[How to clear subconscious blocks]

You don’t get what you want, you get what you think you deserve.


Today is the Equinox.
Happy Spring if you are in the Northern Hemisphere.
Happy Winter if you are in the Southern Hemisphere.
I am currently in Palm Springs, CA. in the Northern Hemisphere, so today I am focusing on Spring cleaning.
Of course, actually de-cluttering and cleaning the space where you dwell is the most obvious thing we think of when we think of Spring cleaning.
And, there is something equally important to focus on cleaning, not only on the first day of Spring, but every day:
Cleaning your subconscious mind.
Consciously creating the life you vision for yourself isn’t just about wanting something—it’s about believing you deserve it.
The power lies within you, not in external forces like the universe or other people.
However, if what you want to create is not actually happening, it is most likely because you are held back by subconscious blocks—limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and sabotaging patterns ingrained in your mind.
To break free from these barriers and tap into your conscious creative power, you must first become aware of these inner blocks.
By facing these blocks head-on and committing to healing and shifting them, you can unleash your full potential.
It’s essential to understand that your subconscious mind, always active, plays a significant role in shaping your reality.
To manifest your dreams and visions, you must delve deep into your subconscious and confront what’s holding you back.
Ultimately, you possess everything needed to create a fulfilling life…
You just need to confront your inner obstacles to invoke your manifesting power.

The 3 Steps:

  • Authentic Alignment: Get clear about what you actually want to create in your life right now. Always make sure it aligns with your Purpose and Values.
  • Vibration Transformation: Then notice what beliefs, thoughts and feelings arise. Identify fears, ego chatter, stories, patterns, and limiting beliefs related to what you want to create. Ask yourself: “Where did this belief/thought/emotion/pattern come from? Is it mine or did I pick it up from another person/place/thing?” Trace back limiting beliefs and emotions to their origins, understanding the earliest memories associated with these beliefs. Tap on your heart center and say “Even though I have been carrying around these subconscious limiting beliefs, I love, appreciate and accept my True Self, just the way I am. I now choose and claim for myself that I am releasing this not True Self energy and am freeing myself to consciously create the life I vision for myself.”
  • Conscious Creation: De-clutter your dwelling space with some Spring cleaning. De-cluttering is essential because your fresh aspirations shouldn’t be crowded by outdated baggage. It works wonders by purifying the energy around you and establishing room for your aspirations to materialize. Now write a letter to your True Self – pour out your thoughts onto the pages. Describe the weight of carrying these subconscious blocks and express your readiness to release them and progress forward. Then burn the letter and visualize that all of those subconscious blocks are clearing.

Closing Thoughts:

It takes courage to clear your subconscious blocks to unlock your creative potential.
While acknowledging and releasing these blocks might stir up emotions, it signifies reclaiming your inner power and paving the way for your dreams to thrive.
Keep in mind that manifesting involves cultivating the daily practices of awareness, clearing obstacles, and grounding yourself in the belief that you and the life you vision for yourself are worth it.
Your visions rooted in your purpose and values eagerly await your wholehearted embrace of your True Self, which is exponentially more powerful than any block you will ever face.

I love you and I support you.

The Subconscious Re-Programmer,

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