LIVE WELL AS YOUR TRUE SELF BY TRANSFORMING YOUR VIBRATION[How to take Transform Your Body, Mind, Heart, Spirit and Relationships ]

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us.”
– Ralph Waldo Emerson


Are you ready to unlock your true potential and step into the life you were meant to live?
It begins with transforming your vibration by aligning every aspect of your being – body, mind, heart, spirit, and relationships – with your purpose, values, and vision.

The 5 Steps To Transform Your Vibration:

Body: Your body is the vessel of your existence. Elevate its vibration through movement, nourishment, and rest. Take time for yoga, embrace whole foods, and prioritize sleep. Your physical well-being sets the foundation for alignment with your purpose.

Mind: Clear the clutter of your mind to make space for your purpose to flourish. Practice mindfulness, meditation, and journaling to cultivate mental clarity. When your thoughts are focused and positive, your path becomes clearer.

Heart: Tune into your heart’s desires and cultivate emotional harmony. Practice self-love, forgiveness, and gratitude daily. When your heart is open and aligned with love, you attract experiences that resonate with your deepest values.

Spirit: Nurture your spirit by connecting with the divine within and around you. Whether through meditation, prayer, or communing with nature, find practices that uplift your soul. When you’re in tune with your spiritual essence, you’re guided towards your true purpose.

Relationships: Surround yourself with people who uplift and inspire you. Cultivate relationships based on mutual respect, support, and shared values. When your connections align with your purpose, they become catalysts for growth and fulfillment.

Closing Thoughts:

On this journey of transformation, remember that it’s not just about reaching a destination but embracing the process of becoming your True Self.
Each step you take towards aligning your body, mind, heart, spirit, and relationships with your purpose, values, and vision brings you closer to living a life of fulfillment and authenticity.
Embrace the challenges, celebrate the victories, and always remain open to growth and evolution.
With dedication and intention, you have the power to create the life you envision and truly unlock your limitless potential.

I love you and I support you.

Transformation Always,

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“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
– Anais Nin


Yesterday’s New Moon Eclipse signaled a time of action, confidence, and leadership. It’s an opportunity for bold progress, healing, and fresh starts. Embracing this energy involves shedding past burdens, focusing on future goals, and bravely stepping into a renewed sense of self. Amidst the inspiration, it’s important to avoid unnecessary conflicts and impulsive actions. Adopt a courageous mindset, relying on your gut instincts and confidence to navigate new beginnings. This is a powerful reminder to embrace bravery and move forward with determination and foresight.

The 5 Steps of the True Self Mastery Journey:

Authentic Alignment: Write about what you want to create and don’t play small. Include who you truly are, what truly matters to you and what you truly want to create right now. Write it as if it has already happened.
If you feel lost, confused or overwhelmed in your life, not knowing these things is why.

Vibration Transformation: Take good care of yourself today physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Focus on Self-love and Self-care. Treat yourself with high Self-worth to build your Self-confidence.
If you feel depleted, stressed and burned out in your life, lack of consistent Self-care is the reason why.

Conscious Creation: Get super clear about 1-3 things that you want to focus on creating during the 2nd quarter of 2024 and schedule your To Do list to make it happen. Take action on one of those things today.
If you feel scattered or stuck in your life, not taking action to create your current vision is the reason why.

Luminous Leadership: Claim for yourself that you are a visionary leader and get clear about the positive difference you want to make in the lives of those you love and serve at this point on your journey. Focus on being the living embodiment of whatever you are teaching so that you are leading by example.
If you are struggling with imposter syndrome, teaching something that you don’t embody is the reason why.

Legacy of Light: If today was your last day on Planet Earth, what would you want to be remembered for? What is the lasting impact that you would like to leave for future generations?
If you don’t feel at peace with yourself when you go to sleep at night and feel anxious, not living as if today could be your last day is the reason why.

Closing Thoughts:

This is your time for action, confidence, and leadership. It’s your chance for renewal and pursuing your goals. To embrace this energy, you must let go of the past, focus on your future, and step boldly onto the path of your True Self. Amidst this transformation, avoid unnecessary conflicts and impulsive actions, and rely instead on self control, bravery and trusting your inner guidance. The 5 steps of True Self Mastery offer a roadmap for harnessing this energy, guiding you towards alignment, self-care, creation, leadership, and leaving a lasting legacy. Let’s seize this opportunity to make a positive impact on our lives and the world around us.

