8835_149344588907_744623907_2637212_7578566_nI am so excited to invite you to the:


Yin Yoga, Breath work, Guided Meditation

Followed by…

Tastings of paired:

*Organic Wines
*Fine Cheeses
*Organic Chocolate

Wednesday, December 19 from 6-9pm


Please join me for a delightful evening of blending
Yin Yoga, Breath work, Meditation followed by tastings of paired Frequency Wines, Local and Imported Fine Cheeses and Organic Chocolates.

Our soiree will begin with Yin Yoga, a passive and deeply restorative practice while Anne sings Winter Solstice chants and teaches you about how to align with the light of Winter Solstice. We will practice conscious Breath work and guided meditation. Our focus will be on the power of being fully present in the moment so that you can fully enjoy the pleasures in life in the most conscientious way.

We will taste 3 delicious organic red and white wines paired with 3 delectable Local and Imported cheeses and a variety of 3 different Organic chocolates.

Oftentimes in our spiritual lives we do not partake in intoxicants because they can take us out of balance.

Oftentimes in life we use alcohol and food to numb our feelings and buffer ourselves from fully experiencing life as it truly is.

However, when we approach enjoying  these delights in small amounts with a focus on mindfulness and awareness it can help us to expand presence and pleasure into all areas of our lives.

Through the cultivation of staying completely present with each breath, movement, sip and taste, our practice will be one of realizing that the Sacred can be found everywhere.

All levels of yoga practitioners are welcome as we blend and balance health, well-being, peace, fun, reverence, light-heartedness and decadent opulence into a synthesized experience of delectable goodness.

Our gathering take place in a beautiful, private and natural setting in the foothills of Santa Barbara.

Space is limited.



Anne loves Yoga, Breath work and Meditation. She is a Yoga Alliance Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher and has taught nearly 25,000 hours of yoga. She loves high vibration organic wine, cheese and chocolate in moderation. She loves blending things that seem to be opposites but are clearly a match made in heaven. One of her core intentions is to recognize the Sacred in everything. One of her favorite quotes by Lao-Tsu is: “The Master doesn’t take sides; she welcomes both Saints and Sinners.”