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At a beautiful and private space in Santa Barbara, CA.

















For Patients in Treatment and Recovery and their Caregivers

Every Wednesday for since 2000:

2-3pm: Yoga for Strength and Empowerment

3:15-4:15: Yoga for Healing

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Wednesday, March 6, 2019
6-8:30pm PST
2 hour session followed by the fire circle with group life coaching and Q+A
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Every month since 2010 I have taught at The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.

The next times I will be teaching:

March 15-17

I will be a guest teacher teaching Restorative Yoga, Pranayama, Slow Flow Yoga, A Journey Through The Chakras and a Shamanic Deep Healing, Clearing and Blessing session as part of the Experiential Program which open to everyone.

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7-8:30am daily for one week

Attend in person in Santa Barbara, CA.

Or attend via Live Stream classes from anywhere in the world.

Videos provided of all classes.


Give yourself the gift of a deep transformational week of purifying and clearing physical, mental and emotional stress, tension, toxins and impurities and jump start and stabilize your foundational self-love and self-care lifestyle program.

Restore your Health + Wellness on all levels so that you feel like you are the living embodiment of your highest and healthiest potential.

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The CREATORS is an 8 week long Visioning and Accountability Group of CREATORS to help you manifest one of your Big Visions including:

*Personal Health/Wellness
*Home Organization
*Love and Relationships
*Money and Abundance
*Career and your offerings
*Travel, Leisure, Hobbies, Creativity and Adventure
*Soul and Spirit centered living
And/Or anything else your heart desires that you wish to create

Stay tuned for Spring dates

You may join us at a beautiful and magical shangri-la in the foothills of Santa Barbara.
Join us via Live Stream from anywhere in the world.

If you miss a class there will be a video of the class available for you to access at any time.


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6:30-8:30pm PST followed by the fire circle


Join me for a Shamanic inspired deep healing session that will help you to clear, cleanse, release and let go of stress, tension and heavy energy from your body, mind, heart and Soul as you receive the blessings of reconnecting with Nature, your truest, deepest and highest Self and your Spirit.
This session includes gentle movement, reclining deep relaxation, guided meditation, The Emotional Freedom Technique, sound therapy, hands on healing, Shamanic cleansing practices, group sharing and powerful writing and intention setting exercises.

Our core focus for this Shamanic Healing, Clearing and Blessing will be Soul Retrieval. Across the tides of time you have had countless experiences. Oftentimes during challenging life situations with people, places and things, it is difficult to fully process everything that is happening internally and externally.During those times it can feel like little fragments of your Soul get caught up in the past making it difficult to be fully present here and now, which is where all of your true power resides. Without full access to your Soul’s power, life can feel stagnant. Having full access to your Soul’s power gives you the capacity to create a life of true fulfillment. Through a powerful Guided Meditation we will courageously journey back to a past experience of your choice to retrieve the energy of your Soul and bring it back home to present time. With this reclaimed energy of your Soul you can move forward in life with a greater sense of wholeness, empowerment and an inspired new vision of what is possible in the future.

After our session we will gather around the fire under the gentle light of the Moon, stars and planets to connect and share with each other.

Light refreshments will be served.















Morning Classes: Connect with The Elements – Connect with Your Self

So much of the accumulated stress and tension in our modern day lives is the result of our disconnection from the natural world. One of the core teachings of the 5000 year old ancient practice of Yoga is that when we stay connected to Nature and the natural world it is easier to stay connected to our truest, deepest and highest sense of self. That is why so many of the Yoga poses are named after things in nature such as Mountain pose, Tree pose and Dog pose. One of the main philosophies of Yoga is that we are actually made up of the same things that the natural world is made up of.  In fact, for decades, scientists have said that humans are made of stardust, which is composed of all the elements, and current cutting edge research has proven that humans and our galaxy have about 97 percent of the same kind of atoms, and the elements of life.

Every day in our Yoga practice we will explore each of the elements Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Light, Space and The Cosmos. When we tap into the gifts of the elements it helps us to connect with our true Self and feel more grounded, fluid, empowered, loving, authentic, wise and free. We will practice how to embody the elements through our yoga poses, breath work, guided meditation and positive affirmations. After you explore connecting with the elements in your Yoga practice you can continue to embody their gifts while out n about in the beautiful natural surroundings of Rancho La Puerta. 

