LIVE WELL AS YOUR TRUE SELF WITH GOAL SETTING[How to set meaningful goals and follow through with them]

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.
-Tony Robbins


In the fast-paced rhythm of life, the quest to live authentically and embrace your True Self is often accompanied by the need for purposeful goals aligned with who you truly are and what truly matters to you.

Setting and achieving meaningful goals becomes a guiding light, illuminating the steps you need to take on your path toward a life well-lived.
This week, we’ll explore how intentional goal setting can not only shape your aspirations but also lay the foundation for living authentically, fostering a profound sense of well-being.


Authentic Alignment: Set goals that resonate with your True Self. Align your goals with your purpose, values, and overarching vision. Make each goal a genuine reflection of your true identity and greatest fulfillment.

Vibration Transformation: Elevate your goal-setting process with vibrational alignment. Engage in daily practices that raise your energy, such as visualizing yourself attaining your goals, writing and speaking positive affirmations aligned with your goals and getting into the feeling state that your goals evoke emotionally. Create a vibrational match between your goals and your inner self.

Conscious Creation: Consciously shape your future through intentional goal setting. Make a list of the actual actions you need to take to accomplish your goals. Take one small action step every day that is aligned with each of your goals. Approach goal setting as a conscious creation of the life you envision.


A firm commitment to your True Self is always better than a half-hearted agreement that goes against your authenticity.
Setting meaningful goals is a key to living well as your True Self.
I am holding the vision that you follow through with your goals in a way that resonates deeply with who you truly are and what you know in your heart you are capable of creating.

2024 is the year of living authentically and achieving goals that align with your True Self.

I love you and I support you.

Until next week,

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You feel a call — destiny calling you to create something amazing because you are a creator.

What is it that you truly want to create, manifest, and activate in your life right now? What is the work you have been avoiding and procrastinating doing? What is your vision for your health, home, relationships, vocation, offerings, finances, creativity, travel, spiritual life, and higher potential? You know the time is now. Whatever you want to create is possible.

You have to get clear about your vision. You need to move out of your comfort zone and into your courage zone. You need to make a plan. By transforming the vibration of your body, mind, heart, and spirit, you can find the deep fulfillment and satisfaction that comes from accomplishing goals and aligning with your greater potential and your True Self.

It’s a lot easier to be a creator when you are in the presence of other creators. This powerful and practical program will provide the community you need to craft your vision. Your dream should not remain a dream. It is your time to pull it into your reality. Conscious Creation will help you manifest your Big Vision for your life.

In this workshop, we will focus on foundational transformations through guided meditations and visualizations, empowerment conversations, writing exercises, and specific exercises, such as Emotional Freedom Technique (also known as Tapping) combined with High Performance Coaching and down to Earth practical planning. This is your opportunity to allow your beliefs, thoughts, and feelings to inspire you to speak the words and take the actions necessary to become the living embodiment of your visions.



Today is a New Moon Solar Eclipse.

Click on my photo to watch a video I created with a Guided Meditation and Prayer to help you harmonize with the powerful energies between now and The Solstice.

Have a magical day!

THE REASON – Introduction – Part 1 – VIDEO

As you know, I am a Life and Lifestyle Coach and Consultant and a Heath and Wellness Teacher and Practitioner.

I have a thriving Life and Lifestyle Program for amazing high consciousness visionary leaders, teachers, healers and artists, like you, and like you I am devoted to being the best “me” I can be and truly love my life while being of the greatest service possible to you by supporting you in being the best “you” you can be while loving your life and being of great service in the world.

I have had the great pleasure of learning from master teachers from around the world and have served countless people from all walks of life and if there is one thing that I know for sure, it’s that if you do not know THE REASON why you are doing what you’re doing, you will most likely end up feeling confused, lost and very distracted by the inevitable challenges that arise in your life.

And, if you know THE REASON why you are doing what you’re doing and why you feel how you feel, then the way, the path and the plan to create the life that you vision for yourself will be revealed to you and you can face many challenges along the way and never give up and know that everything that happens to you is here to help you grow and evolve.

Over the years I have received feedback that people want me to be more vulnerable by openly sharing the many trials and tribulations that I have gone through in my life.

Most of you see the results, the solutions and the practices, but you do not know where I was before I went through some of my big transformations.

The truth is that the challenges that I have gone through motivated me to radically transform my life and inspired me to create everything that I have created and will continue to create for you.

I got the very clear command from my deepest, truest and highest Self that I was not to continue with the expansion of my offerings and service in the world until I shared these things with you.

