If you want to activate your most authentic, truest, deepest, highest self then contact Anne NOW. Before working with Anne, I knew

Jonathan Perez
Coaching with Anne has been priceless. She‘s helped me come from adrenalized fear into calm presence in moments where I’ve truly been

Christabel Zamor
I cannot recommend Anne’s True Self Mastery Program highly enough. I feel blessed and privileged to have experienced the True Self Mastery

Claire Haigh
I’ve worked with Anne on and off over the years as a coach and she’s helped me through some rough patches in

Amy Fritz
To work with Anne is to work with an absolute PRO. She is everything I could want in a coach: a wise

Sam Stern
Before working with Anne in the True Self Mastery Program, the challenges I was facing were not feeling loved and worthy, being

Before working with Anne, I endured debilitating panic attacks, chronic migraines, and cancer, leading to a miserable existence. Working with Anne completely

Samantha Paige
Creator of My Beautiful Alien and Co-Creator of LAST CUT - Visionary Artist
Working with Anne was exactly what I needed! I feel amazing, having released both physically and emotionally. The layers of emotions shed

Erin Walker
Anne is a brilliant coach and teacher. She offers her students a level of vulnerability and courage that all can learn from.

Janelle Christa Bottelsen
I wasn’t truly walking my talk. I was inconsistent and I felt scattered. Working with Anne helped me to create a foundation

Lisa Beck
I personally used this program for my entrepreneurial pursuit and I can’t believe how far I’ve come, how hard I’ve worked, and

Katie McLean
Anne is a very gifted and knowledgeable coach and teacher who embodies living authentically by tuning into and getting clear about how

Melanee Cooper
After a departure from over two decades in the corporate world in a high stress, executive role, Anne’s voice, process, and method

Stephanie DeHaven
Anne was truly transformative in my life during her Authentic Alignment workshop at the Esalen Institute. Her guidance helped me gain a

Myra Reed, MD
Personalized Wellness
Anne Van de Water guided me through a massive transformation through her rituals, practices, and teachings, some of which I have been

Barbara Gates
Santa Barbara, CA
Finally, after years, I am listening to my inner voice and following what is right for me. Your workshop Authentic Alignment made

Janine Clark
Mother and Designer
I took Anne’s course at Esalen . I wasn’t sure what to expect, but was hopeful for some tools to help me

Martin G. Reynolds
Maynard Institute
I’m so grateful that I had the opportunity to work with Anne Van de Water. When we first began working together, I

Kelly Heath
Yoga + Meditation + Ayurveda + Coaching