1471904_10152031103793908_741085991_nSelf Love and Self Care come in many different guises.

One of the foundations of Vibration Transformation is to raise your vibration by moving your body regularly.

Although my foundational movement program has always been Yoga, I also enjoy a lot of other forms of exercise.

I have always loved dancing, free weights, spot exercises and resistant bands amongst many other exercises.

This Summer one of my best friends invited me to try out one of her new workout DVDs called Brazilian Butt Lift.

The name is hilarious but the program is amazing.

It’s a series of 3 DVDs with 5 workouts that you do a combination of 6 days a week.

You can do it at home any time and do not need a lot of space or equipment.

I just completed 30 days of the program and it feels amazing to follow through with a 30 day commitment to health and well-being.

It was very challenging at times, SO MUCH FUN and my body has become more toned, my heart more light and full of joy and my mind more focused and clear.

The instructor is super sweet and a great motivator.

I consider it one of my current Sadhanas, or spiritual practices, that has raised my vibration on all levels.

Oftentimes I find it’s nice to change up my on-going self-love and self-care practices so that it feels fresh and new.
That is exactly what I have found with this workout which is why I am continuing on for another 30 days…at least!

What exercise program have you practiced to for 30 days?

What exercise program would you like to commit to for 30 days?

No matter what you choose, always know I love you and I support you.

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