On 12.30.20 I facilitated a free online workshop called THE CONSCIOUS COMPLETION.

One participant, Helena who joined THE CONSCIOUS COMPLETION shared:
“Great reflections in this workshop! Everybody should see the replay and go through the process! I feel cleansed and lighter and happy to have turned the challenges of 2020 into superpowers! “
Here are a few of my takeaways from the workshop, 2020 and how I have/am consciously completing 2020:
My biggest challenge of the year: Discovering that corruption was at play in some relationships with people/places/things that I had been committed to for 22 years and I was not being treated or given the same opportunities that others were being given. It was one of those “Is this really happening?” moments. (I think a lot of people faced this challenge this year).
What did I learn from my biggest challenge? That sometimes the best thing to do in the face of corruption is to stop trying to change it, resign, and put my energy where I can actually make a positive difference in the world aligned with my Purpose, Values and Big Vision.
What gift did I use to transform the challenge into a superpower? SELF WORTH
How have I applied that big lesson to my life? By pivoting my philanthropy to donate an hour a week of my time to giving free one on one coaching to an inspirational BIPOC woman and do my part to transform corruption in my country of origin.
How has the biggest challenge that I faced in 2020 motivated me to be of greater service on the planet? More than ever (sadly) in a world where corruption is a fact of life, I am SO motivated to love, support, teach and coach those I serve in being radically authentic and trustworthy leaders, entrepreneurs, teachers, healers and light workers.
I love and support you in taking time today to go through the process that I lead everyone through yesterday.
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