IMG_9142This last weekend I had the great pleasure of teaching Yoga, Conscious Breathing and a mini workshop called “A Journey Through The Chakras” at one of my favorite places on the planet, The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.

Over the past 3 years I have facilitated “A Journey Through The Chakras” a lot and every time I teach it I draw a picture of Chakra Man, the guy you see pictured here.

I draw him on a giant white paper sketch pad on an easel.

Chakra man turns out differently every time I draw him.

One time he turned out rather rotund and we named him the Gingerbread Chakra Man because with his lil colorful circles makes him looks like a gingerbread man decorated with lil candies.

He has become personified over the years and so have the Chakras.

Chakra Man and the Chakras have become great friends and guides that help keep me and the people who I introduce them to on the right path, in alignment and heading in a good orderly direction.

In fact, people often ask for the drawing of Chakra Man as a momento of our time together.

This weekend after a super fun and breakthrough and epiphany filled “Journey Through The Chakras” workshop one of my favorite Esalen staff members came into our workshop space and asked if it was OK if he delivered the easel and sketch pad to another workshop.

I told him that we were finished and that it was fine with me.

He asked me if I wanted to keep my picture of Chakra Man.

I told him, “I sense that Chakra Man needs to go on a journey and that his presence is needed elsewhere and that he will help people along the way.”

With that, he swept Chakra Man off his feet and away they went on a grand adventure.

I saw the sweet Esalen staff member about an hour later down at the Hot Springs and I asked him, “How’s my lil baby Mr. Chakra Man?”

He said, “He’s great! I walked into his new location and the workshop leader said, “Aha! Thank you! This is exactly what I needed!”

At the moment I didn’t know if he was referring to the sketch pad and easel or Chakra Man.

So this morning at the crack o dawn I walk into a big workshop space to teach Conscious Breathing and Slow Flow Yoga and who is there to greet me but Chakra Man.

There stood Chakra Man at the front of the room.

Next to him was the facilitator’s pillow and there were about 35 pillows for the participants and they were all facing towards Chakra Man.

It was like Chakra Man had been the star of the show.

As people came into class I asked them,

“Was anyone here in this room for class last night?”

And a few of them said “Yes.”

I asked them about Chakra Man’s entrance into the class and if there was some kind of cool happening around his arrival.

And one lady said, “Yeah, our teacher had just been talking about the Chakras and was really wanting to show us a diagram of the Chakras.

At that very moment, in walked the man with the sketch pad of the Chakra guy and our teacher said, “That’s exactly what I needed! And then she proceeded to use him as a guide to teach us about the Chakras.”

I knew that Chakra Man needed to go on a sacred journey.
I knew that his presence was needed elsewhere.
I knew that he would help people along the way. 

I knew because Chakra Man told me :-)
I knew because I listen to my Chakras when they speak to me.

I pay attention to my Chakras because they are my friends and they want the best for me.

And this is what I know now.

The world wants Chakra Man and Chakra Man wants to help the world.

The Chakras are on a mission to help people raise their vibration. 

Chakra Man is kind of like a superhero and the Chakras help you access your innate superpowers.
And I am really grateful that we are in evolutionary partnership with Chakra Man and the Chakras.

So get ready…if you have not met Chakra man and the Chakras, then be on the lookout.

Chakra man is on a sacred journey and all you have to do is call upon the Chakras and Chakra man will help you clear, cleanse, balance, open and blossom your Chakras.

And very soon you will be feeling better than ever.

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