For advanced beginners and Intermediate practitioners of Yoga.

Afternoon Classes: Restorative Yoga

A deeply healing yoga class utilizing pillows and blankets to support you in passive yoga poses while you soften into peace and stillness.  While relaxing in the restorative yoga poses you will be soothed by guided meditations, hands on healing and angelic singing. This class gently invokes a state of meditative calm and helps to dissolve away stress, tension and anxiety.

Appropriate for all levels of yoga experience.

Being in the Yoga zone is one of my favorite places to be and I look forward to being at Rancho La Puerta where I first practiced Yoga with my Mama Bird when I was a young child. It was a far off dream then that one day I would return to Rancho La Puerta as a Yoga Teacher to give back the gifts that Rancho La Puerta has given to me.

This week of teaching Yoga at Rancho La Puerta is one of my lifelong visions come true and I look forward to sharing the magical ancient art and practice of Yoga with you.






TRUE SELF MASTERY READINGS are a blend of Human Design, The Gene Keys and the North and South Nodes of Astrology.

These are all incredible systems of wisdom for gaining greater insight into your Soul’s inner purpose, your Life’s Work, how to access greater radiance and energy, how to be of the greatest service possible to yourself and others, how to make wise decisions based on who you truly are and what is most important to you, what your Soul has already mastered and is here to master.

You will also receive deep insights about how to be more present with your shadow (and we all have a shadow side), how to operate more deeply from your greatest gifts and how to activate your innate superpowers so that you can navigate through your inner terrain and your outer life with your fellow people, places and things with more ease, grace and true self mastery.

You are a unique and one of a kind individual.

TRUE SELF MASTERY is about clearing everything that you have taken on that is not aligned with who you truly are and why you are truly here so that you can embody your truest, deepest and highest self and love and support others in doing the same.

There are 2 readings to choose from:

*A 60 minute reading that gives you the very basic foundations of your design – $175 – ORDER HERE

*A 90 minute in depth reading of your design – $275 – ORDER HERE

In addition to your reading you can also add a one hour follow up coaching and consultation session to your reading:

*A 60 minute reading that gives you the very basic foundations of your design + a one hour coaching and consultation session to help you embody your design – $300 – ORDER HERE

*A 90 minute in depth reading of your design + a one hour coaching and consultation session to help you embody your design – $375 – ORDER HERE

Readings are delivered to you via email in an MP3 format so that you can listen to it whenever and as many times as you wish.

Coaching / Consultation sessions to help you embody your design are in person in Santa Barbara, on the phone or via Zoom.

Many clients have told me that it feels like these readings are like receiving the owner’s manual for their life that they wished they had received at their birth.

Here is what people are saying about them:

It is healing just to be held in the loving attention of another. In this way, receiving a True Self Mastery reading from Anne was not only informative, confirming and affirming, it was much needed healing.
The time, care and thorough intelligent investigation of my unique design that Anne offered was not only illuminating, it was empowering and life changing.
When I heard the comprehensive recording that Anne offered I felt held in loving, compassionate attention and I continue to use it to refer to not only as a resource as I continue my self exploration and self discovery, but as a touchstone for remembering I am loved and I have a purpose for my life.
The reading helped me see what is unique about me and better understand where I might run into resistance in my life and how I might better focus my energy and efforts.
I found this to be hugely beneficial in informing my life focus.
It was like receiving the instruction manual for my unique human instrument that I never had.
Empowered by my reading I am able to move forward in my life with much more intelligence and intention with far less effort and much more ease and grace.
I am deeply grateful for the extensive time, care, profound wisdom and intelligence that Anne offers in her work with me.
Absolutely amazing!

-Michael Purcell

That is the best money I have ever spent in my life! Your ability to call forth the truth and assist and guide me towards my most authentic path is astounding. I have never felt so understood, so celebrated and so clear. I highly recommend your services for anyone seeking their higher truth who are looking to find that which their Soul is truly here to experience and fulfill. You are absolutely amazing and your work is worth every penny!


The True Self Mastery reading Anne did for me is a powerful tool for understanding my present and planning my future.
The insight she shared offered me clarity and confidence to be myself in all aspects of my life.


