TRUE SELF MASTERY READINGS are a blend of Human Design, The Gene Keys and the North and South Nodes of Astrology.

These are all incredible systems of wisdom for gaining greater insight into:

*Your Soul’s higher purpose

*Your optimal work in the world

*Accessing greater health and energy

*Using challenges to help you grow and evolve

*Being of the greatest service possible to yourself and others

*How to make wise decisions based on who you truly are and what is most important to you

*What your Soul has already mastered and wants/needs to master now

You will also receive deep insights about how to move out of operating from your shadow (and we all have a shadow side), how to operate more deeply from your greatest gifts and how to activate your innate super powers so that you can navigate through your inner and outer life with more ease, grace and mastery.

You are a unique and one of a kind individual.

Your TRUE SELF MASTERY READING will help you clear everything that you have taken on that is not aligned with who you truly are and why you are truly here so that you can embody your truest, deepest and highest Self and love and support others in doing the same.

Readings happen on Zoom and are recorded and sent to you so that you can continue to listen to it as often as you wish.

Clients tell me that it feels like these readings are like receiving the owner’s manual for their life that they wished they had received at their birth.

Many clients are also giving them as gifts to their loved ones and for their children, spouses and family members.

A 60 minute reading that gives you the foundations of your design and coaching for how to integrate your reading’s guidance in specific ways in your life:


Here is what people are saying about their True Self Mastery Reading:

OH MY GOD!!! Thank you, thank you thank you!
It took me a few days to send this to you because I wanted to listen to my reading twice, taking notes and processing it before giving you any feedback.
There is sooooo much in this reading for myself to learn and it helped me gain so much understanding about who I really am and what  is my greater calling in life.
I connected so deeply to it and had so many revelations and great surprises during this reading that I can’t express by mail my true gratitude for this magical and mystical experience.
Thank you! I love you!
I have savored my TRUE SELF MASTERY READING over the course of time.
So now that I have come to it’s delicious ending I have to write you immediately and thank you with all my heart for this insightful peek into all that is possible.
I recognized so many aspects of myself in the reading.
It really made me realize that some of things that have been so compelling are actually things that you see ordained in my chart.
It gave me a true sense of being known and encouraged on my path.
Just hearing your beautiful voice giving me the information was part of the loving experience.
Thank you! Thank you!
It is healing just to be held in the loving attention of another.
In this way, receiving a True Self Mastery reading from Anne was not only informative, confirming and affirming, it was much needed healing.
The time, care and thorough intelligent investigation of my unique design that Anne offered was not only illuminating, it was empowering and life changing.
When I heard the comprehensive recording that Anne offered I felt held in loving, compassionate attention and I continue to use it to refer to not only as a resource as I continue my self exploration and self discovery, but as a touchstone for remembering I am loved and I have a purpose for my life.
The reading helped me see what is unique about me and better understand where I might run into resistance in my life and how I might better focus my energy and efforts.
I found this to be hugely beneficial in informing my life focus.
It was like receiving the instruction manual for my unique human instrument that I never had.
Empowered by my reading I am able to move forward in my life with much more intelligence and intention with far less effort and much more ease and grace.
I am deeply grateful for the extensive time, care, profound wisdom and intelligence that Anne offers in her work with me.
Absolutely amazing!
-Michael Purcell
That is the best money I have ever spent in my life!
Your ability to call forth the truth and assist and guide me towards my most authentic path is astounding.
I have never felt so understood, so celebrated and so clear.
I highly recommend your services for anyone seeking their higher truth who are looking to find that which their Soul is truly here to experience and fulfill.
She is absolutely amazing and is worth every minute!
The True Self Mastery reading Anne did for me is a powerful tool for understanding my present and planning my future.
The insight she shared offered me clarity and confidence to be myself in all aspects of my life.


Join me at Rancho La Puerta October 23 – November 6 for Fundamentals of Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Hiking, Meditation, Inner Journey Guided Meditation, The Sound Journey and Labyrinth Walks.

Rancho La Puerta was just named Travel+Leisure’s #1 Spa and Resort in the world again.

Rancho La Puerta’s 4,000 acres include 40 miles of hiking trails, 32 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, an organic farm, and La Cocina Que Canta cooking school.

There are four health and beauty centers where you will enjoy balanced mind/body/spirit experiences for the week, each staffed by skilled estheticians and therapists.

