[How to be your own authority]

Embrace the Dragon’s wisdom, knowing that like dragons, we can walk, fly, swim, and even travel between dimensions.


Roaring into the Year of the Dragon with a fierce reminder:
Question all authority outside of YOUR True Self! 🐉
Let’s ride the dragon’s energy 🐲 and trust our inner authority and power.
Defy the norms that don’t resonate with your authentic path 🪄.

In the words of an ancient Chinese proverb, “The dragon is awake, and greatness awaits those who align with its energy.”

This is your year to question anyone and anything that tries to limit you and your awesomeness.
Let this year be about True Self-discovery, bold choices, and rewriting your own rules across all realms!
Repeat after me:
I unite with the power of the dragon!
I take inspired actions to manifest my goals and consciously create my vision. Unleash the dragon within and roar with me as we navigate the multidimensional journey ahead! 🐲


  • Authentic Alignment: Dive into the essence of the dragon within you. Reflect on your unique strengths and qualities that make you powerful. How have you been holding back and playing small because you have been outsourcing your power to others?
  • Vibration Transformation: What is the 1 belief for you to cultivate right now that you know would radically transform your vibration as the source of your true power and courage?

 This is mine: I am the one. I am 100% responsible for my life.

  • Conscious Creation: Envision yourself 1 year from now as the brave authority of your own life, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Who have you become? What have you created? Ask your future self to upload you with an action plan to make the True You happen.


As we navigate the Year of the Dragon, embody the spirit of this majestic creature. Trust your instincts, question external authorities, and embrace the multidimensional journey that awaits. May this year be filled with self-discovery, bold choices, and the rewriting of your own rules.

Until next week,
I love you and I support you.

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