[How to release perfectionism]

Practice makes you a Master, not perfect.

Today is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, giving you the chance to transform your life for the better and release limiting patterns and toxic relationships.

This is the time to focus on what you truly want to create in your life right now and pour your love and devotion into it.

This is the time to stop giving your time and energy to relationships with people, places and things that you do not want to nurture and grow.

When you wholeheartedly practice what you truly love, you will eventually master it.

But remember:
Practice does not make you perfect.
Practice aligned with love makes you a master, but not perfect.
Mastery is not about perfection.
As a master, you are actually not here to be a perfectionist.
As a master, you do what you do over and over because you love it.
On the way to mastery you will fumble and stumble and make a lot of mis-takes that you will learn from and apply to make the next practice even better.
As a master, you keep showing up and keep practicing because you love what you are doing so much that it doesn’t even matter if it is perfect or not.
It is perfect because you love it!
The pursuit of perfection will oftentimes stop you from even trying and practicing because you will fear doing the thing you love if you are not perfect at it.
Mastery isn’t about perfection.
Mastery is about wholehearted love.
Loving something so much that you want to do it and you want to practice it.
The more you love it and the more you practice, the more masterful you will become at it.
Ditch the perfection and just do whatever you love simply because you love it.
That is what true self-mastery is.

The 3 Steps:

Authentic Alignment: Get clear about what you actually love. You know what I mean. You can’t fake love. Love is always true. Authentically align with what you truly love.

Vibration Transformation: Practice doing what you love simply because you love it. Love is one of the most powerful vibrations in existence. Transform your overall vibration by practicing what you love. Practice being imperfect. Practice being good enough just for today. Do what you love again tomorrow and apply what you learned today so that you have the proof that you are transforming and are becoming a little bit better and more masterful at whatever you love, day by day.

Conscious Creation: Celebrate the fact that you spent your precious time creating something you love. Celebrate that you didn’t stop yourself from creating something you love because you were afraid it wouldn’t be perfect. Celebrate that you practiced the art of living well today by doing what you love.

Closing Thoughts:

As the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse wanes, seize this moment for transformation. Release what holds you back and focus on what ignites your passion. Mastery isn’t about perfection—it’s about loving what you do, imperfections and all.Embrace this moment with an open and devoted heart, knowing that true mastery stems from love, not perfection.

I love you and I support you.

The Imperfect Lover of Life,
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