The Ranch activities will challenge your body in fitness classes. You will trek majestic mountain trails. You will learn the latest in health, psychology, science, culture and cuisine.

You will dwell in beauty and privacy in one of The Ranch’s 86 casitas tucked away in luxuriant grounds. Each casita has a distinct personality and architectural flair.

Please visit to learn more and book your stay.



Every month since 2010 I have taught at The Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA.

Upcoming dates: I will be a Teacher In Residence during May, June and August 2021.

The dates I will be teaching are:

May 3-6 / May 10-14 / May 17-20 / May 24-27 /

June 4-6 /June 11-13 / June 18-20 / June 25-27

July 30 – August 1

August 18, 20-22, 25

I will be teaching Yoga, Breathwork , Meditation, Deep Relaxation and other Health and Wellness practices incorporating Life Coaching as part of the classes open to everyone at Esalen.

Please visit to book A Time To Reflect, The Rituals of Esalen or a workshop.


Join me for Vibration Transformation

If you feel you need to jump start or take a deep dive into the heart of Self Love, which is the Source of loving, leading and serving others, I invite you to join me for this powerful and life changing 8 week course.

It starts March 3 and will happen live on Zoom every Wednesday from 5-6pm PST until March 28.

In Vibration Transformation you will cultivate the daily Self Love, Self Care and Self Worth Practices of Nutrition, Movement, Breath work, Meditation, Physical Cleansing, Mental+Emotional Management, Affirmations+Prayers and Rest+Relaxation+Sleeping and learn the lifelong skills of positively transforming the vibration of your Body, Mind, Heart, Soul and Spirit.

You have to transform yourself to truly help others transform.

Visit here to learn all about it.



A CLEANSE for your body, mind, heart, Soul and Spirit

Sunday, March 29 – Sunday, April 5

SPECIAL EQUINOX EARLY BIRD PRICE extended until Sunday, March 29 to support everyone who is going through financial challenges right now – $125 REGISTER HERE

After March 29 – $150 REGISTER HERE

Please contact me directly if you are interested in being privately guided one on one on THE CLEANSE via live ZOOM video sessions.


Now more than ever, your health, wellness and immunity physically, mentally, emotionally, as a Soul and Spirit and in your relationships with people, places and things is vitally important.

When your overall immunity is strong, you will stay healthy.

Health and Wellness is the most important part of your life because without it your baseline is not stable and any and all expansion is not healthy and sustainable.

Now is the ideal time to focus on your baseline health and wellness with a deep CLEANSE.

During this transformational week you will clear and cleanse physical, mental and emotional stress, tension, toxins and impurities and jump start and stabilize your foundational self-love and self-care lifestyle program so that you can experience on-going sustainable health, wellness and a strong immune system in all ways.

I have been facilitating THE CLEANSE for hundreds of students and clients for the past 10+ years and it is my honor to love and support you

THE CLEANSE is for you if:

*You feel or know that your immune system is weak

*You feel fear about getting sick

*You feel stress, tension and heavy energy physically, mentally and emotionally

*You are overly indulging in or are addicted to sugar/wheat/meat/dairy/alcohol/caffeine and are using these foods and drinks to “deal” with stress

*You are overweight

*You are out of shape

*You are feeling toxic

*You feel sick, tired and depleted

*You are holding onto emotional grudges, hurts, sadness and resentments

*You are thinking/feeling/speaking/acting negatively

*You are feeling physical/mental/emotional stress and tension

THE CLEANSE is for you if:

*You want to feel more Alive, Awake and glowing with Life Force Energy

*You want to feel more Youthful, Healthy and greater wellness

*You want to feel more Energized and Revitalized

*You want to feel more Calm, Confident and Present

*You want to feel more Loving, Compassionate and Connected

*You want to feel more Clean, Clear and Radiant

*You want to feel more Energized, Centered and Focused

*You want to feel Renewed, Refreshed and Revitalized

*You want to feel Inspired, Enthusiastic and Uplifted

*You want to feel more connected to yourself as a Soul and Spirit

*You want to feel more connected to Source/God/Great Spirit/Creator of your personal understanding

THE CLEANSE includes:

*An introductory email including the 40 minute Vibration Transformation Daily Practice Video for you to practice daily and clear instructions and guidelines for how to prepare for THE CLEANSE

