“I experience massive breakthroughs and A-HA moments working with Anne that re-align me with my truth and life mission. She is my super hero, my role model and my mentor and I treasure her ability to help me fully live my dreams in a big, bold and bodacious way!” – Christabel Zamor, Founder of Breath of Bliss

“Anne is a gifted guide through removing your rocks and establishing a beautiful smooth bed of rich soil on which to build your dreams. Plus, I look 10 years younger and don’t rely on caffeine to fuel my zest for life any longer!” – Stacie Clenet, Licensed Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Therapist, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist and Rehabilitative Laser Technician

“Anne Van de Water’s influence in my life is immeasurable. The practices she has taught me are simple and they work. My life has transformed and new things are happening daily, both professionally and personally. My dreams are manifesting before my eyes.” – Maria Wasserman, Yoga Teacher

“During the Vibration Transformation Cleanse my friends and family were asking me, “What are you doing? You look amazing! You look 10 years younger. You are glowing!” -Matti

“Anne’s presence in my life has been of great value and joy. Her light, beaming, crystal clear energy radiates through all of her networks and life celebrations. Anne, you are a living gift of LOVE.”
Linda Deslauriers, M.A. Languages& Lit./M.A. Clinical Psychology Originator of the Gemcombs, Published Author

“When I started practicing yoga, as a freshman in college, I met Anne as my teacher at SBYC. It was in her class that I first realized the profundity of Yoga; That I could actually touch, nurture, and heal all those parts within myself that seemed fragmented and out-of-place. That my mind could calm, and I could actualize the power of my deeper intentions. Through Kirtan, play, and Yoga, Anne has always been a beacon of light and safety for me. I am indebted and aspire to repay her kindness through my own giving.”- Clay Daulton

“I have had the pleasure of experiencing Anne in her many capacities for over a decade now. No matter what type of “work” or “play” she is engaged in she always brings her tremendous healing presence, her invaluable wisdom and insight and infuses everything with profound love and light. Spending time with Anne is always a positive transformational experience and helps me move more elegantly toward my truest self.” -Amber Bottelsen

“Anne’s classes and workshops are a taste of the divine. She is playful, fun, spiritual, inviting, challenging, accepting, and inspiring. One finds themselves on a journey through smiles, sweat, and sweet release as you are tucked into final relaxation serenaded by her gorgeous voice. She is one of the most kind, open, and loving people you will ever meet and that energy comes through in her teaching.” – Maureen Crowley

“I have known Anne for about 13 years. She has an ever expanding consciousness and has opened my heart in the areas of yoga, music, officiating ceremonies, counseling and hostessing events. In all of those areas I find her to be very knowledgeable and to top it off she has been an awesome friend. Anne has the most playful way about her and yet she is an “old soul” and very wise indeed. She has the ability to really listen to what you are saying and offer guidance when it’s needed. I wouldn’t trade her for all the tea in China! I count her as one of my very best friends!!” – Lee

“Anne’s practical and clear approach to teaching helps staff members at many different levels of ability, and with different views to work together effectively as a circle. They learn how to become aware of their energy and use it more effectively through simple exercises and meditations. As a result, the staff are energized and focused and able to approach our work together in a positive and committed way.” – Erik Talkin, Executive Director, Foodbank of Santa Barbara County.

“Anne Van De Water saved my life from fire and wild animal attacks, not the external ones but my own internal flames and clawed monsters–these kind are much more dangerous. I was lucky enough for her to come into my life at a time of deep inner struggle and conflict. In her classes, I learned to calm the voices of negativity, to sit with heart break, and to not only accept my journey but to love it and everything it was teaching me, good and bad. I have always believed in angels and if you don’t, then you obviously haven’t heard Anne sing. It is like the heavens have opened up and let angels sing down upon us. The first time I heard her voice in a class I cheated and opened my eyes to see if I had levitated all the way to heaven. And as if all this wasn’t enough, she’s done wonders for my ass, abs and arms. I consider it one of the great fortunes of my life to know Anne and hope that everyone should be so lucky.”
Kara Petersen

“A class with Anne is like none other. As we move through asanas we are guided by the light of Anne’s loving spirit. As we breathe, we are inspired by Anne’s gentle words of encouragement and the universal truths that she shares with us. Most wonderful of all is when she sings to us–we are held and cherished by her energy and beautiful voice. And lest this all sound too mystical, Anne’s classes are also good exercise and a lot of fun!” -Ellen Klavan

“Anne is a true original spirit, who will inform your life in a myriad of predictible and unpredictable ways— all of them enjoyable!” -JoAnne Rapp

“The conventional boundries facing most of us are not a problem for Anne to hop over in an instant or find a bridge across.” -Brian Rapp

“Anne Van de Water is a gifted teacher. The participants in my Courage to Lead program love the opportunity to be with Anne and learn from her. These community leaders have very demanding jobs and lives. Anne helps them understand how to care for themselves, so they ultimately have more to give to themselves, their families, their organizations, and the world.” -Ken Saxon

“Anne Van De Water came to me during a difficult period in my life. My solace during those times were Anne’s classes. Her voice was of the heavens, her songs of the angels, and her message of ancient wisdom. On one such evening she guided and encouraged us to let go of all fear. She specifically spoke of the exact personal challenges I was facing. ‘How did you know that is what I am going through?’, I asked Anne after class. But Anne didn’t know; in fact, she didn’t even recall saying it. Over the years, this incident is one of many that I now understand – Anne is a divine vessel. And lucky are we who are in her presence when the universe channels it’s message of love through her.” -Brigit Otera

“I have been a student of Anne’s for many years. In that time I have seen her grow so beautifully through our yoga practice, chanting, singing, and communicating spirit to each one of us who is fortunate enough to be in her presence. She is gifted and talented and shares completely the light within her and the light of the world. Each class, each experience, each teaching is inspirational and communicated from the heart. I am blessed to have her in my life and you will be too.” – Eddie Steinfeldt

“In our hectic, busy world, your sessions are a welcome, much valued respite; wholesome, healing, and safe. Thank you Anne for guiding us through these moments with trust and love. With trust and love to you in return.” – Rick and Linda.