I was on the floor sobbing and shouting out loud “This is not my life!” but now deeply love and appreciate and wholeheartedly claim my life and everything that I have been through.

I felt like I was out of alignment with my purpose, values, message and vision and now they are the core of my essence.

I weighed 200 pounds and lost 70 pounds.

I had what Western Medicine calls an “incurable” disease and cured it and totally awed my physician because she had never seen it happen before.

I was in an incredibly disharmonious relationship and now have a healthy and harmonious partnership and relationships.

I felt like I was not living in integrity with everything that I taught and now I fully embody everything that I teach.

For years I have held some of the big trials and trials and tribulations I have gone through close to my heart and shared these things with only my very closest friends because I thought I would be judged and wouldn’t be loved and accepted.

Now I am choosing to share those things with everyone including you, because


Everything that I have gone through lead me to this moment when I am deeply devoted to LOVE + SERVE more than ever and to use my messy stories to show you that out of the turd comes the lotus and out of the messes come the message and the successes.

AND, it’s a lot easier for me to be VULNERABLE and share from my deepest authenticity when I am in the presence of people who truly love me and support me, so I asked some of my dearest friends to interview me about THE REASON why I do what I do and feel how I feel and everything that I have gone through in my life.

NOW MORE THAN EVER with everything that is happening in our world politically, economically and environmentally, as conscientious human beings I feel that it is incredibly important that those of us who have the consciousness to do so do our very best to be radically authentic and vulnerably share from our hearts.

Give people hope.
Inspire others.
Show everyone that challenges are major growth opportunities.
Be the living example that you can go through massive challenges and come through more loving, empowered and giving than ever.

I am digging as deeply as I can to bear my Soul and be brave and share anything that I can from my experience that might help you in your life.

To start, I will be releasing a series of podcasts and videos about THE REASON:

Why I created THE REASON
Why I feel having a Purpose+Values+Message+Vision is important
Why I feel Health+Wellness is important
Why I feel Love+Healthy Relationships are important
Why I feel Wealth+Abundance is imporant
Why I feel loving your Career+Service is important
Why I feel Creativity+Freedom is important.
Why I feel living a Soul+Spirit centered life is important.


Soon, I will be interviewing other experts and masters in these fields and sharing it all with you to give you the gift of insight and inspiration from inspiring people who are on the path of true self mastery too.

I have some AMAZING interviews coming up!

My wish for you is that these interviews will help you get clear about THE REASONS that motivate you in your life and that they support you in conjuring up greater COURAGE to openly and vulnerably share THE REASONS that inspire you with those you love and serve.

Click on the photo above to access the video version of THE REASON Introduction Part 1.

I hope you enjoy this episode of THE REASON.

If you like it, then like it, love it, comment on it and share it with those you love and serve and take some time to ask yourself these powerful questions about THE REASON why you do what you do and feel how you feel.

Thank you for your love and support.

I love you and I support you.

In Truth, Love + Gratitude always,


An invitation to LOVE and BE LOVED…

10155574_10152350512998908_6428934978919241033_nAn invitation to LOVE and BE LOVED…

LOVE is the Heart of all Spirituality and BELOVED LOVE is the most evolutionary and advanced path on the planet

Why is intimate relationship such a burning alchemical vessel for growth, healing, and transformation? One of the reasons is that in the mandala of the beloved there is nowhere to hide. All of your early trauma and wounding arose in an interpersonal context and must likewise be unwound within a relational field. Your beloved has appeared as this field, but she has also come promising the end of your world as you have known it.

If you have a partner who knows your early history, who is intimately familiar with your core vulnerabilities, and is compassionately attuned to its unfolding and illumination, you are teetering on the edge of cliff. But it is a cliff of grace. But this grace is on fire. On the one hand, a portal has been opened, your guide has appeared, to mirror to you the wholeness that you are. She will hold you and will relentlessly reveal to you the mysteries of your body, your psyche, your organs, your cells, and your nervous system. What a precious situation.

On the other hand, he is an emissary of the unknown. In his presence, universes come and go; there is no ground, no reference point to lean into; no matter how deeply you look, you find only empty space. Nothing is certain anymore. You are being held, but it is a holding that is unbearably vulnerable and without history. You stand totally unclothed in her presence, unable to fool him like you fool so many others, unable to pretend you have it all together. The beloved has no interest in your holding it all together. She wants all the way inside and will use whatever skillful means she must to find you. She will always push up against that which is unresolved within you. She loves you this much.

