May 4-10, 2019

At a beautiful private space in Santa Barbara, CA.

Every Morning from 7-8:30am PST


Includes Daily Classes and Prolon 5 day fasting mimicking food

Join me at a beautiful sacred space in the foothills of Santa Barbara for a transformational week of jumpstarting and stabilizing your foundational self-love and self-care lifestyle program with a week-long cleanse.

Raise your vibration on all levels so that you feel like you are the living embodiment of your highest and healthiest potential.

This cleanse is for you if you are:

*Addicted to sugar/wheat/meat/dairy/alcohol/caffeine
*Out of shape
*Feeling toxic
*Holding onto grudges and resentments from challenges in your past
*Thinking/feeling/speaking/acting negatively
*Feeling physical/mental/emotional stress and tension

This cleanse is for you if you want to feel more:
*Alive, Awake and glowing with Life Force Energy
*Youthful and Healthy
*Energized and Revitalized
*Calm, Confident and Present
*Loving, Compassionate and Connected
*Clean and Clear
*Energized, Centered and Focused
*Renewed, Refreshed and Revitalized

Every morning we will meet from 7-8:30am for:
*Conscious Breathing
*Emotional Cleansing practices
*Physical Cleansing practices
*Deep Relaxation with Shamanic Clearing+Healing+Blessing
*Connection with beautiful women who share your commitment to living life rooted in self-love and self-care.

THE CLEANSE includes a 5 day fasting mimicking food package.

Day 1 of THE CLEANSE: Meet for class and receive your Prolon package including all the food that you need for days 2-6 of THE CLEANSE.

Days 2-6 you will be on The Prolon Fasting Mimicking program:

Day 1 of Prolon: Prime your body to transition into a fasting state so it can begin cellular recycling.

Day 2 of Prolon: Fat Burning – Switch to a fat burning state. Cellular clean up (autophagy) begins.

Day 3 of Prolon: Cellular Recycling and reach a degree of the fat burning metabolic state known as full ketosis.

Day 4 of Prolon: Cell Regeneration – Autophagy continues and stem cell based regeneration is ramping up

Day 5 of Prolon: Regeneration Continues – Stem cell-based regeneration continues for regeneration from within


In Day 7 of THE CLEANSE you will prepare your own simple whole foods to help you transition to your on-going regular healthy eating plan.

What people are saying about THE CLEANSE:

Everyone is telling me how people and glowing I am and that I look 10 years younger. – SC

I loved being in the presence of beautiful people and felt so loved and supported as I cleared away so many toxins from my body, mind and heart. -Amy

I felt a greater connection to my Spiritual Guidance system than I have ever felt in my life before. -Lisa

I just reread for the 1st time the diary that I wrote during The Cleanse. It is so amazing and transformative. Reading it reconnects me to the vibrant energy of that week. Thank you so much!

Life is challenging. Sometimes I can become so overwhelmed with responsibilities, stress and environmental stimulants that I become frozen, dull and stagnant. THE CLEANSE is a key to detoxifying all the yuck and allowing myself to open up to all the beauty and creativity that lives inside myself. It’s like filling up the gas tank so I can go the extra mile. ~Kathy Kelley, Santa Barbara

My week long cleanse with Anne was delightful from start to finish. I love working in a group setting supported by people on this journey to shed and shift and live in a net and healthier way. Having Anne’s thorough knowledge filled with humor and loving support is just what I needed. Thank you Anne. I love you. ~Nicola Ghersen, Santa Barbara

Anne is a very gifted and knowledgeable teacher who embodies living authentically by tuning into and getting clear about how to create small shifts that lead to big changes. Se is able to effectively communicate and share her powerful tools for living high vibrational lifestyle in all areas of your life. I will definitely continue to apply these gifts with myself and with my students and clients. ~Melanee Cooper, Owner of Healthy Zen in Santa Barbara

Life is an amazing journey of being tapped in, alive, present and forever learning and growing. Anne’s week and her Lifestyle program and cleansing way of life awakens people to their highest potential. It opens us up to receive messages which relate in a harmonious walk on our Planet Earth. Having a space and class that downloads meditation, yoga, nutritional, emotional and spiritual guidance is an amazing gift to anyone who has the pleasure to be a part of Anne’s trainings, retreats of cleanses. Feeling grateful! ~Luisa Hyatt, Santa Barbara

I wish everyone would take the opportunity to spend at least a week learning from Anne. This week truly has been emotionally, physically, and mentally transformational for me. I feel so fortunate, so alive, and, especially, so grateful. ~Gabriela, Santa Barbara