Make a WishLast night my sister took me out to celebrate my birthday and she shared a Reba McEntire quote with me:

“To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funnybone.”

Don’t you love it?

Isn’t it right on?

It gives me Truth chills.

Every year I pick a lil mantra or quality of energy that I want to focus on for the new birth year.

This year, Reba’s wise quote is gonna be my mantra.

For me on this day of my personal Solar Return and the beginning of another fabulous trip around the Sun…

Having a wishbone means I am really clear about what I truly want, what I truly Love, what truly Lights me up and what truly invokes the deepest states of Bliss and knowing that I have the power to make my dreams come true.

Having a backbone means I am 100% committed to my dreams and that no matter what challenges I face on the journey of manifesting them that I am staying the course and going for it full on. Rather than disperse my energy to a bunch of mini desires along the way, I am going to be disciplined and devoted to pouring my Heart and mojo into the big dreams. And…if anyone doubts my dreams, I am going to stand tall in total faith that I will indeed create my vision and reply to their doubt with a polite, “Gracias, pero no gracias.” —> “Thanks, but no thanks.”

Having a funnybone means that I am going to stay light-hearted and remember that this whole being a human thing is pretty hilarious and that nothing ever turns out exactly how I envision it and that a big part of the fun is being flexible as I ride all of the unexpected twists and turns along the way to creating a super sweet life that I love.

As always, know that I want for you what I want for me.

May all the wishes that you wish on your wishbone come true .

May you have a super strong and flexible backbone…try Yoga…it rocks!

And may life bump you on your funnybone frequently.


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