“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
– Anais Nin


Yesterday’s New Moon Eclipse signaled a time of action, confidence, and leadership. It’s an opportunity for bold progress, healing, and fresh starts. Embracing this energy involves shedding past burdens, focusing on future goals, and bravely stepping into a renewed sense of self. Amidst the inspiration, it’s important to avoid unnecessary conflicts and impulsive actions. Adopt a courageous mindset, relying on your gut instincts and confidence to navigate new beginnings. This is a powerful reminder to embrace bravery and move forward with determination and foresight.

The 5 Steps of the True Self Mastery Journey:

Authentic Alignment: Write about what you want to create and don’t play small. Include who you truly are, what truly matters to you and what you truly want to create right now. Write it as if it has already happened.
If you feel lost, confused or overwhelmed in your life, not knowing these things is why.

Vibration Transformation: Take good care of yourself today physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Focus on Self-love and Self-care. Treat yourself with high Self-worth to build your Self-confidence.
If you feel depleted, stressed and burned out in your life, lack of consistent Self-care is the reason why.

Conscious Creation: Get super clear about 1-3 things that you want to focus on creating during the 2nd quarter of 2024 and schedule your To Do list to make it happen. Take action on one of those things today.
If you feel scattered or stuck in your life, not taking action to create your current vision is the reason why.

Luminous Leadership: Claim for yourself that you are a visionary leader and get clear about the positive difference you want to make in the lives of those you love and serve at this point on your journey. Focus on being the living embodiment of whatever you are teaching so that you are leading by example.
If you are struggling with imposter syndrome, teaching something that you don’t embody is the reason why.

Legacy of Light: If today was your last day on Planet Earth, what would you want to be remembered for? What is the lasting impact that you would like to leave for future generations?
If you don’t feel at peace with yourself when you go to sleep at night and feel anxious, not living as if today could be your last day is the reason why.

Closing Thoughts:

This is your time for action, confidence, and leadership. It’s your chance for renewal and pursuing your goals. To embrace this energy, you must let go of the past, focus on your future, and step boldly onto the path of your True Self. Amidst this transformation, avoid unnecessary conflicts and impulsive actions, and rely instead on self control, bravery and trusting your inner guidance. The 5 steps of True Self Mastery offer a roadmap for harnessing this energy, guiding you towards alignment, self-care, creation, leadership, and leaving a lasting legacy. Let’s seize this opportunity to make a positive impact on our lives and the world around us.

I love you and I support you.


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