Not so long ago there was a 4.3 magnitude earthquake that originated deep beneath the sea on the West Coast of the United States just off the coast of Point Conception.
I didn’t feel it and had no idea that it happened in real time.
HOWEVER, early in the morning 6 hours before the Earthquake happened, I had a very powerful lucid dream.
I had the dream just after listening to 15 minutes of body-mind-heart-soul-spirit balancing Theta Brainwave music that helps me to tap into higher consciousness and elevated states of being.
In the dream I was in a beautiful home right on the beach with a loving group of friends.
I was looking out to the sea and was watching the wave patterns like any good surfer of life always does.
I noticed that moment by moment the waves were getting bigger.
They were crashing more and more powerfully on the shore and then they started rising up to all the beach houses.
I said to my friends:
I think there was an earthquake deep beneath the sea because the waves are getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
Within a minute a huge wave crashed on our house, uprooting the foundation of the house and hurling us high up into the sky.
We went flying through the air and of course panic broke out in the flying house.
For an instant I thought:
Oh shit!
But I quickly realized that freaking out was not going to help at all.
But prayer will.
So I yelled out:
Shiva is the Hindu God of destruction.
Shiva destroys our stress, our fear, our drama and our freak out.
Life as we know it cannot exist without the destructive force.
We need to destroy anything that is not aligned and in harmony with all of existence. We need to preserve everything that is aligned and in harmony with all of existence. We need to create things that are aligned and in harmony with all of existence.
This dance of destruction, preservation and creation is eternal here on Planet Earth and will never stop.
If you don’t resonate with a Hindu God named Shiva, you can simply think of Shiva as representing the everyday all the time force of destruction that is always operating in our lives.
So basically I yelled out:
I got humble and felt that:
Hey, clearly things are a bit chaotic right now and I am just going to get crystal clear that there is not a thing that I can do to stop this destruction because it’s going down. I am going to bow down to and become a humble servant to that force of destruction that is trying to destroy whatever it’s trying to destroy. And, I am going to surrender and not fight the destructive force because I am a tiny tiny tiny grain of sand that can be annihilated in a hot second by the Force.
In the dream, as soon as I yelled out to Shiva everyone got instantly still and calm.
And instead of feeling like we were being uncontrollably hurled through the sky, our pace seemed to smooth as if we were slowly floating on a magic carpet.
Then I started chanting The Gayatri Mantra, a highly revered mantra from the Rig Veda, the oldest known manuscript in existence, dedicated to Savitur, the Sun deity.
om bhūr bhuvaḥ svaḥa tát savitúr váreṇyaṃ bhárgo devásya dhīmahi dhíyo yó naḥ prachodayāt om shanti shanti shanti
It means:
You who are the Source of all power, Whose rays illuminate the world, Illuminate also my heart So that it too can do Your work. Peace Peace Peace
I was calling in the big guns for love, support and protection.
Everyone joined in, simply humming along if they didn’t know the words.
Within a minute we gently touched down to earth.
No one was hurt and the house was in perfect condition.
In my waking life, I chant these prayers every single day.
They are a core part of my life.
So when the shit hits the fan and things get a little crazy they are always here for me and I remember them.
They are here for me in dreamtime and in my waking life.
When I was hurled off a 30 foot cliff in my car, I said these prayers as I was tumbling down the hill and walked out untouched from my completely totaled car.
When a giant fire came to my neighborhood not once but twice and on the second time burned up everything on my property except my home and innermost garden, I said these prayers and my home was untouched by the fire.
When I walked for 3 hours on snow with barely any foot protection, I said these prayers and was untouched by the freeze.
When I was on a plane that hit such massive turbulence that everyone around me was having panic attacks, I said these prayers and those close enough to hear it got calm and as soon as we hit smooth skies they all asked me to teach them the prayers because it helped them get through it calmly.
I share all of this because as we all have been feeling in one way or another, Mother Earth is talking to us loud and clear and it behooves us to listen to her.
Shortly after the earthquake I read a little article about the earthquake.
It said:
Have a plan and be prepared.
The article gave a bunch of very practical and down to earth hot tips for how to plan and be prepared for an earthquake when it happens.
Beyond the physical plans and preparations for earthquakes and other natural disasters, I feel it is wise to have a plan and be prepared spiritually, mentally and emotionally.
Our daily Sadhana, or daily spiritual practice is one of the best daily plans to help you prepare for anything that happens to you that is beyond your control.
When things happen that are beyond your control, the tendency is to panic and freak out.
But there is another way.
We all can ask for help from the unseen realms.
I once met an Astrophysicist Yogi who told me that 99.8 percent of reality is unseen.
Within that 99.8 percent of the unseen reality there is so much love and so much support for each and every one of us no matter what we are going through.
Clearly we are loved and supported because we are being breathed and something is making our organs work…it truly is miraculous.
But we have to cultivate our relationship with the unseen realm in order to tap this immeasurable love and support and protection.
When we practice Yoga, Breathwork, Meditation and Prayer, or do whatever it is that you do to tap into the Benevolent Force within you and all around you, you become friendly with the unseen realm and all of the unseen help that is always here for you.
It helps you when someone cuts you off in traffic, when your child is having a meltdown, when you don’t get the deal, when what you thought would be forever ends.
Your daily spiritual practices help you when things don’t work out how you planned.
And the truth is things rarely turn out exactly like we think they are going to…
I personally like it when things turn out better than expected.
But a lot of the time things don’t turn out anything like I thought they would.
That’s why everyday another prayer I say is:
Let all of my dreams, wishes and intentions happen in the Divine right time and in the Divine right way.
By Divine, I mean the innate intelligence of the 99.8 percent of reality that I cannot perceive…unless I tap into it by practicing my daily spiritual practices which allows me to perceive it more easily.
When we practice, we become a lot better prepared for whatever comes.
We are better prepared mostly because our practice makes us simultaneously humble and empowered, flexible and strong, surrendered and full of faith.
When you practice you are much better prepared for whatever destruction, preservation and creation happens to happen.
Over time, your daily spiritual practice transforms you into a vessel through which the destructive, preserving and creative force of the Universe can flow through you and have it’s way with you.
In Truth, we are all an extension of The Benevolent Force, so surrendering to and being of service to The Benevolent Force is just a really good idea.
It’s definitely the path of least resistance.
When you stop fighting the Force, then the earthquake or the tidal wave or the exploding volcano or the fire or the car crash or the broken heart can be a gateway into greater connection with The Benevolent Force.
I feel that this is one of the reasons that we all feel so much more connected to each other during life’s disasters.
My experience over and over, time and time again is that THE HIGHER PURPOSE OF DESTRUCTION is to force us to surrender to The Benevolent Force.
Without The Benevolent Force we are nothing.
With The Benevolent Force at the epicenter of our everything we are tapped into the greatest fulfillment available to us as human and spiritual beings.
So however you do it, keep doing your spiritual practice.
This stuff really works wonders when you work it.
If you ever need any help with your daily spiritual practice, I am always here for you.
May you always feel loved, supported and protected by The Benevolent Force.
I love you and I support you through the destruction, preservation and creation of it all.