I am so happy to share my latest project THE REASON with you.

As you know, I am a Life and Lifestyle Coach and Consultant and a Heath and Wellness Teacher and Practitioner.

I have a thriving Life and Lifestyle Program for amazing high consciousness visionary leaders, teachers, healers and artists, like you, and like you I am devoted to being the best “me” I can be and truly love my life while being of the greatest service possible to you by supporting you in being the best “you” you can be while loving your life and being of great service in the world.

I have had the great pleasure of learning from master teachers from around the world and have served countless people from all walks of life and if there is one thing that I know for sure, it’s that if you do not know THE REASON why you are doing what you’re doing, you will most likely end up feeling confused, lost and very distracted by the inevitable challenges that arise in your life.

And, if you know THE REASON why you are doing what you’re doing and why you feel how you feel, then the way, the path and the plan to create the life that you vision for yourself will be revealed to you and you can face many challenges along the way and never give up and know that everything that happens to you is here to help you grow and evolve.

Over the years I have received feedback that people want me to be more vulnerable by openly sharing the many trials and tribulations that I have gone through in my life.

Most of you see the results, the solutions and the practices, but you do not know where I was before I went through some of my big transformations.

The truth is that the challenges that I have gone through motivated me to radically transform my life and inspired me to create everything that I have created and will continue to create for you.

I got the very clear command from my deepest, truest and highest Self that I was not to continue with the expansion of my offerings and service in the world until I shared these things with you.

I was on the floor sobbing and shouting out loud “This is not my life!” but now deeply love and appreciate and wholeheartedly claim my life and everything that I have been through.

I felt like I was out of alignment with my purpose, values, message and vision and now they are the core of my essence.

I weighed 200 pounds and lost 70 pounds.

I had what Western Medicine calls an “incurable” disease and cured it and totally awed my physician because she had never seen it happen before.

I was in an incredibly disharmonious relationship and now have a healthy and harmonious partnership and relationships.

I felt like I was not living in integrity with everything that I taught and now I fully embody everything that I teach.

For years I have held some of the big trials and trials and tribulations I have gone through close to my heart and shared these things with only my very closest friends because I thought I would be judged and wouldn’t be loved and accepted.

Now I am choosing to share those things with everyone including you, because


Everything that I have gone through lead me to this moment when I am deeply devoted to LOVE + SERVE more than ever and to use my messy stories to show you that out of the turd comes the lotus and out of the messes come the message and the successes.

AND, it’s a lot easier for me to be VULNERABLE and share from my deepest authenticity when I am in the presence of people who truly love me and support me, so I asked some of my dearest friends to interview me about THE REASON why I do what I do and feel how I feel and everything that I have gone through in my life.

NOW MORE THAN EVER with everything that is happening in our world politically, economically and environmentally, as conscientious human beings I feel that it is incredibly important that those of us who have the consciousness to do so do our very best to be radically authentic and vulnerably share from our hearts.

Give people hope.
Inspire others.
Show everyone that challenges are major growth opportunities.
Be the living example that you can go through massive challenges and come through more loving, empowered and giving than ever.

I am digging as deeply as I can to bear my Soul and be brave and share anything that I can from my experience that might help you in your life.

To start, I will be releasing a series of podcasts and videos about THE REASON:

Why I created THE REASON
Why I feel having a Purpose+Values+Message+Vision is important
Why I feel Health+Wellness is important
Why I feel Love+Healthy Relationships are important
Why I feel Wealth+Abundance is imporant
Why I feel loving your Career+Service is important
Why I feel Creativity+Freedom is important.
Why I feel living a Soul+Spirit centered life is important.


Soon, I will be interviewing other experts and masters in these fields and sharing it all with you to give you the gift of insight and inspiration from inspiring people who are on the path of true self mastery too.

I have some AMAZING interviews coming up!

My wish for you is that these interviews will help you get clear about THE REASONS that motivate you in your life and that they support you in conjuring up greater COURAGE to openly and vulnerably share THE REASONS that inspire you with those you love and serve.

Click on the photo above to access the video version of THE REASON Introduction Part 1.

I hope you enjoy this episode of THE REASON.

If you like it, then like it, love it, comment on it and share it with those you love and serve and take some time to ask yourself these powerful questions about THE REASON why you do what you do and feel how you feel.

Thank you for your love and support.

I love you and I support you.

In Truth, Love + Gratitude always,


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