image-6-png-1I am a Light Worker and Spiritual Teacher.

I have taught over 30,000 hours of yoga since 1994.

I am a Health and Wellness Teacher and Practitioner.

I am an Internationally Certified Life Coach and Consultant.

I am a Shamanic Practitioner.

My mission has always been to support you to live in alignment with your Spirit and their Soul, which is the greater part of who we all are.

But for years I was struggling with my personal life because it was not a match for who I am and why I am here.

One day I WOKE UP and admitted to myself that the life I was living was not fulfilling me at the deepest level of my being.

So I made a big turnaround choice and decided to take 100% responsibility for the life that I had created.

And of course I knew that the only person who could change my life was me.

By asking myself one simple question on a ongoing basis, I embarked on a journey of Self-Love that helped me transform my life into the life of my dreams.

The question I continually ask myself is,

“Is this action/thought/feeling/person/place/thing aligned with who I am, my truest/deepest/highest Self, why I’m here and the deepest desires of my Soul?”

Along the way, like us all, I fumble and stumble but always get back up on the wild pony of life because I am devoted to rising up to my highest potential and part of that is having breakdowns that lead to breakthroughs.

I see everything as an opportunity to root deeper into my authentic self and to rise higher into my greatest potential.

No matter what.

And that’s what I want for you.

I am an agent of change.

I have been to the depths of despair and the heights of ecstasy and everywhere in between.

I intimately know my own internal hells and heavens and I know how to hold space for the deepest shadows and the brightest lights.

I feel that making peace with our shadow side and our light side is the key to radical transformation and living the life of our dreams.

I am the creator of TRUE SELF MASTERY and The Vibration Transformation Process, a lifestyle program for big vision, heart-centered leaders, teachers, entrepreneurs, healers, artists and change makers who are here to make a positive contribution to humanity and our amazing planet.

My mission is to help you clear the stress, tension and heavy energy in your life that is the result of living out of alignment with who you truly are and what is most important to you.

My mission is to help you raise the vibration of your body, mind, heart and Soul to match the energy of your Life’s highest purpose, your Values, your Message and your Big Vision so you can fully embody your highest potential while bringing your beautiful gifts into the world in the most powerful, healthy and sustainable way possible.

My intention is to support you in transforming your life into a reality that makes you enthusiastically and honestly feel that you are living an authentic, one of a kind and truly fulfilling existence as you continuously cultivate your own unique and versatile path.

I have a multidimensional integrative approach to as a Coach and Teacher.

My approach is incredibly down to Earth, practical and action oriented as a High Performance Coach.

I have been trained, certified and have degrees in everything that I do.

Being well educated is incredibly important to me.

My approach is also super spiritual, cosmic, magical and intuitive.

I am always 100% present with you, serving you in accordance with what you need moment by moment.

I do not use cookie cutter formulas because they are unnatural.

You are one of a kind and every time I work with you is a one of a kind, never been before and never will be again interaction.

I work with natural laws, the nature spirits, spirit guides, Ascended Masters, Creator, The Benevolent Source of all of existence, many ancient systems of wisdom, new cutting edge systems of wisdom, my internal guidance system and our truest, deepest and highest sense of Self.

I have had the great honor of being in the presence of, learning from, and playing with some of the greatest luminaries, light workers, teachers and enlightened masters on the planet.

I have gone through, and continually am going through, a massive and radical Vibration Transformation in my life.

The path of cultivating TRUE SELF MASTERY and transforming your vibration never ends.

I find that to create lasting and sustainable change, you have to make major changes on many levels with your thoughts, feelings, words and deeds and stay awake and aware of yourself and your unconscious patterns every day.

I’m a transformation junkie and love being in the presence of people sloughing off all the stuff that is not them, and morphing into their true essential self.

Simultaneously, I like me just the way I am, and accept you just as you are.

AND…what I truly love is loving myself full-on, and being around people that totally love themselves and their lives full-on.

Which sometimes requires a l’il tweaking of your mojo here ‘n’ there…

Here are some of the goodies in my magic bag of tricks:

*I have taught over 30,000 hours of Yoga since 1994 to over 10,000 people all over the world and am accredited by the Yoga Alliance as an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher – ERYT 500.

*I am the Creator of a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program accredited by Yoga Alliance.

*I am a Internationally Certified Life Coach by The International Coaches Federation and trained at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

*I am a Shamanic Practitioner and lead one on one and group Clearing, Healing and Blessing Vision Quests, Soul Retrievals and Ceremonies.

*I am a Gourmet Raw Food Alchemist, Chef and Nutritionist.

*I am a Meditation Teacher.

*I am a Pranayama Breath Work Teacher.

*I am a Hands on Healer.

*I am a Singer, Song Writer, Musician, Sound Therapist, Kirtan Leader and Recording Artist and have recorded 3 CDs.

*I am a Spiritual Teacher.

*I am an Artist and attended Parson’s School of Design in NYC.

*I am a Feng Shui Practitioner trained at the School of Western Feng Shui and love to create Sacred Spaces.

*I am an Inspirational Speaker.

*I am a Self-Published Author.

*I have a BA in Religious Studies from University California Santa Barbara and did my Independent Research project on Hallucinogenics and their contribution to the cultivation of Religion.

*I am the pioneer of a Yoga for Kids Program in Schools, and teach people how to teach Yoga to Kids which has helped me be a very silly and fun Yoga Teacher! I am the creator of a Yoga for Kids Teacher’s Training and have taught hundreds of teachers how to teach Yoga to children.

*I am the creator of a Bhakti Yoga Teacher’s Training program.

*I am the creator of a Yoga History and Philosophy Teacher’s Training Program

*I am the creator of the TRUE SELF MASTERY Coaches Training Program

*I am the creator of THE CREATORS, an accountability and manifestation group to support you in creating your Big Visions in your life

*I am the creator of THE CLEANSE, a transformational week long program of clearing physical, mental and emotional stress, tension, toxins and impurities to help you jump start and stabilize your foundational self-love and self-care lifestyle program as you restore your Health + Wellness on all levels so that you feel like you are the living embodiment of your highest and healthiest potential.

*I have deeply explored, studied extensively and teach about the Chakras

*I officiate Weddings, Blessings Ways for Mothers to be, Memorial Services and Rites of Passage Ceremonies

*Since 2010 I have taught every month at The Esalen Institute, the leading Retreat Center in the world for the Human potential movement in Big Sur, CA.

*I facilitate world-wide Retreats in sacred places.

My Mission is to be the most benevolent extension of The Benevolent Force of all of existence everywhere, all the time, with everyone in my presence.

My core values are: