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Activate your rainbow light body, raise your vibration and feel better than ever!

Monday, July 8 – Sunday, July 14, 2013
7-8:30am daily
Santa Barbara, CA.
$150 (includes supplements)
Register by writing to me at [email protected]

Join me for a transformational week of jumpstarting and stabilizing your foundational self-love and self-care lifestyle program with a week of JUICE FEASTING.

Juice Feasting is very different from a fast. r
Rather than depriving yourself with a “juice fast” you are enjoying and feasting on up to 4 quarts of fresh juice a day, doing major cleansing without a lot of the typical cleansing reactions 🙂

Monday will be a transitional day of clean eating.
Tuesday-Saturday we will be consuming only fresh juice.
Sunday will be a transitional day of light and clean eating.

Raise your vibration on all levels so that you feel like you are the living embodiment of your highest and healthiest potential.

This cleanse is for you if you are:
*Addicted to sugar/wheat/meat/dairy/alcohol/caffeine
*Out of shape
*Feeling toxic
*Holding onto grudges and resentments from past life challenges*Thinking/feeling/speaking/acting negatively
*Feeling physical/mental/emotional stress and tension

This cleanse is for you if you want to feel more:
*Alive, Awake and glowing with Life Force Energy
*Youthful and Healthy
*Energized and Revitalized
*Calm, Confident and Present
*Loving, Compassionate and Connected
*Clean and Clear
*Energized, Centered and Focused
*Renewed, Refreshed and Revitalized

Every morning we will meet from 7-8:30am for:
*Juicing guidance
*Conscious Breathing
*Emotional Cleansing practices
*Physical Cleansing practices
*Learn about how to live in alignment with the earth, the elements and the plant kingdom
*Deep Relaxation
*Connection with amazing and supportive people who share your commitment to living life rooted in self-love and self-care.

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