Aloha my friend,

Greetings from Waikiki where I am in awe of how nature and the city have merged so beautifully.
I love it when things that can be seen as opposites come together harmoniously.
I have never seen such crystal clear aqua blue water or such giant tropical trees overflowing with flowers.
It is special to see the Earth thriving amidst a bustling metropolis.

Today I am celebrating your freedom and your independence.

There has been a lot of talk about our freedoms being taken away from us amidst this Covid chapter, but I have a different perspective about it all.

Each and every one of us has radically different life circumstances right now with greater and lesser freedoms, but no matter what is happening for you personally,

You are free to think what you want to think.
You are free to feel what you feel.
Your thoughts and feelings are inside games that are 100% up to you.
No one can take away your freedom to think and feel what you want.

Perhaps some of the things you say and do are restricted, but you still have so much freedom with your thoughts and feelings.

What you think and feel greatly impacts your words and actions and thus your results in life.

The question is, are the thoughts, feelings, words and actions that you are capable of choosing leading you and others towards freedom or prison?

I once read a book called From Onions To Pearls: A Journal of Awakening and Deliverance by Satyam Nadeem about a man who was in prison.

It is a true story of one man’s spiritual awakening under severely restrictive, sometimes violent, physical and intense emotional conditions.

Even though it seemed like he had very little physical freedom in that prison, he chose to use his time in prison to free his mind, heart, Soul and Spirit.
By the time he was released from prison he was Self-realized and enlightened.
He completely transformed his vibration.
He attained true Self mastery.

We all have that same freedom within whatever prison it may seem we are in.


You have the power to change your life in so many remarkable ways.

You deserve freedom and liberation and I want to help you transform the way you think, feel, speak, act and relate to the world so that you feel connected to and aligned with the freedom of being your truest, deepest and highest Self.

My big vision for you is for you to create the life you choose for yourself.

I am here to help you develop the skills and cultivate the enthusiasm to transform your life into the life you want for yourself amidst any life circumstances despite the real restrictions you may be living with.

I invite you to join me for a 30 minute complimentary coaching consultation to learn more about my coaching program that will help you to activate greater freedom in all ways in your life.

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Today and everyday I am celebrating your freedom.

I love you and support you.

Love and Gratitude always,