1017704_10151720591533908_598238833_nA friend recently asked me if she thinks that I have held back with the advancement of my career because of my relationship with my man.

And I said,


For sure.

For me, building anything, especially a career, is not worth it unless the foundation of it is LOVE.

Love for my man.
Love for my family.
Love for my friends.
And of course Self-Love and Self-Care.

One of the core reasons that I created Vibration Transformation is because I have met countless visionaries with rockin’ careers and missions who are doing great work in the world, but at a fundamental level are not truly happy because they have neglected their intimate relationship with their partners, friends and family and have neglected their relationship with themselves.

I call it putting the cart before the horse.

And what ends up happening is that when we live this way we eventually burn out and our Souls buck because at some fundamental level we know that we are missing the mark.

I know how this feels because this is exactly how I felt in my life years ago.

My body was suffering.
I was majorly overweight.
I was in an unhealthy relationship.
My long term friendships were waning.
I was struggling with my family.
And, I felt like a fraud.
Because I was not living in alignment with everything that I taught and truly believe in.

So I decided to make some radical changes so that I would have a sense of true balance in my life.

And this is the magical thing…

The more that I prioritize Love and time for my man, family, friends and my foundational self-love and care, the deeper and more sustainable my roots are and the more fulfilling and prosperous my career is and the happier I am.

I am into slow growth now.

I am devoted to sustainability every day.

I want the real deal.

And I am willing to wait and be patient and practice taking care of what truly matters on a daily basis so that anything that I grow is flowing from the deep place of Love within.

And even though I don’t have to choose, if I had to, I would choose home and hearth and love and partnership and friends and family any day over being the rock star of the world in my career.

Because a career where in any way I have to sacrifice a foundation of deep love and connection with my tribe is definitely not worth it.

That’s way too big a price to pay.

So today, I feel really blessed because I am really clear about what matter most.

And the super sweet thing is the more I take care of what matters most and give ample time to cultivate love with my man, friends and family:

I am healthy.
I am happy.
And I continuously attract amazing people to work with that share the same values and my career continues to blossom beautifully.

I love you and support you and am visioning all your dreams coming true too.


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