*A 40 minute Vibration Transformation Daily Practice Video including: Guided Meditation, Breath Work, Emotional Cleansing, Yin and Flow Yoga and Deep Relaxation for you to practice every day during THE CLEANSE

*Live Stream class on ZOOM Sunday, March 29 from 10am-11pm PST to help you prepare for THE CLEANSE

*Live Stream Q+A on ZOOM Wednesday, April 1 from 10am-11pm PST – You will email me your questions 24 hours before the call and I will answer all of them

*45 minute videos sent to your inbox daily with in depth information and practices about THE CLEANSE daily health and wellness foundations including:

– Nutrition

– Movement

– Breath Work

– Meditation

– Emotional Cleansing

– Physical Cleansing

– Rest, Relaxation and Sleeping

*Membership to THE CLEANSE private group on FaceBook to stay connected with all of the beautiful people joining us for THE CLEANSE who share your commitment to living life rooted in self-love and self-care.

*Additional one hour one on one private coaching sessions during THE CLEANSE at 15% off the normal rate

*I will give you several nutrition paths to follow for your individual needs.

*No food, juice or other supplies are provided.
In this way you will get into the groove of choosing the specific foods and juices that are best for you and prepare it yourself so that it is infused with your own mojo & LOVE.
By eating locally grown foods (if possible) you will be eating foods imbued with the super good vibes of the place you live. And, when possible, you will build positive community relationships with the salt of the Earth folks who graciously grow the food that you are eating & drinking & know exactly where your food came from, how it was grown & whose energy cultivated it.
Or…you can explore and build relationships with the health establishments in your town/city whose mission is to provide you with high vibration nutrition & support them in their mission as they support you on your cleanse.

By the end of this powerful week you will have created a personal foundational self-love and self-care lifestyle plan that you can practice daily continuously and return to forever whenever you feel off track.

This transformational week will give you sustainable roots of support from which you can grow and cultivate your healthiest and highest potential.

I love Health+Wellness and radiant living.
I have over 30 years years and over 35,000 hours experience as a Health+Wellness Teacher+Practitioner, Life+Lifestyle Coach+Consultant.

I am devoted to supporting you in creating a lifestyle based in radical self-love and self-care.


Before THE CLEANSE I was feeling very toxic in my body due to poor food choices, too much sugar and alcohol. I had some major life changes the months leading up to THE CLEANSE so for me it was time for a reboot. After THE CLEANSE, I feel amazing! I have lost 6 pounds and am eating a yummy plant based diet. I am feeling more clarity and a lightness in my body and Spirit. I am so grateful to have met Anne and her amount of knowledge, support and guidance is unparalleled as a Life Coach and teacher. So happy for this time together in THE CLEANSE! ~BD, Santa Barbara

Before THE CLEANSE I was feeling very scattered. After THE CLEANSE I am feeling peaceful, grounded and connected to my higher self. I am grateful for sharing this time with Anne. I appreciate her wisdom and presence. She embodies all that she teachers. She walks her talk and talks her walk. I appreciate her beautiful heart, her wisdom and her integrity. ~Heather, Santa Barbara

Before THE CLEANSE, I was feeling heaviness and overall negativity. After THE CLEANSE, I feel lighter and more loving. I am grateful for Anne and her insight, knowledge and delivery of the most fundamentally basic info that we were all born with but have forgotten that we know. ~Amy, Santa Barbara

I love this particular cleanse because Anne empowers us to listen to our own inner guidance system and emphasizes that one way is not the best way for all. She creates a nurturing and safe space for us to come more into alignment with our own most radiant selves. ~Lisa Beck, Santa Barbara

Life is challenging. Sometimes I can become so overwhelmed with responsibilities, stress and environmental stimulants that I become frozen, dull and stagnant. THE CLEANSE is a key to detoxifying all the yuck and allowing myself to open up to all the beauty and creativity that lives inside myself. It’s like filling up the gas tank so I can go the extra mile. ~Kathy Kelley, Santa Barbara

My week long cleanse with Anne was delightful from start to finish. I love working in a group setting supported by people on this journey to shed and shift and live in a net and healthier way. Having Anne’s thorough knowledge filled with humor and loving support is just what I needed. Thank you Anne. I love you. ~Nicola Ghersen, Santa Barbara