The beloved is mad crazy in love with you, but may not fit your historical requirements and ideas about what this actually means, about the true implications of having a beloved in your life. She has appeared as your tour guide into the secret areas of your body. If you follow her, your world will become unraveled, you will be taken behind the scenes where the relative world is being organized. The beloved sees you as you are and this is terrifying. In his presence, you are beheld as the majesty that you are, but this is unbearable. You come face to face with the greatest fear that you’ve ever known, but have never been able to articulate: that you are loved. For when you are truly loved, when you are entirely seen, when you are fully held, it is the end of your world as you know it. You will never be the same. You will never again be able to pretend that you are other than perfect and precious as you are. And this is terrifying.

You long to be loved, to be seen, to be held, but please know that the implications of this are immense; they are cosmic in proportion. To allow yourself to be loved in this way a part of you must die. Everything you thought you weren’t must be surrendered. You must let go of the stories of the unlovable one, the awakened one, the special one, the imperfect one, and the despairing one. Love wishes to reveal your nakedness, to remove your clothing, and to burn away all that is false and less than whole within you. What you are is a raging firestorm of creativity, sensuality, openness, warmth, and kindness.

Love will never stop until you know this.

If you will allow her or him, the beloved will show you the infinite ways that your heart is at risk of breaking open in any moment, and never, ever being put back together again. She will plead with you to let it all go, to fall on the ground, and to allow yourself to fall apart, so she can show you that you were never, ever together to begin with. She will reveal to you that this raw, tender, vulnerable open heart that you feel beating inside you – right here and right now – that this is your gift to the world.

Matt Licata

The Lovers Art Nouveau Tarot Card

NYC Soul Retrieval

Anne in NYC Spring 2014Spring has sprung in New York City.

And this lady has had many opportunities to get herself into some very fun and wild trouble.

It literally feels like it did when I was living here when I was 18.

The energy of Love creates a powerful attraction pattern.

There is a major Soul retrieval opportunity to do things in a more self-loving, authentic and super positive life affirming way that is of the highest service possible to my True Self and those that I have the pleasure of meeting.

Alas, it’s times like these when I am grateful for a lifetime of hard won lessons, clarity of my greater purpose, clearly defined values, crystaline discernment and a deep unshakeable connection to my true desires and long lasting sustainable intentions and that I choose to stay aligned with who I truly am and why I am truly here no matter what

Divine Beloved

Shiva ShaktiThank you Great Spirit for manifesting Beloved LOVE everywhere I am and everywhere I go.
Thank you for showing me over and over again that my original blueprint, my deepest Soul’s desire and my true destiny is Beloved LOVE.
I am so grateful to be continually blessed by the high frequency of LOVE and I am deeply devoted to continuously clear the blocks to Love within me so that I can continually receive the great power of LOVE in my life.

On the plane to NYC yesterday I sat across the aisle from an amazing man who I had the most profound connection with.
He is a world renowned stage designer for plays, musicals and operas.
One of his best friends is one of my life long favorite musicians.

I was reading THE CHARGE by Brendon Burchard and he asked, “What’s that book about?” and I told him that it is about Activating the 10 Human Drives that make you feel alive.
He asked, “What inspired him to write that book?”
I told him that Brendon was in a terrible car crash and that as he stood bleeding atop the crumpled hood of his wrecked car he asked himself:
Did I live full on?
Did I love with my whole Heart?
Did I matter?
He realized that the core reason that we exist is to live a fully charged life, to give Love with the entirety of our Hearts and to truly making a positive contribution to the planet and that this is all that truly matters.

At this point my new friend said that he had something very intimate to share with me.
He told me that his wife of 30 years was dying and that soon she would dead.
He said that this was his last trip before she makes her transition.
He told me that he always thought that he would be the first to go.
He told me that he never realized how deeply he loved her until he realized that she was going to die.
He told me how deeply he is going to miss her.
With tears in his eyes he said that he had never been so vulnerable with another human being than he was being with me.
He said that it is very challenging as a man to be this vulnerable with a woman because men are so conditioned to be strong and not show their weakness and show how deeply they love and feel.
He thanked me and told me how much lighter his Heart felt.
And I told him that my Heart deeply needed to hear everything that he was telling me.

It turns out that we both lived on Jane Street in the West Village of New York City at the same time.
I lived at 43 Jane Street and he lived at 101 Jane Street.
He also told me that the sweet Lovers John Lennon and Yoko Ono lived on Jane Street right across the street from us years before we had both lived there.

