About 99.9% of the time I have truly benevolent, harmonious and inspirational interactions with people.
And I am truly grateful for it.

However, once in a very blue moon I have a challenging, upsetting and disharmonious interaction with someone.

I had one of those “Oh my, is this really happening right now?” experiences recently.

It was a time when I was on top of the world, so happy and in such a harmonious flow.
I was flowing my gifts, being of service and having incredibly mutually beneficial interactions with everyone in my presence.
That is how I feel and what I experience most of the time and I live a lifestyle that creates this internal and external state of being most of the time.

Amidst this shimmering white side of the Yin Yang symbol of my reality, a little black dot appeared on the scene.

An elder who was twice my age who I assumed would be benevolent, harmonious and inspirational started going off on an incredibly negative and unsettling rant (as someone else called it) about a bunch of troubling things in their reality.

They kept saying, “What can we do about this/that/politics/pollution/poverty, etc?”

Every time they asked me this question I responded, “Are you asking me for my personal opinion about this?”

Every time they answered, “Yes!”

So I would give the most gracious, loving and supportive answers I could for everyone and everything being addressed.

But this person wanted me to agree with them that the world and so many things in it are doomed and there is nothing that any of us can do about it.

After about 30 minutes of being in this increasingly disturbing energy field my mind told me “It is time to gracefully leave this conversation” but my inner authority and deepest inner wisdom told me to stay a little bit longer because a great pearl was going to come from this incredibly irritating situation.

So I stayed another 30 minutes.
And it was during that time that I was able to clearly perceive “Whoa! This is SO familiar. This is the exact same energy field I have experienced in the past when I was in relationships with / in the presence of a few people.”

It was then that my Soul really wanted me to get a deep teaching that I feel my Soul has been trying to get for a long time.
So I started to inquire within myself: What is it that all of these people who go off on incredibly negative and disheartening rants have in common?

At that very moment the elder flashed me THE EVIL EYE and it was highly disturbing.
The impact of that toxic glare was so awful that I almost started crying.
It was really intense.

The elder then told me that they had had several brain surgeries and didn’t have a frontal lobe.

My inner knowing realized: BINGO! That explains everything about the elder’s behavior and the behavior of some of the other people like the elder that I have experienced in my life.

It was if I had a sudden enlightenment experience where I had a realization that I have been trying to realize for a long time.

My realization is at the heart of why I live how I live and do what I do.

Every day I have incredible conversations with people.
These conversations are down to earth, reasonable, harmonious and mutually beneficial.
And as I have mentioned I have had a small handful of conversations and interactions with people where I end up feeling like I am being abused.
I realized that historically when I have been in the presence of these folks that are going off on negative inconsolable rants that I try and try to have a basic reasonable conversations with them like I am able to have with 99.9% of everyone I meet.
I have oftentimes spent years trying to do this because I truly love connecting with people and always want to feel like I have done everything I can possibly do to have healthy and harmonious relationships.

My epiphany was that when someone’s frontal lobe is deeply damaged or if they do not have a frontal lobe that connecting with them in a healthy and harmonious way is going to be a losing battle and it’s best to simply align with reality and let them be as they are and flow my energy in a more beneficial way.

So after spending 90 minutes with the elder I told them that it was lovely to meet them, that I love them and support them and have compassion for everything that they had expressed and am going to carry on with the rest of my day.

I was definitely stirred and needed some time to slough off the intense energy that I had endured.

I needed some mega self-love and self-care.

So I went into nature and I talked with a friend and then I went on a deeper dive than ever to learn about the frontal lobe.

I have studied a bit about the frontal lobe and study, cultivate the power of and teach about the third eye Ajna Chakra that rules the frontal lobe every day.

Beyond what may be considered esoteric, spiritual or woo woo wisdom about the frontal lobe, I also know some incredibly scientific facts about the frontal lobe that is not at all esoteric, spiritual or woo woo.

A lot of what I am sharing here is derived directly from Medical News Today, The Life Management Alliance and The Mayo Clinic and I am putting it all in quotes (so that you know this is not just my opinion…this is scientific proof).

“The frontal lobe is part of the brain’s cerebral cortex. Individually, the paired lobes are known as the left and right frontal cortex.
As the name implies, the frontal lobe is located near the front of the head, under the frontal skull bones and near the forehead.
When someone’s frontal lobe is damaged or when they don’t have a frontal lobe it creates overall damages to their quality of life due to the following effects:

It lowers the control center of brain
It lessens one’s ability to see or be in touch with the consequences of behaviors

And the following are impaired:

Analytical ability
Learning ability
Emotional well-being
Decision making
Emotional control
Perception processes
Social functioning
Emotional functioning
The executive function
Working memory
Selective attention
Verbal fluency
Ability to make realistic, appropriate plans and to carry them out.

And when your frontal lobe is damaged or you don’t have one, it affects your behavioral and can create:

Indifference to rules
Low attention span
Uncontrollable personality changes
Uncontrollable Intellectual fluctuations
Uncontrollable Emotional waves
Mood disturbances
Slowing of body movements

And it lowers the ability to modulate the amygdala (fear/alarm center)”

WHOA!!!…no wonder I was experiencing everything that I was experiencing in this elder’s presence and the other’s that reminded me of them.

So what causes damage to the frontal lobe?

