Aloha my friend,

Greetings from Waikiki where I am in awe of how nature and the city have merged so beautifully.
I love it when things that can be seen as opposites come together harmoniously.
I have never seen such crystal clear aqua blue water or such giant tropical trees overflowing with flowers.
It is special to see the Earth thriving amidst a bustling metropolis.

Today I am celebrating your freedom and your independence.

There has been a lot of talk about our freedoms being taken away from us amidst this Covid chapter, but I have a different perspective about it all.

Each and every one of us has radically different life circumstances right now with greater and lesser freedoms, but no matter what is happening for you personally,

You are free to think what you want to think.
You are free to feel what you feel.
Your thoughts and feelings are inside games that are 100% up to you.
No one can take away your freedom to think and feel what you want.

Perhaps some of the things you say and do are restricted, but you still have so much freedom with your thoughts and feelings.

What you think and feel greatly impacts your words and actions and thus your results in life.

The question is, are the thoughts, feelings, words and actions that you are capable of choosing leading you and others towards freedom or prison?

I once read a book called From Onions To Pearls: A Journal of Awakening and Deliverance by Satyam Nadeem about a man who was in prison.

It is a true story of one man’s spiritual awakening under severely restrictive, sometimes violent, physical and intense emotional conditions.

Even though it seemed like he had very little physical freedom in that prison, he chose to use his time in prison to free his mind, heart, Soul and Spirit.
By the time he was released from prison he was Self-realized and enlightened.
He completely transformed his vibration.
He attained true Self mastery.

We all have that same freedom within whatever prison it may seem we are in.


You have the power to change your life in so many remarkable ways.

You deserve freedom and liberation and I want to help you transform the way you think, feel, speak, act and relate to the world so that you feel connected to and aligned with the freedom of being your truest, deepest and highest Self.

My big vision for you is for you to create the life you choose for yourself.

I am here to help you develop the skills and cultivate the enthusiasm to transform your life into the life you want for yourself amidst any life circumstances despite the real restrictions you may be living with.

I invite you to join me for a 30 minute complimentary coaching consultation to learn more about my coaching program that will help you to activate greater freedom in all ways in your life.

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Today and everyday I am celebrating your freedom.

I love you and support you.

Love and Gratitude always,














Amidst all the challenge, transformation and awakening that is happening on the planet, have you been asking yourself:

How can I make a difference?

How can I help?

There are so many big issues in the world right now that can feel quite harrowing at times.

There are so many challenging issues.

And there are many ways to make a difference.

It starts with asking yourself powerful questions:

What are you passionate about?

What do you want to change?

Then put your focus on the difference and change you want to make and consciously cultivate the thoughts, feelings, words and actions and cultivate the relationships with people, places and things that feel will be most helpful to get the results and outcome that you want to experience personally and see in the world.

Here are some of the ways that you can make a difference about the issues that matter most to you:

You can write social media posts.

You can protest.

You can donate.

You can sign petitions.

You can ask questions.

You can learn.

You can listen.

You can pray.

You can break down and cry.

It all makes a difference.

And, because there are SO many issues and SO much to process right now on SO many levels, it’s also OK to simply be still and silent while you contemplate what you truly think and what you truly feel before you speak and before you act.

Your thoughts and feelings make a big difference and are the source of the words you speak and the actions you take.

Lao Tzu said:

Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles, and the water is clear?   Can you remain unmoving until the right action arises by itself?

There is a whole lot of mud in the world right now and it’s OK to pause, breathe, investigate, do your research, turn off and tune out media, be present, be loving and kind with yourself and others while you sort through the mud to find the treasures of your true beliefs and emotions before you speak and before you act.




And no matter how you are making a difference please remember that it is 100% unique to you and that no one else is gong to make a difference the way you do.

What is right action for you may not be right action for another.

A lot of people are pressuring a lot of people to speak and act right now and/or are disappointed in and shaming people for not making a difference in the way that they think they should.

It happened to me. Has it happened to you?

From what I can shaming others for not doing things the way you think they should just perpetuates the problems we are trying to solve.

If you need support gaining more clarity about these things and anything else that you feel are important changes that you want to make in your life and the world right now, I invite you to schedule a 30 minute complimentary Life Coaching consultation with me to see if Life Coaching is a match for what you need.