Anne is a very gifted and knowledgeable teacher who embodies living authentically by tuning into and getting clear about how to create small shifts that lead to big changes. Se is able to effectively communicate and share her powerful tools for living high vibrational lifestyle in all areas of your life. I will definitely continue to apply these gifts with myself and with my students and clients. ~Melanee Cooper, Owner of Healthy Zen in Santa Barbara

Life is an amazing journey of being tapped in, alive, present and forever learning and growing. Anne’s week and her Lifestyle program and cleansing way of life awakens people to their highest potential. It opens us up to receive messages which relate in a harmonious walk on our Planet Earth. Having a space and class that downloads meditation, yoga, nutritional, emotional and spiritual guidance is an amazing gift to anyone who has the pleasure to be a part of Anne’s trainings, retreats of cleanses. Feeling grateful! ~Luisa Hyatt, Santa Barbara

I wish everyone would take the opportunity to spend at least a week learning from Anne. This week truly has been emotionally, physically, and mentally transformational for me. I feel so fortunate, so alive, and, especially, so grateful. ~Gabriela, Santa Barbara

THE REASON INTERVIEW with William Peters

Check out my latest interview for THE REASON with William Peters, the creator of The Shared Crossing Project.

The Shared Crossing Project’s programs raise awareness and educate people about the profound and healing experiences that are possible at the end of a life.

Because everyone deserves a graceful end-of-life experience.

A graceful death is characterized by a conscious, connected, and loving end-of-life experience, and is accompanied by a shared crossing.

The Shared Crossing Project teaches unique protocols that increase loving connection and enhance the possibility for a shared crossing or a shared death experience (SDE) with a loved one at the end of life.

I am so grateful to have had the gift of interviewing William about living in alignment with his Purpose, Values, Message and Vision.

You can find William HERE

My wish for you is that these interviews will help you get clear about THE REASONS that motivate you in your life and that they support you in conjuring up greater COURAGE to openly and vulnerably share THE REASONS that inspire you with those you love and serve.

I hope you enjoy the interview.

Click on William’s photo to listen to the interview.


THE REASON Interview with Christina Sophia Stellarum

I am SO excited to share my latest interview for THE REASON, my collection of interviews with big hearted visionaries, leaders, teachers and healers about THE REASONS why they feel how they feel, love like they love and serve how they serve.

Christina Sophia Stellarum is one of my dearest friends, greatest inspirations and powerful co-creator of magic and goodness on the planet.

I love and appreciate her with my whole heart.

She is a true visionary here to serve leaders in becoming luminaries.

She holds a Master of Divinity from Harvard (how cool is that?!!!) and is the Founder of OMEGA University helps visionaries, revolutionaries and luminous leaders to empower their presence, clean up their past, activate their gifts and serve on a global stage.

It was my great honor and pleasure to interview her about living in alignment with her Purpose+Values+Message+Vision.

Check out the interview HERE

My vision for you is that this interview helps you get clear about THE REASONS that motivate you in your life and that it supports you in conjuring up greater COURAGE to openly and vulnerably share THE REASONS that inspire you to live in alignment with your Purpose, Values, Message and Vision with those you love and serve.

If you like it, then like it, love it, comment on it share it with those you love and serve and take some time to ask yourself these powerful questions about THE REASON why you do what you do and feel how you feel.


Check out Christina and her wonderful offerings HERE

THE REASON Interview with ME

It was my great honor and pleasure to be interviewed by one of my best friends, students, clients and greatest teachers and inspiration Samantha Paige about living in alignment with my Purpose+Values+Message+Vision.

As a Life and Lifestyle Coach and Consultant and Health and Wellness Teacher and Practitioner, living in alignment with my Purpose+Values+Message+Vision is the foundation of my entire life and the foundation of my Lifestyle Program for all of you amazing Visionaries, Leaders, Teachers, Healers and Artists that are here to make a positive contribution to the world.

In the interview I talk about the importance of living in harmony with the most benevolent forces in existence, living in alignment with my core values of Truth, Love, Gratitude, Humor and Health and the #1 challenge that knocks me off course.

Check out the interview at HERE

My vision for you is that this interview helps you get clear about THE REASONS that motivate you in your life and that it supports you in conjuring up greater COURAGE to openly and vulnerably share THE REASONS that inspire you to live in alignment with your Purpose, Values, Message and Vision with those you love and serve.
If you like it, then like it, love it, comment on it share it with those you love and serve and take some time to ask yourself these powerful questions about THE REASON why you do what you do and feel how you feel.