“Low blood flow to the brain
Poor breathing habits
Blood sugar fluctuations

Unhealthy Diet

Low carbohydrate diet (low intake of serotonin, affects melatonin)
High meat, high cheese
Rich food
High sugar, refined carbs
Low hydration

Confusion, lack of clarity

Moral quandaries, inconsistency or lack of clarity on standards

Non-use of brain

Lack of reading
Lack of abstract thinking

Hypnotic activities that increase passivity

Entertainment TV, movies, and/or internet
Internet surfing or a lot of internet chatting
Loud music

Drugs, stimulants

Mind altering drugs
Caffeine and other stimulants
Aspirin and ibuprofen”

EVERYONE across the boards that I have ever encountered and/or been in relationships with that have been challenging to be around because they are physically, mentally or emotionally abusive have also in some way, shape or form indulged in all of the lifestyle choices mentioned above.

They have also all dealt with depression as well and…

“It has also been proven that depression is caused by low functioning of the frontal lobes and/or when the left and right frontal lobes are not balanced.

There is also an impaired ability to feel an overall sense of well-being. It impairs the development of character, which is a key determinant of the quality of life.

Increased anxiety, more problems unsolved, and reduced problem solving and decision making ability leads to mood problems and unhappiness.
The inability to look long term leads to more short term gratification, which in turn leads to behaviors that cause further damage and impairment of functioning.

In short, it is a very, very, very bad idea to do anything that causes your frontal lobes not to be in balance and fully functioning!

It only makes sense that protecting our brain should be the top priority!

If your brain is working with good blood flow, plenty of oxygen, and no fatigue, you’ll simply feel better, make better decisions (which will have you feel even better), and you’ll get a whole lot more done.

And when your brain is sharp, your willpower and self-control is much higher, as the frontal lobe is the executive center of the brain and of your whole life.”

I have now realized more profoundly than ever that everything I personally do every day and everything that I guide and teach my students and clients to do every day greatly helps you to take care of your frontal lobe and all the parts of your mind, your body, heart, Soul, Spirit and your relationships wth people, places and things so that we can all be the healthiest people possible on all levels.

So I am more motivated than ever to keep doing the following that is how we optimize our frontal lobes and be high functioning and high vibe people on the planet:

“Exercise 30 minutes/day and increase your blood flow by moving at least every hour (sitting kills)

Hydrate – Drink lots of water; when feel tired or foggy, drink water!

Assure deep breathing (check, stop shallow breathing, take breathing breaks)

Eat a plant based diet and maximize vegetarianism as much as possible
Do not eat (or at least minimize) meat, cheese
Do not eat (or at least minimize) rich foods
Do not eat (or at least minimize) high sugar foods
Do not eat (or at least minimize) refined carbohydrates
Take 2 grams Omega 3/day
Eat (healthy) serotonin and tryptophan foods

Stop doing things that cause high stress
Change your lifestyle behaviors so that you are not in a hurry
Implement stress management-reduction program
For instance:
Emotional cleansing and Peace Keeping
Deep relaxation
Spend time in Nature

Get adequate rest/sleep (6-9 hours/night, to point feel fresh and awake in am)
Get proper rest so that you are back in harmony with circadian rhythms.
Get proper rest/sleep to make sure sufficient melatonin is created.

Stop all drugs and stimulants that are not absolutely necessary, to restore normal functioning.
Stop caffeine (at least drastically reduce) – Which exacerbates anxiety, inappropriately stimulates the body, even enervating it, causes blood sugar problems
Stop Marijuana (or greatly minimize it) – Scrambles and permanently damages your brain, causes passivity (which will make you feel worse about yourself), and reduces sharpness

Stop (at least drastically reduce) entertainment TV and internet surfing.
Listen to classical music for a 1/2 hour or more per week
Use it or lose it:
Reading 1/2 hour or more daily
Abstract thinking
Planning every day (Master To Do List / Time Blocking, etc)

Clarify and commit to your values, so your brain’s “morality” center is not upset and/or scrambled (it will unwire your logic and judgment center); also helps make willpower stronger and reduces the amount of energy that you unnecessarily use.

Stop all negative verbalizing.
Use positive and powerful language”

All that said…

Your frontal lobe is ruled by your third eye, also called your Ajna Chakra.
You have the capacity to take good care of your frontal lobe every day.
When you take good care of your frontal lobe, you are taking good care of your third eye.
When you take good care of your third eye you will be tapped into higher consciousness, wisdom, clarity, insight, intuition, psychic awareness, vision, focus, your future self, positive energy, super high vibes, spiritual guidance, the guidance of your truest/deepest/highest self and so much light and goodness.
Your third eye can be your good eye that sees the goodness in the world or your third eye can be your EVIL EYE that perceives the world as a negative place that you rant and complain about.

All that said…


So, I am truly grateful for the negative ranting elder that flashed me the evil eye because they helped me learn a lesson that I have been trying to get for a long time.

When I completed the conversation with the elder I made a vow to myself:

If I am ever in the presence who is going off on an uncontrollable negative rant who is flashing THE EVIL EYE at me, I will graciously excuse myself because once and for all, I got that lesson…it is extremely unhealthy for me and my frontal lobe to stay in that energy field, thank you very much.
I am deeply devoted more than ever to take super good care of my frontal lobe and my third eye.
I am deeply devoted more than ever to love and support you in taking super good care of your frontal lobe and third eye.

The good eye in me sees the good eye in you.