I have savored my TRUE SELF MASTERY READING over the course of time. So now that I have come to it’s delicious ending I have to write you immediately and thank you with all my heart for this insightful peek into all that is possible. I recognized so many aspects of myself in the reading. It really made me realize that some of things that have been so compelling are actually things that you see ordained in my chart. It gave me a true sense of being known and encouraged on my path. Just hearing your beautiful voice giving me the information was part of the loving experience. Thank you! Thank you!


OH MY GOD!!! Thank you, thank you thank you!
It took me a few days to send this to you because I wanted to listen to my reading twice, taking notes and processing it before giving you any feedback.
There is sooooo much in this reading for myself to learn and it helped me gain so much understanding about who I really am and what  is my greater calling in life.
I connected so deeply to it and had so many revelations and great surprises during this reading that I can’t express by mail my true gratitude for this magical and mystical experience.
Thank you! I love you!


As an Associate Certified Life Coach by the International Coaches Federation and The International Coaches Federation, I am devoted to supporting you in raising your vibration to match your purpose, values and vision.
Your purpose is why you are here. It’s the higher purpose of your life.
Your values are your guiding principles and golden rules and what you feel is most important in your life.
Your vision is your personal big dream for yourself and the collective dream that you hold for all of humanity and existence.
It’s big stuff.
And that’s what you’re up to.
You are a big Hearted Soul centered visionary, teacher, leader, healer and Agent of Change here to make a positive contribution to the world.
And the #1 thing that can happen is that you when you’re on a mission is that you can get all caught up in the go go go and forget about why you are doing what you’re doing, what matters most to you and of course taking care of yourself.
I know because that’s how my life was. So I made some mega changes. I totally transformed my life so that my life now truly matches who I am.
And I am here  to help you transform your life if you’re ready.
If you are a super motivated and committed to make some major spiritual, emotional, physical, mental changes and positively transform your relationships with people, places and things and want to:
*Get clear about who you are and why you’re here and what you value most in life.
*Realign with what you truly Love, what Lights you up and invokes the deepest states of Bliss
*Make conscious choices in all areas of your life with people, places and things so that everything is a resonant match with your purpose, values and vision.
*Create your own personal foundational self-love and self-care lifestyle based on Nutrition, Movement, Meditation, Conscious Breathing, Emotional Cleansing, Physical Cleansing, Rest, Relaxation and Sleeping
*Receive coaching in all areas of your life
COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute session for first timers SCHEDULE HERE
Sign up for a one on one session with me.
PURCHASE HERE $175/hour.









One of my greatest passions is facilitating in person or Live Stream one on one or group Yoga-Breathwork-Meditation sessions.

Before starting my sessions I ask you in depth questions to create a session or video that is perfect for your specific needs physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

I have been a Yoga, Breath work and meditation teacher since 1995 and have taught for over 25,000 hours to thousands of people all over the world.

I call my style intuitively eclectic as I tap into many different styles of Yoga, Breath work and meditation and intuitively create my classes in the moment to specifically cater to the person or group that I am teaching.

Here’s a testimonial from one of my students:

A class with Anne is like none other. As we move through asanas we are guided by the light of Anne’s loving spirit. As we breathe, we are inspired by Anne’s gentle words of encouragement and the universal truths that she shares with us. Most wonderful of all is when she sings to us–we are held and cherished by her energy and beautiful voice. And lest this all sound too mystical, Anne’s classes are also good exercise and a lot of fun! -Ellen Klavan

$175 for a 60 minute personalized one on one or group Yoga session

$200 for a 60 minute personalized one on one or group Yoga session at your location (within 15 miles from Anne)





One of my greatest passions is creating personalized Yoga-Breathword-Meditation Videos.Before starting the project I ask you the in depth questions to create a Yoga video that is perfect for your specific needs physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Here’s a testimonial from one of my clients:

Anne is a one of a kind yoga instructor, her yoga encompasses all the things I require from my yoga practice. After asking a few questions on how you would like the video tailored to fit your specific needs she makes it JUST so.  She leads you through a mind clearing peaceful guided meditation to clear stress and tension. Then the yoga practice begins targeting your points you asked for. All along the way Anne is inspiring you to be your stronger future self.  The video was tailored for exactly what I asked for I am so grateful I can now practice anywhere any time. 
-Michele P., Santa Barbara, CA.

Check out a sample video —> HERE <—