I love you and I support you.


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“The whole future lies in uncertainty: live immediately”


Seneca’s quote encapsulates the essence of embracing the present moment amidst life’s uncertainties.
It urges us to seize the day, recognizing that the future is unpredictable. By living fully in the present, we navigate uncertainty with resilience, making the most of each moment rather than worrying about what lies ahead.

The 3 Steps:

Authentic Alignment: Remember to connect every day with your true path and your true purpose. You will feel more connected to the power of your life right here and now and will experience greater trust in your uncertain future, knowing that no matter what happens, you will navigate whatever happens authentically aligned with who you truly are.

Vibration Transformation: Transform the energy of concern about the future by wholeheartedly showing up in every aspect of your life now. Be fully present for each moment physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually and in your relationships, knowing that it will never happen again.

Conscious Creation: When you show up 100% for yourself and “live immediately” rather than fully live at some point in the future, your creative power will build every day and you will feel more certainty that your future will unfold beautifully.

Closing Thoughts:

Seneca’s wisdom serves as a timeless reminder to embrace the beauty of uncertainty and to live fully in the present.
Stop putting off being your True Self for your unknown future.
In a world of constant change, it’s your ability to seize the moment that defines your experience.
By embracing the unknown, knowing that no matter what, you will be the true you on your true path in the future, you will find freedom, courage, and the true essence of life’s journey now.
I love you and I support you.


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[How to release perfectionism]

Practice makes you a Master, not perfect.

Today is a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, giving you the chance to transform your life for the better and release limiting patterns and toxic relationships.

This is the time to focus on what you truly want to create in your life right now and pour your love and devotion into it.

This is the time to stop giving your time and energy to relationships with people, places and things that you do not want to nurture and grow.

When you wholeheartedly practice what you truly love, you will eventually master it.

But remember:
Practice does not make you perfect.
Practice aligned with love makes you a master, but not perfect.
Mastery is not about perfection.
As a master, you are actually not here to be a perfectionist.
As a master, you do what you do over and over because you love it.
On the way to mastery you will fumble and stumble and make a lot of mis-takes that you will learn from and apply to make the next practice even better.
As a master, you keep showing up and keep practicing because you love what you are doing so much that it doesn’t even matter if it is perfect or not.
It is perfect because you love it!
The pursuit of perfection will oftentimes stop you from even trying and practicing because you will fear doing the thing you love if you are not perfect at it.
Mastery isn’t about perfection.
Mastery is about wholehearted love.
Loving something so much that you want to do it and you want to practice it.
The more you love it and the more you practice, the more masterful you will become at it.
Ditch the perfection and just do whatever you love simply because you love it.
That is what true self-mastery is.

The 3 Steps:

Authentic Alignment: Get clear about what you actually love. You know what I mean. You can’t fake love. Love is always true. Authentically align with what you truly love.

Vibration Transformation: Practice doing what you love simply because you love it. Love is one of the most powerful vibrations in existence. Transform your overall vibration by practicing what you love. Practice being imperfect. Practice being good enough just for today. Do what you love again tomorrow and apply what you learned today so that you have the proof that you are transforming and are becoming a little bit better and more masterful at whatever you love, day by day.

Conscious Creation: Celebrate the fact that you spent your precious time creating something you love. Celebrate that you didn’t stop yourself from creating something you love because you were afraid it wouldn’t be perfect. Celebrate that you practiced the art of living well today by doing what you love.

Closing Thoughts:

As the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse wanes, seize this moment for transformation. Release what holds you back and focus on what ignites your passion. Mastery isn’t about perfection—it’s about loving what you do, imperfections and all.Embrace this moment with an open and devoted heart, knowing that true mastery stems from love, not perfection.

I love you and I support you.

The Imperfect Lover of Life,
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[How to clear subconscious blocks]

You don’t get what you want, you get what you think you deserve.


