The CREATORS is a 4 week long Visioning and Accountability Group of CREATORS to help you manifest one of your Big Visions including:

*Personal Health/Wellness
*Home Organization
*Love and Relationships
*Money and Abundance
*Career and your offerings
*Travel, Leisure, Hobbies, Creativity and Adventure
*Soul and Spirit centered living
And/Or anything else your heart desires that you wish to create

Meetings on the following Wednesday evenings from 6:30-8pm PST:

July 11 – August 8, 2018

In person / live stream classes:

July 11, 25 and August 8

Video classes emailed to you to stay on track:

July 18 and August 1

You may join us at a beautiful and magical shangri-la in the foothills of Santa Barbara.
Join us via Live Stream from anywhere in the world.

If you miss a class there will be a video of the class available for you to access at any time.


$124 each if you join with a friend REGISTER NOW

$124 for former attendees of THE CREATORS REGISTER NOW

You feel your Soul calling you to CREATE something amazing…


What is it that you truly want to create, manifest and activate in your life right now?
Your book.
Your website.
Your CD.
Your new company.
Your adventure.
That one true thing that you’ve been feeling a deep call to CREATE.

Or perhaps it is an internal state of being that you want to create, manifest and activate in your life:       Peace. Love. Confidence. Courage. Stability. Faith. Trust.

What’s the thing that you have been procrastinating about?
Your health.
Your wellness.
Your finances.
Your home.
Your relationships.
Your career.
Your Soul powered life.
Your Spirit driven existence.

The time is now.

Whatever you want to create is possible.

You have to get clear about your Vision.
You need some tools to move out of your comfort zone and into your courageous CREATIVITY zone.
You need to make a plan.
You need to take action.
You need practical tools.
You need spiritual practices.
You need down to Earth rituals.
You need Soul centered ceremonies.


It’s a lot easier to be an active and thriving CREATOR when you are in the presence of other CREATORS who love you and support you and want you to manifest your Vision as much as you want to create it.

That is why I have created a very powerful and practical program to help you CREATE and manifest your VISION…

So that your dream doesn’t remain a dream.

It becomes your reality.