1525671_10152060510768908_2041850127_nYesterday I officiated a Memorial Service & while I was at the reception a bride to be asked me to officiate her wedding.

Shortly thereafter I checked my messages & received a message asking me to officiate a wedding ASAP.

So this morning in our garden just as the Sun was rising in the presence of the violet mountains & the crystal clear islands rising up from the sparkling Sea & singing birds surrounded by the dearest of friends, I officiated the wedding of 2 amazing people whose marriage is rooted in Love & friendship.

I asked them to lean down & pick up a small pebble from the sea of stones beneath our feet and to exchange them with each other as they said,

“This stone is a token of my love so that you know that I am your rock & best friend in this life.”

At the moment that I said,

“And by the power invested in me by the state of LOVELIGHTBLISS I now pronounce you husband and wife”…

the mission bells (which only ring at 6am, 6pm & after a couple gets married)
started chiming the special wedding bell song of celebration.

And it was 7:20am…so we know it was rare indeed.

While we were enjoying refreshments one of the attendees said,

“You may have just reinstated my faith in marriage ceremonies. After going through 2 giant weddings with all the bells & whistles that were super stressful, it sure is nice to witness a short, sweet & simple ceremony rooted in what truly matters, love & friendship.”

After the ceremony we were driving down South & as I looked out to the Sea, I called out to the dolphins, who are the Great Lovers of Planet Earth & said silently to them,

“Please give the newly wedded ones your blessing by showing yourselves to me now.”

And within moments a big pod of about 100 dolphins came popping up out of the ocean leaping & jumping in celebratory joy.

And tonight as we were driving back to Santa Barbara on the coastal route, amidst the technicolor bliss of the epic sunset that kept getting better & better, we saw a beautiful Heart shining through…yet another tangible symbol of this Love infused day.

Today’s marriage celebration was planned & created on short notice & with very little preparation.

It took me one minute to put the ceremony together.

There were no extravagant invitations sent out months ahead of time, no giant fluffy wedding dress, gargantuan flower arrangements or blingy rings & $100,000+ was not spent.

All of these things can be lovely if it’s what we desire with our whole Hearts, but totally unnecessary when it comes to a wedding.

Today we had all we needed.

We were just a small group of truly beautiful big Hearted Souls who I consider the wealthiest folks in existence because our Hearts are filled to the brim with True Love.

So my lil message of the day, especially as we enter the season of what can be for many an over the top super stressful expenditure of resources on all levels:

Your Love is the greatest gift that you can give anyone & yourself.

Your Heart is the most beautiful temple in the world.

And this moment is the sacred once in a lifetime ceremony where you can join with all
of existence & celebrate all that truly matters, Love.

Keep it simple.
Make it beautiful.
All that any of us truly need to make any moment, gathering, celebration, ceremony or marriage is LOVE.

I love you & I support you & wish you countless blessings on your life long marriage to LOVELIGHTBLISS️

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