I almost broke up with Facebook.

Yep me.

On my birthday hundreds of you awesome friends wrote on my wall.

There was such a mega blast of LOVE that there was some kind of shortcircuiting grande glitch in the system and something crashed and burned in the Matrix.

As a result I couldn’t post anything…including my
“Thank you for all the amazingly sweet birthday wishes” message.

So this is my official and belated
“Thank you for the beautiful birthday wishes” message.

I discovered the snafu when I was teaching at Esalen after one of the most miraculous hot*cold*hot*cold*hot*cold hot springs extravaganzas of my life….it was nothing short of a rebirth.

When I discovered the Facebook shut out I was at first perplexed and then a lil pissed and then, like I always try to do, I asked,
“What is the message and the gift in all of this?”

For about the next 5 days I assumed that the Universe was telling me that it was time to go underground, get stealth and stop connecting with the world via Facebook.

And it felt REALLY good.

I wasn’t checking Facebook to respond to lots of messages and comments or posting photos n stuff n things.

I had more time, felt more connected to things that were actually right in front of my face rather than in the virtual world and I basically felt a big AHHHHHH…What a relief…Life just got a lot more simple.

And I felt like a lot of dispersed mojo came home to Mama

And I told a handful of people “I think I’m gonna break up with Facebook.”

And I received some support in doing so and felt good about my almost decision.

And then within a few hours I had a session with my coach and I gave a session to one of my clients, and the message was the same in both sessions…

How can you change the way that you are relating to something so that you don’t want to ditch it? (Because you know that there is A LOT of goodness in it).

So I reconsidered my almost break up with Facebook.

I decided to go back onto my wall and see if I could post something.

I wrote:

If anyone can see this post please let me know.
I have not been able to post since my birthday.

And for the first time since the last time I had tried, people could see the post.

And the response to that post was super cool.

A lot of people responded.

And the main thing that everyone wrote was:


You know, like in Avatar.

Like, I see who you are.

And I had a huge breakthrough about who I am and what I truly need.

You see, part of me just wants to just be up here on the mountain looking out at the ocean and watching bobcats, deer and hummingbirds cruise by while I do my spiritual practice, teach, coach, work, play and hang with my Soul posse.

Old School in the material world connecting or being by myself in solitude.

Super simple.

But there’s this other part of me that is totally cosmic and interdimensional and wants to connect with our amazing world and sees that the stuff I put out on Facebook has a positive impact on some of my sweet Facebook friends.

AND…there are some AMAZING beings on Facebook (like you!) putting out super high vibrations that are a delight to discover.

And this is one of the core reasons that I exist.

I am here to be of service to these beautiful energies that call themselves VIBRATION TRANSFORMATION and LOVELIGHTBLISS and let their messages flow through me and share them with the people who are open to and want to receive them.

So, rather than break up with Facebook I decided to make some changes in the way that I am playing in this realm.

The form of love that I share with Facebook is changing.

I am going to take it easy with posts n such and try to bottom line it all as much as possible.

You might not see me here as much, but I will always know that…




Thank you.


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