UnknownYou know it’s going to be a poignant Memorial Service when you are sobbing amidst waves of emotion while you are writing your notes and are crying again while officiating the service‚Ķ

I have taught over 15,000 hours of transformational Yoga classes, workshops, retreats and trainings, officiated 13 weddings, facilitated many rights of passage ceremonies and been a spiritual mid-wife at several births, but never have I felt more honored than I do today.

Today I was blessed with the sacred role of holding space for a beautiful group of people while we mourned and celebrated the life of an amazing human being who lived 75 years on planet Earth and who lived and loved full on.

This Summer, we were trained in tracking people and that is how creating this service felt to me because I never met him.

All I know is that he left deep tracks in the Hearts of all who knew him.

It was a deep process of becoming aware of the unseen realms to wrap up the entire life of this especially extraordinary man in 1 1/2 hours.

And now I can truly count him amongst a magical tribe of people that I call my teachers.

Isn’t that amazing?

Through the stories that his family and friends told me and through tuning into his never dying essence I feel like a very precious part of his Soul was revealed to me.

And this morning just before dawn I went outside to greet the sky and looked up and said to him,

“Please give me a sign that your Soul is free and that you are happy and at peace.”

And within moments a giant star went shooting across the sky.

Death is not the end of who we are.

Our Spirits live on forever.

But while we are here, alive and well, let’s do our best to shine LOVELIGHTBLISS.

Up in the sky, be one of the brightest stars.

And down here on the Earth, please, give us some good tracks to follow

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