like a maniac

A maniac on the snow

And she’s dancin’ like she’s never danced before…

I had to dance for survival…

I practice that dance a lot too.

It’s a normal part of my repertoire.

So it was right there for me to tap into when I really needed it.


One of my mentors Bo Eason says:


And then there is good ole:

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.

Daily practice and preparation is where it’s at.

When the shit hits the fan and I have to master the moment and
whatever the moment brings, my daily health and wellness practices
get me through.

And during that moment I had to pull out the big guns.

The sunlight was slowly starting to fade.

It was getting colder.

The trail was getting a lot more slippy.

My hands were now starting to get freezing.

One of my dear hearts gave me one of her gloves.

Then she gave me the other.

She really was my Angel in that moment and I will never forget her selfless generosity.

It was a lot colder and a lot more slippery on the way down the

I started chanting to Ganesha, the Hindu God that removes obstacles.

OM GAM GANAPATAYE NAMAHA over and over and over…

Out loud…

I later learned that one of my new friends asked:

What is that low guttural sound?

My other friend replied:

Oh, that’s Anne chanting to Ganesha. 🙂

Then I started praying out loud to Mother Earth and to the snow:

I am humble. I am your humble child. I am here to completely merge
with you. I am here to totally harmonize with you. I honor you. I
bless you. You are my Mama. You are so powerful. I know you can
flick me off this mountain or freeze me at any moment and I am so
grateful for your love and support. I love you and I support you. I am
breathing out so that you can survive. I am breathing in so that I can
survive. I know we are in this together. Thank you. Thank you.
Thank you.

And I felt her holding me. I felt the reciprocity. I felt our connection. I
felt the harmony. I felt like I was truly in right relationship with her
more than I have ever been in my entire life.

It’s like that with all of our relationships. As humans, we have to talk
with each other to feel that connection. It’s one of the 5 Love
Languages. Just thinking about someone or texting them or sending
photos or doing nothing is not enough to keep a relationship thriving.
We need sound vibration. We need to hear our own voice. We need
to hear the voice of our Beloveds. It creates trust. It creates an
environment of love, communion, presence, power, passion and

That is what the word ABRACADABRA means:

I speak it and SO IT IS.

So I spoke to Mother Earth and my guides and teachers and my
Higher Self the entire way down that mountain. I couldn’t afford to
drop the ball and get lazy for even a second. I needed to
continuously cultivate my connection to all of the seen and unseen
love and support in existence without wavering so that it was clearly
seen, felt, heard and known that I deeply care and am deeply
devoted to my life and living a supercharged life.

I wanted to remind myself and all of existence that I AM IN.

And this is what happened:

Not only did I feel myself in a pretty much perpetual flow state, I WAS IN BLISS.

What I realized and remembered was:

It doesn’t matter what situation I am in, be it super challenging or super easy…

When I am 100% present I tap into a deep sense of true happiness and fulfillment.

And my big takeaway was:

What would my life be like if I was this way in every moment with every experience, person, place and thing?

What would my life be like if I stopped dispersing my precious life force energy and giving myself 100% to experiences, people, places and things that don’t give their 100% to me?

What would my life be like if I stopped leaking my physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and soul energy to anything that is not aligned with what I actually want to create in my life?

What would my life be like if I only flowed my mojo to experiences, people, places and things where I AM IN 100%?

My life would truly feel like a benevolent extension and expression of
Great Spirit’s grace.

I feel this a lot in my life… AND I am devoted to up-leveling and
deepening this way of being because it truly is fulfilling for me and I
feel it is a core key for me being of greater service on our beautiful

When we reached the end of the hike and stepped off the trail, I
wondered how my feet would be. Much to my surprise my feet were
not frozen and in no time they were warm and cozy. Thank goodness
my furry booties were waiting for me in the car.

My new friend who is a outdoor adventure and nature guide told me
that he had never seen someone do what I did and that it was
equivalent to walking on hot coals for 3 hours like Tony Robbins does
as the final initiation with his students in one of his seminars.

I told all my friends that I could not have done it without them. I truly
felt like they had my back the entire time. I felt so much love and
support from them all and I will always feel a very special bond with

They were joking around and calling me FRO-TOE or “She who
walks with frozen feet.”
It was hilarious… AND I claimed for myself that I actually wasn’t lil Ms. Frozen Toes because I overcame the cold.
So they now call me “She who walks with hot feet” or simply “Hot Feet”.

It certainly was an initiation for me and I am changed forever.
It was like a mini near death experience for me.

I feel deeply humble and grateful.
Life feels even more precious to me.

My love, time and energy feels more precious to me.
It has become crystal clear when I am in the presence of people, places and things who are navigating life in this way.

That’s the energy that I consciously choose to be around.

As I reflect on the word initiation I see that the first 4 letters spell IN IT.

The purpose of any initiation is to initiate us into being fully IN IT.

IN IT with life.

IN IT with ourselves.

IN IT with our relationships with people, places and things.


Being all the way IN IT is true INtimacy.

If we are not going to be totally 100% IN IT with anything, then what is the point?



One of my favorite sayings is:

99% is a bitch. 100% is a breeze.

The question that I brought down from the mountain for us all and Life’s question for us all everyday is: