Step out of your comfort zone and into your genius zone.
Do what you came here to do.
I am here to help you more easily, joyfully and gracefully up level your entire life so that you are vibrating at your highest potential.
We need you and we need your gifts.




My mission is to help you raise your vibration to match your Vision so that you are living in alignment with your Mission/Life Purpose, Values, Message, Big Vision, greatest passions and highest potential on every level, plane and dimension of your life.

Our aim is for you to know and feel like you are the living embodiment of your Mission, Values, Message and big Vision and then to make conscientious choices in your relationships with people/places/things so that you stay in alignment with who you are and why you’re here.

My Style
My personal and most natural consulting/coaching style is incredibly broad. I can be Kick Ass, No BS, Straight up no chaser, Sword of Truth, Let’s Rock this Thing as well as a Deeply Loving, Compassionate, Nurturing, Grateful and Gracious Cheerleader. My goal is to meet you where you are and evoke and provoke your true essential self so that you feel reconnected with and guided by your own internal wisdom.

If you are interested in One on One sessions then please contact me HERE to schedule a preliminary session so that we can see if working together is an energetic match.

Introductory sessions are $175 – SCHEDULE A SESSION HERE

If we enjoy working together then we will continue our work and play together at a lower package rate with the:

One on One Foundational Vibration Transformation package which includes:
*2 hour Discovery Session with homework before the session
*Ten 60 minute Coaching/Consulting Sessions
*Our sessions are in person in Santa Barbara or on the phone, Skype or Zoom if you live elsewhere

Our one-on-one sessions will be a combination of Co-Active Coaching and Lifestyle Consultation. Our goal is to create a Lifestyle Plan that raises your vibration on an on-going basis, and best supports you in rising to your highest potential and living in alignment with your Mission, your Values, your Message and your Vision and feeling totally turned on and inspired by your life.

Your Foundational Lifestyle Plan is an integrated approach designed uniquely for you based on:

*Your unique Mission/Purpose (why you feel you exist) for your life

* Your unique Values (what is most important to you) in your life

*Your unique Message (what is the message that you have come to deliver to the world):

*Your unique Vision (your big dreams) for your life including:

*Your Health and Wellness   *Your Emotional Well-Being   *Your Soul and Spirit   *Your Love Life and Relationships   *Your Home and Living Environment   *Your Finances and Money   *Your Personal Growth and Education   *Your Creativity and Freedom

When we work together:
*I recognize that you are naturally creative, resourceful and whole.
*We address your whole life in our sessions.
*The session agenda comes from you. We are always focused on you getting the results that you want.
*I always steer you towards experiencing Fulfillment, Balance and what I refer to as LOVELIGHTBLISS (Creating a life that you LOVE, that LIGHTS you up as you continually follow your BLISS) in all areas of your life.
*We co-create your Lifestyle Plan in total alignment with your unique needs and desires. The only agenda I hold is supporting you in practicing the Lifestyle Plan that we have co-created, and to continuously shift anything that is not a match for you accomplishing your mission.
*I am here to dance with you in the moment. I will always coach you where you are rather than following a rigid plan. There is a fluid give and take in our sessions.
*I always support you in the holding the perspective that everything that is arising and happening is an opportunity for learning and evolution.


The foundation of our sessions are:
*Open and Honest Communication
*Clearing anything that feels “off” at the beginning of each session
*Request what you need from me on an on-going basis
*On-going shifting of the design of our Coaching sessions



I lead TRUE SELF MASTERY and Vibration Transformation Process classes, workshops, week long group classes, retreats, teleclasses and tele-seminars and teacher trainings all designed to help you help you clear the stress, tension and heavy energy in your life that is the result of living out of alignment with who you truly are and what is most important to you and raise your energetic vibration on all levels, planes and dimensions of your life.

Group settings are one of the most powerful ways to raise your vibration because you receive the love and support of others that are on a transformational journey with you. Being in the presence of others that are experiencing similar challenges, breakdowns, breakthroughs and victories can lend great encouragement as you ride the waves of change. We are all in this thing together.

Please visit the OFFERINGS + EVENTS page to learn more about upcoming Vibration Transformation classes, workshops, week long group classes, retreats, teleclasses and tele-seminars and teacher trainings.