Today is the Equinox.
Happy Spring if you are in the Northern Hemisphere.
Happy Winter if you are in the Southern Hemisphere.
I am currently in Palm Springs, CA. in the Northern Hemisphere, so today I am focusing on Spring cleaning.
Of course, actually de-cluttering and cleaning the space where you dwell is the most obvious thing we think of when we think of Spring cleaning.
And, there is something equally important to focus on cleaning, not only on the first day of Spring, but every day:
Cleaning your subconscious mind.
Consciously creating the life you vision for yourself isn’t just about wanting something—it’s about believing you deserve it.
The power lies within you, not in external forces like the universe or other people.
However, if what you want to create is not actually happening, it is most likely because you are held back by subconscious blocks—limiting beliefs, self-doubt, and sabotaging patterns ingrained in your mind.
To break free from these barriers and tap into your conscious creative power, you must first become aware of these inner blocks.
By facing these blocks head-on and committing to healing and shifting them, you can unleash your full potential.
It’s essential to understand that your subconscious mind, always active, plays a significant role in shaping your reality.
To manifest your dreams and visions, you must delve deep into your subconscious and confront what’s holding you back.
Ultimately, you possess everything needed to create a fulfilling life…
You just need to confront your inner obstacles to invoke your manifesting power.

The 3 Steps:

  • Authentic Alignment: Get clear about what you actually want to create in your life right now. Always make sure it aligns with your Purpose and Values.
  • Vibration Transformation: Then notice what beliefs, thoughts and feelings arise. Identify fears, ego chatter, stories, patterns, and limiting beliefs related to what you want to create. Ask yourself: “Where did this belief/thought/emotion/pattern come from? Is it mine or did I pick it up from another person/place/thing?” Trace back limiting beliefs and emotions to their origins, understanding the earliest memories associated with these beliefs. Tap on your heart center and say “Even though I have been carrying around these subconscious limiting beliefs, I love, appreciate and accept my True Self, just the way I am. I now choose and claim for myself that I am releasing this not True Self energy and am freeing myself to consciously create the life I vision for myself.”
  • Conscious Creation: De-clutter your dwelling space with some Spring cleaning. De-cluttering is essential because your fresh aspirations shouldn’t be crowded by outdated baggage. It works wonders by purifying the energy around you and establishing room for your aspirations to materialize. Now write a letter to your True Self – pour out your thoughts onto the pages. Describe the weight of carrying these subconscious blocks and express your readiness to release them and progress forward. Then burn the letter and visualize that all of those subconscious blocks are clearing.

Closing Thoughts:

It takes courage to clear your subconscious blocks to unlock your creative potential.
While acknowledging and releasing these blocks might stir up emotions, it signifies reclaiming your inner power and paving the way for your dreams to thrive.
Keep in mind that manifesting involves cultivating the daily practices of awareness, clearing obstacles, and grounding yourself in the belief that you and the life you vision for yourself are worth it.
Your visions rooted in your purpose and values eagerly await your wholehearted embrace of your True Self, which is exponentially more powerful than any block you will ever face.

I love you and I support you.

The Subconscious Re-Programmer,

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[How to cultivate the courage to live life with no regrets]

“There is a price to pay for speaking the truth.
There is a bigger price for living a lie.”

-Cornel West


I share this often and it bares repeating often so we will remember it:
The #1 regret of the dying is they didn’t have the courage to live a life true to themselves. They lived the life other’s wanted them to live.
Basically, the #1 regret you will have at the end of your life is not living an authentic life.
It is very simple, but it’s not easy (at first).
This is why it’s hard at first:
You have parts of your brain that are wired to seduce you away from walking your true path aligned with your life’s purpose.
These “not True Self” parts of your brain are designed to keep you and your True Self disguised.
And the really challenging part is that these parts of your brain disguise themselves because they don’t want to be seen.
These parts of your brain hide out and they want you and your authenticity to hide out too.
Their message is “We just want you to be safe and we just want you to belong and be loved. We are just looking out for you.”
But what they are looking out for is your “not True Self”.
They are not looking out for your True Self.
Then add the myriad ways that mainstream society’s norms encourage you to choose the “not True Self” path in life, and it gets really challenging.
So if you want a life with no regrets right now, it is going to take guts and a lot of courage for your True Self to take the reigns back from these “not True Self” parts of your mind and from mainstream society’s messages about who you should be.
The #1 way to do this is by speaking what is true for you.
Speaking your truth is the most powerful way to re-program the “not True Self” so that you can live your authentic life.

