8 weeks ago tonight I was on the island of Kauai…

I was so happy and peaceful and all was well…

But then, I began to feel a disturbance in the force.

I began to feel heavy energy and I knew something was wrong.

There was a feeling in the air and there were whispers in the trade winds that trouble was brewing.

I went to sleep but woke up several times with this ominous feeling.

This is not the first time this has happened to me.

I am sensitive to and can see and feel energy, even if it is far away.

Just before dawn I was awakened by this feeling again and I decided to go online to see if something terrible had happened in the world.

It was then that I learned that The Thomas Fire had started in Santa Paula and it was burning many homes in Ventura and Ojai and was having a hugely challenging impact on many of my friends there.

The fire was heading towards my towns in Santa Barbara County and over the following weeks the fire created so much smoke and toxic air conditions that many people in my town were fleeing to get to clean and healthy air.

7 weeks ago tonight I was at my childhood home in Montecito.

I was taking refuge there with my Mama Bird after flying from Kauai to San Francisco and driving from San Francisco to Santa Barbara as quickly and safely as I could to do a super quick mandatory evacuation from my home in the hills above Santa Barbara because Thomas The Fire was on his way towards my home.

My Mama’s home, our childhood home in Montecito was in the voluntary evacuation zone.

When I looked up at the mountains above our home, just a mile away, there were huge fireballs racing down the mountain in our direction.

I went outside to check out the incoming fire.

As I looked up to the mountains on fire, an owl hooted at me 3 times.


He told me that my childhood home was going to be destroyed and that I needed to say good-bye to it and thank it for the many years that it provided a beautiful home base for me and my family.

I have a deep bond with the owls and I knew that the owl was speaking the truth to me.

I walked into every room in our home and around the entire property and said to the home and the property:

I love you.
Thank you.
You are the best home I ever could have imagined to grow up in.
I am so incredibly grateful for you and I will love and cherish you forever.

I filled up the entire house with my love and light.

Then, my entire family evacuated me for the 4th time in my life and my Mom for the first time in her life from our childhood home due to the incoming fire.

I thought our home might burn that night, but it did not.

Apparently the owl was telling me about the destruction that would come exactly a month later.

After all, owls can see in the dark what others cannot see in the light.

5 weeks ago today on Christmas day I woke up in my childhood home.

Christmas Eve was always my favorite night to sleep in my childhood home.

Christmas morning was always my favorite morning to wake up at our home.

It was the very last morning that I will ever wake up in that sweet house again.

It was the last Christmas that I will ever spend there again.

3 weeks ago today the mountains above my childhood home in Montecito, CA. told me they were going to crumble.

3 weeks ago today a storm rolled in and told me it was going to come down hard and crumble the mountains above my childhood town.

3 weeks ago tonight the storm did indeed crumble the mountains above Montecito and a giant mudslide destroyed my childhood home just like the owl predicted.

My Mama Bird, Brother in Law, niece, nephew and my Mama’s kitten were in the home when it was destroyed and 3 hens were in their coop in the yard.

Everyone survived.

It’s a miracle.

Our childhood home was not the only one to be destroyed.
So many homes were destroyed or damaged.
So many lives were lost.
So many were injured.
So many are traumatized.

For half my life I have had a reoccurring dream that there is a massive flood or tsunami in the low lands and my family and friends have to flee to my home in the highlands for safety.

That very thing happened 3 weeks ago.

Family and friends fled from the mudslide to take shelter and comfort at my home.

We were calling my home Camp Van de Water.

Over the past few weeks I have said to myself, friends and family several times:

Oh, this is what those countless dreams were about.

It has been 3 of the most heartbreaking weeks of our collective lives here in Montecito and Santa Barbara.

It has also been 3 of the most inspirational weeks of our lives as just about everyone has come together in the spirit of love and unity to heal our beautiful town and everyone and everything that is blessed to dwell here.

It is exactly 8 weeks ago tonight that The Thomas Fire started in Santa Paula that burned so much of Ventura and Ojai and Carpinteria and Montecito followed by The Thomas Flood/Mudslide in Montecito.

It has been 8 straight up no chaser crazy harrowing gnarly weeks that has opened our hearts and activated more love and genuine caring than I have ever experienced in these epic towns before.

Tonight this is my clear and direct message straight from my heart and Soul:

Mother Nature always tells us everything that we need to know.

She warns us whenever there is danger.

She loves us and is doing her best to take care of us…
But we have to take care of her too.

Please listen to her.
She is speaking to us loud and clear.
We cannot live without her.
We have nothing without her.
We can’t even breathe without her.
We need her.
She is our Mama.

Be still.

Mother Nature, we are your children.
Your humble children.
We love you.
We are sorry for any ways that we have not been listening to you.
We are sorry for anything that we have created that is harming you.
We are sorry for blaming you for things that we have created.
We are so sorry for any ways we have not been caring for you.
We are so sorry for any ways that we have dishonored you.
Please please please forgive us.
We are so incredibly grateful for you our Great Mother Earth.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

My prayers, love and support of everyone and everything including you and Mother Earth who is hurt and healing are flowing more powerfully than ever.

The only way through this is for us all to continue to work together with each other and Mother Nature in love and unity and gratitude.

This is the advanced course and I am so grateful for you all and for the incredible presence, courage and goodness that you are flowing and embodying more than ever before