If you would like to get clear about your Purpose, Values, Message and big Vision for your life, then schedule a session with me. All of the information about my Coaching program is here on the site.

Have a beautiful day.

I love you and I support you.

In Truth, Love and Gratitude always,


THE REASON Interview with Josette Tkacik

Josette Tkacik is one of my dearest friends and greatest inspirations on the planet.

She shows us all how to stand up and shine our Souls and live a passionate life aligned with our truest, deepest and highest Self.

Every Day 200-300 people line up outside the Historic Santa Barbara Carrillo Ballroom for the Experience of Josette’s signature Zumba Fitness Class.

I adore her classes and the infectious energy that she embodies, shares and evokes out of all of her students.

Her story of how she created her current reality is nothing short of magical and miraculous.

Josette is considered a medical “miracle”.
In 2011 her doctors diagnosed her with Rheumatoid Arthritis and told her she would never dance again.
Not only is she in complete remission from RA, she now has the biggest and most well loved dance classes in the world.

It was my great honor and pleasure to interview her about living in alignment with your Purpose+Values+Message+Vision.

Check her out and her offerings out at

Follow her on Instagram at josettetkacik



Image by Adiaz Photo




THE REASON INTERVIEW with Samantha Paige

I am super excited and grateful today because I am sharing my second interview for my project THE REASON.

This is an interview with the extraordinary Samantha Paige Goldstone of Last Cut


Samantha is by far one of my favorite people on the planet.

She is one of my best friends, one of my first coaching clients, a student of everything I have ever taught, one of my biggest inspirations and one of my greatest teachers.

I truly feel that meeting her in many ways was pivitol in me creating my Lifestyle Program VIBRATION TRANSFORMATION.

I am BEYOND proud of Samantha for the on-going, deeply committed, forever deep diving work that she has done on every level of her precious life to be an exemplary role model for us all.

She keeps me on my game.

She helps me to continuously be the best that I can be on all levels.

This is one of those friendships where there is no difference between the teacher and the student, where the student becomes the teacher and inspires me to continuously grow and evolve as a teacher and leader beyond where I could go without her presence, devotion, love and support.

She is by far the most courageous person I know and shows me every day and in every way how to BE BRAVE.

Sam’s courage and devotion to vulnerably share her challenges, trials, tribulations and breakthroughs, epiphanies and gifts is at the heart of why I now have the courage to do the same.

In the interview she shares about the power of living in alignment with your Purpose, Values, Message and Vision.

Sam was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer when she was 21 and tested positive for the Breast Cancer gene 8 years ago when her daughter was only 7 months old. She decided to have a double mastectomy so that she would be healthy and well for her daughter. Then she got implants, and afterwards struggled with her health and well-being. A year ago she realized that the implants may be causing the health challenges and decided to remove them. Again, she did it so that she can be as healthy as possible to raise and be a positive role model for her daughter.

She and our other dear friend and another student, teacher and great inspiration of mine Lisa Field who is an incredible photographer decided to document Sam’s journey through a photo documentary project called LAST CUT, about the big life decisions that we all have to make to live an authentic life.

The project has evolved beyond Sam’s journey and she interviews and Lisa takes photos of other people who have had to make powerful life decisions to live in integrity with their authentic selves.

Sam was featured in Equinox Gyms campaign COMMIT TO SOMETHING.

It is perfect timing to share this interview with you during the Full Moon in Leo cycle that is happening until the New Moon on this coming Sunday.

The energy of this cycle is about:

Taking chances.
Being bold.
Trying something new.
Being unique.
Expanding beyond your perceived limitations.
Re-inventing yourself.
Letting go of needing to be perfect.
Empowering yourself.
Being confident.


My vision for you is that this interview helps you get clear about THE REASONS that motivate you in your life and that it supports you in conjuring up greater COURAGE to openly and vulnerably share THE REASONS that inspire you to live in alignment with your Purpose, Values, Message and Vision with those you love and serve.

If you like it, then like it, love it, comment on it share it with those you love and serve and take some time to ask yourself these powerful questions about THE REASON why you do what you do and feel how you feel.