The 3 Steps:

  • Authentic Alignment: Every day tune into what is true for you. Authentically align with your true path. Your true purpose. Your true fulfillment. Your true values. Your true message. Your true vision.
  • Vibration Transformation: Speak your truth, your purpose, values, message and vision out loud with authority, certainty and power, so you and your True Self reclaim it. Speak it out loud so that your “not True Self” knows that your True Self is now steering your body, mind, heart, soul and spirit on your true path of purpose and fulfillment.
  • Conscious Creation: Choose one area of your life with one person, place, thing or situation where you want to start speaking up for your True Self. Write this down: I now choose and claim for myself and am 100% certain that I am showing up as my True Self and am speaking the truth with _________. So be it. So it is. It is done. Abracadabra. And then speak it out loud. And then of course, actually do it.

Closing Thoughts:

In Cornel West’s poignant insight, “There is a price to pay for speaking the truth. There is a bigger price for living a lie”, he highlights the contrast between the costs of speaking the truth versus living a lie.
This resonates with the universal theme of authenticity and regret, encapsulated in the top regret of the dying: not living a life true to oneself. Overcoming the internal and societal pressures that steer us away from our authentic path demands courage and resilience. Our brains are wired to perpetuate the facade of conformity, masking our true selves under the guise of safety and acceptance. Yet, the key to reclaiming our authenticity lies in speaking our truth, challenging the narratives that divert us from our genuine purpose. Embracing this path requires bravery, but it offers the promise of a life lived without regret.

I love you and I support you.

The Truth Teller,

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[How to quickly simplify your life]

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.”
-Albert Einstein


Did you know I call myself an “Opulent Essentialist”?
It is like minimalism, but more luxurious.
I used to be a maximalist, meaning I had a lot of material possessions.
The deeper I devote myself to my personal path of True Self Mastery by taking good care of myself and my loved ones while making a positive impact in the world, simplifying life has become a baseline necessity.
One of the way we can simplify our lives is to limit the amount of chooses we make in any given day.
Did you know that the average person makes an average of 35,000 choices a day?
That is a lot of choices.
One of the simplest ways you can simplify your life is taking the bandwidth you use to choose what to wear every day and use it for other more important things.
Now don’t get me wrong…I love clothes, style and design.
I was voted best dressed senior in High School.
I went to Parson’s School of Design for Fashion Design.
I am still a designer.
And, choosing what to wear can take a lot of time that I now feel can be used in better ways.
So, believe it or not, more or less, every day, I am currently wearing 3 outfits: One for exercise, one for work and one for sleeping.
I have doubles of everything so everything is always clean, neat and ready to go.
It was a process to get here, but I am here, and I love it.

Did you know Einstein did the same thing as I am doing?
Albert Einstein was known for adopting a simple and consistent approach to his wardrobe.
He typically wore the same style of clothing every day, which usually included a gray suit, a white shirt, and a tie.
This choice was driven by a desire to minimize the number of decisions he had to make each day, allowing him to focus his mental energy on more important matters, such as his scientific work.

Einstein’s decision to stick to a basic and repetitive wardrobe is often attributed to the idea of reducing decision fatigue.
The concept of decision fatigue suggests that the more choices a person has to make throughout the day, the more mental energy is expended, potentially leading to decision-making fatigue and a decrease in the quality of decisions. By adopting a consistent outfit, Einstein aimed to streamline his daily routine and conserve mental resources for his scientific endeavors.

The 3 Steps:

  • Authentic Alignment: Once you are authentically aligned with your True Self and know what your Purpose, Values, Message and Vision are, you are guided by a powerful force and do not want to divert your precious energy to figure out what to wear everyday. So choose your 3 uniforms for exercise, work/daytime and sleeping for those days when you don’t want to think about it. Always have them washed and ready to go so you can focus on bringing your magical genius to more important things.
  • Vibration Transformation: Make sure that your uniforms are represent you. When you put them on you feel like you are visually representing your True Self and feel comfortable and confident. When you wear your uniforms you feel like they instantly transform your vibration on all levels.
  • Conscious Creation: Once you put on your uniform, stop thinking about what you look like. Know you look awesome! Now flow all of your mojo to consciously creating the life you vision for yourself personally and professionally, so you can make your positive impact on yourself, your loved ones and the world.

