Laurie-McCall-via-MYSTIC-MAMMA-e1371672264871HAPPY SUPER FULL MOON!

To amplify the SUPERPOWERS of this Full Moon:

*Open up to the subtle energies of the unconscious and to your feelings.
*Know that Choice becomes possible if you trust your real feelings.
*Open up to a new positive perspective that will help you confront the financial, political and environmental issues facing you.
*Build your inner strength and security.
*Remember you are here in your life to do more than build safety and security. You are on Earth for your soul evolution. This means you are to expand consciousness. You are to raise your vibration. You are to live from your heart and in joy–enjoy.
*Balance your emotional needs with your sense of duty and obligation.
*Perception is everything. Look at what you have instead of what’s missing. See all that you are instead of what you’re not.
*Feelings are your guidance system to reveal how you are responding to life.
*You are to own your power. You are to stand for yourself in a manner that is both definite and appropriate.
*With hard work and discipline, you can make your dreams come true.
*Move with the rhythms rather than resisting things now.
*Now is the time to choose what brings you joy rather than sink deeper into a dense feeling of duty or obligation which may generate really heavy emotions.
*The key during the Full Moon in Capricorn is Spiritual alignment and greater joy in the physical world.
*Once the clogged up emotions come out, we can easily come into Spiritual alignment within.
*Receive the gifts of expansive energy, generosity, enthusiasm, optimism, opportunity, confidence and wisdom.
*Cultivate the qualities of compassion, intuition, spiritual guidance, unity, and expanded consciousness.
*Upgrade our relationship with our personal power and capacity for intimacy.
*Major lessons in the feminine qualities of being and receiving is upon us at this time.
*Let go into mystery, surrender our individuality and become one with another or something greater than our own egos.

Blessings on the your ever expanding journey into pure LOVELIGHTBLISS ♥

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