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Thank you for not being indifferent about the things you want to change.

Thank you for making a difference however you are.

I love you and support you.

Love and Gratitude always,


THE REASON Interview with ME

It was my great honor and pleasure to be interviewed by one of my best friends, students, clients and greatest teachers and inspiration Samantha Paige about living in alignment with my Purpose+Values+Message+Vision.

As a Life and Lifestyle Coach and Consultant and Health and Wellness Teacher and Practitioner, living in alignment with my Purpose+Values+Message+Vision is the foundation of my entire life and the foundation of my Lifestyle Program for all of you amazing Visionaries, Leaders, Teachers, Healers and Artists that are here to make a positive contribution to the world.

In the interview I talk about the importance of living in harmony with the most benevolent forces in existence, living in alignment with my core values of Truth, Love, Gratitude, Humor and Health and the #1 challenge that knocks me off course.

Check out the interview at HERE

My vision for you is that this interview helps you get clear about THE REASONS that motivate you in your life and that it supports you in conjuring up greater COURAGE to openly and vulnerably share THE REASONS that inspire you to live in alignment with your Purpose, Values, Message and Vision with those you love and serve.
If you like it, then like it, love it, comment on it share it with those you love and serve and take some time to ask yourself these powerful questions about THE REASON why you do what you do and feel how you feel.


If you would like to get clear about your Purpose, Values, Message and big Vision for your life, then schedule a session with me. All of the information about my Coaching program is here on the site.

Have a beautiful day.

I love you and I support you.

In Truth, Love and Gratitude always,


A Cup of Tea with the General Manager of The Universe


Today I had the great pleasure of experiencing the most beautiful and delicately refined traditional tea ceremony hostessed by my dear friend Sara, a Master of connecting with the Medicine of Plant Spirits.

Drinking Tea, she says is one of the most powerful ways of connecting with the wisdom of the land, people and spiritual energy of the place where the tea that we are drinking grows and has the effect of awakening higher states of consciousness.

We first smelled and then sipped about 5 little cups of Oolong Tea that she acquired from a Chinese friend who travels all over the world questing for the finest organic teas.

Then we smelled and sipped about 5 little cups of a Pu-erh tea from China that had been aged for over 40 years.

Each sip we sipped awakened the part of me that is awake, aware, alive and deeply appreciative of each moment and I found my vibration continuously rising and settling into an embodied realm of sweet happiness, peace and calm contentedness.

Before she poured the last little cup of tea she said,

This cup is for a part of you, a loved one or anyone or anything that you would like to connect with more deeply.

During the last week of leading the Vibration Transformation Cleanse I found myself intensely aware of the part of me that I like to call The General Manager of the Universe.

I first heard that cute, funny and true term for the part of me that thinks I have all the answers, knows what’s right for me and everyone else and wants to control everything internally and externally while doing an Emotional Freedom Technique tapping session with my friend Kate.

During the Cleanse I discovered how deeply exhausting it is to be the General Manager of The Universe.

So I gave my 2 weeks notice and am currently going through the process of passing the responsibility of micro-managing the Universe back to, well, The Universe.

During the Cleanse the gift of a book arrived in the mail from one of my clients.

The book is called The Surrender Experiment by Michael A. Singer and I have been listening to the book on tape and highlighting my favorite parts in the book every moment I can.

In the book he asks,

Am I better off making up an alternate reality in my mind and then fighting with reality to make it be my way?

Or am I better off letting go of what I want and serving the same forces of reality that has managed to shape the entire perfection of the Universe around me?

The answer to me is clear.

So when Sara went to pour the last cup of tea, I knew she was pouring it for the General Manager of the Universe.

I picked up the cup and before it even touched my lips, the General Manager of the Universe said:


I asked:

What are you afraid of?

The General Manager of the Universe said:

I am afraid that if I let go of control and do not micro-manage everything and everyone that everything and everyone will go out of control and chaos will reign.

I asked:

Is that True?

The General Manager of the Universe thought about it for a second and simply said:


And ever since then, the General Manager of the Universe inside of my head has had absolutely nothing to say about anything.