When the steward came to tell me and my Soul sister Susan that the Captain was treating us to anything we wanted, we ordered champagne just for kicks and giggles.
My new friend said to the steward, “Could you just pretend that I am a very beautiful woman too and that the Captain is sending me complimentary champagne too?”
His wish was granted and we 3 toasted to living a fully charged life, giving our Love full on and making a positive contribution to the planet.
And we also toasted to his beautiful wife and their incredible Love.

And then, just to make sure that I know in the core of my being that I am on the right path…that I am fully aligned with the most powerful force in The Universe…Divine Love…life bestowed more magic and wonder upon us.

We made our way from Times Square down to the Flatiron District for dinner at ABC Kitchen where our taste buds became whirling dervishes in love with every sensual bite of the love infused food.

As we walked into the restaurant there was a window display of the divine Lovers Shiva, his wife Parvati and their son Ganesha, the remover of obstacles.

The woman who took us to our table was named “Nandi”.
Nandi is the gate keeper for Shiva and Parvati.
You cannot access the high vibrational Divine Love between Shiva and Parvati without Nandi’s assistance.

Apparently, we were granted access to the realm of Supreme Divine Love.

As we sat down…

On one side we were sitting next to a couple who recently got engaged on Kauai and we all talked about Love and marriage and weddings.

On our other side we were sitting next to a couple who were passionately making out in between bites during their entire meal. It was hot.

And then, just to make sure that I was getting the mega message of Divine Love, my long time friends and teachers and long time husband/wife/loves/Yogi Yogini dream team who I have not seen forever Ty and Sarah Powers synchronistically walked into the restaurant to visit their beautiful daughter Imani who I have known since she was a child.
Imani works at the restaurant and told us about her great Beloved.

And this morning I discovered that 2 of my dearest dear hearts Peter and Peiter whose marriage I officiated on Kauai and are 2 of the greatest fearless radical Lovers that I know are here in NYC too staying right down the street from us in Times Square.

So life…thank you!

Thank you for sending me all of these amazing reflections of the Divine Love that I am.

I will continue to choose the highest vibrational frequency of Divine Beloved Love over and over and over again because it is the only way to fly.

Love is the greatest evolutionary force available to us and I am so grateful that I am an open and clear conduit for Beloved Love to flow through me and take over my everything.

Great Beloved Love…I belong to you.

Great Beloved Love…I am your faithful servant.

Great Beloved Love…Please work through me.

Great Beloved Love…Please clear me and cleanse me and uplift me and inspire me.

Great Beloved Love…Please continue to lead me and guide me and direct me and protect me in my thoughts, words and deeds on all levels, planes and dimensions of reality.

May we all surrender into the Great Beloved Love that we all truly are.

Countless blessings of LOVELIGHTBLISS to us all <3

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


Rare and Wondrous

CondorsWe are in total awe after a rare & wondrous sighting of the condors of Big Sur…

We considered stopping the journey up the coast to check them out but decided to carry on…

And lo & behold they decided to chase after us!

Such an incredible metaphor that we do not need to turn around so that we don’t leave anything behind…if anyone or anything wants to soar to the highest heights, they will rush to find us & rise up to meet us ;-))

As they flew right by our chariot we pulled over & they circled back around soaring right above our heads… not once but 3 times…encircling us over & over again.

We knew that we were being blessed with a supreme blessing & when we read the symbology of the Condor our Spirits truly soared:

Condors prefer to live in the high mountains, to fly in the skies above the cordilleras. They symbolise the highest elevation, above limitations and obstacles. They are, above all, the symbol of the transpersonal; they integrate the wisdom of those who have died, those who have no ego. They are the symbol of spiritual ascension, of communication with the spirits, with what is subtle.

The condor is the symbol of creative power, the incarnation of timeless philosophy; his majestic flight suggests the process of life itself, of creative eternity, whose ever-living works are made up of births and deaths.

The eagle is the symbol of the sun, but the eye of the condor is the sun; it symbolises the hidden light of the great emptiness. It is the master of weather, of thunder and lightning, of wisdom, of new vision, of prophecy, of illumination.

The condor is without doubt the king of the skies, but ultimately he is a servant, a simple gardener, the instrument of the art of renovation, of cleanliness and purification; new productions need new spaces, which are fertilised from the disintegration of the old, of the spirits of the dead. Wisdom, prudence, calm, reflection, discretion, intuition, vision, prophecy, messenger of the divine – these are the attributes of the bird.