THE REASON – Introduction – Part 1 – VIDEO

As you know, I am a Life and Lifestyle Coach and Consultant and a Heath and Wellness Teacher and Practitioner.

I have a thriving Life and Lifestyle Program for amazing high consciousness visionary leaders, teachers, healers and artists, like you, and like you I am devoted to being the best “me” I can be and truly love my life while being of the greatest service possible to you by supporting you in being the best “you” you can be while loving your life and being of great service in the world.

I have had the great pleasure of learning from master teachers from around the world and have served countless people from all walks of life and if there is one thing that I know for sure, it’s that if you do not know THE REASON why you are doing what you’re doing, you will most likely end up feeling confused, lost and very distracted by the inevitable challenges that arise in your life.

And, if you know THE REASON why you are doing what you’re doing and why you feel how you feel, then the way, the path and the plan to create the life that you vision for yourself will be revealed to you and you can face many challenges along the way and never give up and know that everything that happens to you is here to help you grow and evolve.

Over the years I have received feedback that people want me to be more vulnerable by openly sharing the many trials and tribulations that I have gone through in my life.

Most of you see the results, the solutions and the practices, but you do not know where I was before I went through some of my big transformations.

The truth is that the challenges that I have gone through motivated me to radically transform my life and inspired me to create everything that I have created and will continue to create for you.

I got the very clear command from my deepest, truest and highest Self that I was not to continue with the expansion of my offerings and service in the world until I shared these things with you.

I was on the floor sobbing and shouting out loud “This is not my life!” but now deeply love and appreciate and wholeheartedly claim my life and everything that I have been through.

I felt like I was out of alignment with my purpose, values, message and vision and now they are the core of my essence.

I weighed 200 pounds and lost 70 pounds.

I had what Western Medicine calls an “incurable” disease and cured it and totally awed my physician because she had never seen it happen before.

I was in an incredibly disharmonious relationship and now have a healthy and harmonious partnership and relationships.

I felt like I was not living in integrity with everything that I taught and now I fully embody everything that I teach.

For years I have held some of the big trials and trials and tribulations I have gone through close to my heart and shared these things with only my very closest friends because I thought I would be judged and wouldn’t be loved and accepted.

Now I am choosing to share those things with everyone including you, because


Everything that I have gone through lead me to this moment when I am deeply devoted to LOVE + SERVE more than ever and to use my messy stories to show you that out of the turd comes the lotus and out of the messes come the message and the successes.

AND, it’s a lot easier for me to be VULNERABLE and share from my deepest authenticity when I am in the presence of people who truly love me and support me, so I asked some of my dearest friends to interview me about THE REASON why I do what I do and feel how I feel and everything that I have gone through in my life.

NOW MORE THAN EVER with everything that is happening in our world politically, economically and environmentally, as conscientious human beings I feel that it is incredibly important that those of us who have the consciousness to do so do our very best to be radically authentic and vulnerably share from our hearts.

Give people hope.
Inspire others.
Show everyone that challenges are major growth opportunities.
Be the living example that you can go through massive challenges and come through more loving, empowered and giving than ever.

I am digging as deeply as I can to bear my Soul and be brave and share anything that I can from my experience that might help you in your life.

To start, I will be releasing a series of podcasts and videos about THE REASON:

Why I created THE REASON
Why I feel having a Purpose+Values+Message+Vision is important
Why I feel Health+Wellness is important
Why I feel Love+Healthy Relationships are important
Why I feel Wealth+Abundance is imporant
Why I feel loving your Career+Service is important
Why I feel Creativity+Freedom is important.
Why I feel living a Soul+Spirit centered life is important.


Soon, I will be interviewing other experts and masters in these fields and sharing it all with you to give you the gift of insight and inspiration from inspiring people who are on the path of true self mastery too.

I have some AMAZING interviews coming up!

My wish for you is that these interviews will help you get clear about THE REASONS that motivate you in your life and that they support you in conjuring up greater COURAGE to openly and vulnerably share THE REASONS that inspire you with those you love and serve.

Click on the photo above to access the video version of THE REASON Introduction Part 1.

I hope you enjoy this episode of THE REASON.

If you like it, then like it, love it, comment on it and share it with those you love and serve and take some time to ask yourself these powerful questions about THE REASON why you do what you do and feel how you feel.

Thank you for your love and support.

I love you and I support you.

In Truth, Love + Gratitude always,