Closing Thoughts:

Transitioning to a simpler way of dressing might seem like a small thing, but this lifestyle shift can help you to create a more purpose-driven existence. Echoing Einstein’s and my approach of a consistent wardrobe and simplifying the 35,000 choices you make every day becomes a path to focus on what truly matters.
Simplification isn’t about sacrificing style but redirecting decision-making energy into more impactful areas.
Choosing everyday uniforms that align with your greater purpose will allow you the freedom to consciously create a life that reflects your personal and professional aspirations.

I love you and I support you.

Your opulent essentialist,

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[How to release regret]The road of life is paved with choices.
Choose with purpose,
travel with conviction,
and leave regret behind
as a distant landmark of lessons learned.


Trust your choices.
Your Life is a journey paved with countless choices.
Choose with purpose and then travel with conviction.
Stop doubting whether you made the right choice or not.
That is a waste of your time and energy.
If you discover that a choice you made did not give you the results you had intended, let it teach you about how to create a better future.
Let regret become a distant lesson, not a place you dwell forever.
Embrace growth and move forward with determination.

The 3 Steps:

  • Authentic Alignment: The metaphorical journey along the road of life is a passage filled with so many choices about where to go and what to do, each one paving the way forward. I encourage you to approach decision-making with a sense of purpose, being intentional in your selections. The notion of “choose with purpose” is about making decisions that align with your purpose (what deeply fulfills you), your values (your guiding principles) and your big vision for your life (your aspirations and long-term goals). Most of your regrets about choices you make can be avoided by making sure that all your choices are aligned with your purpose, values, big vision and your inner authority.
  • Vibration Transformation: “Travel with conviction” amplifies the idea that once you have made a choice, it is crucial to navigate the path with unwavering determination and belief. Cultivate the belief and mindset that your choice was the best choice you could have made at the level of consciousness and awareness you were at when you made it. Choose your choice. Stop second guessing your choice once you make it. Conviction serves as a guiding force, instilling confidence in the chosen direction and fortifies you against the uncertainties that may arise.
  • Conscious Creation: “Leave regret behind as a distant landmark of lessons learned” offers a powerful perspective on the inevitability of facing challenges and making mistakes. Instead of dwelling on regret,  view it as a distant landmark—a point of reflection rather than a permanent residence. Every choice you make will teach you something and how to consciously create a better future for yourself. Every “misstep” becomes a valuable lesson, contributing to your personal growth and builds resilience.

Closing Thoughts:

Embrace the journey of your life with conscious decision-making, steadfast determination, and a mindset that transforms regrets into stepping stones of wisdom. Trust your choices. The road ahead is shaped not only by the choices you make but also by your ability to learn, adapt, and move forward with even greater purpose.

I love you and I support you.

Your Guide on the ride,

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[How to be a Conscious Creator]

Conscious Creation is the alchemy of turning aspirations into reality, blending the elements of vision, belief and persistent effort to forge the gold of a fulfilled life.


Life is a continuous act of creation.
The real question is: Are you creating consciously or on autopilot?
Consciously creating means being aware of what you truly want, your beliefs and feelings about what you want to create and the actions you take.
This is how you deliberately shape your existence.
On the flip side, unconscious creation hands the reins of your life over to external circumstances.
Let’s be conscious creators and architects of our own destinies.

The 3 Steps:

  • Authentic Alignment: Before creating anything, delve into the essence of your being. Align with your Purpose, embrace your Values, refine your Message, and envision your Big Vision. Creating without knowing who you are, what matters most to you and what you truly want leads to unconscious creation. Reflecting on this alignment sets the foundation for purposeful and meaningful manifestations.
  • Vibration Transformation: To consciously create, you must align your body, mind, heart, and spirit with the vibration of what you seek to manifest. Consider this as a transformative process. What practices can elevate your vibration? What movements, breathing rhythms, mindset, words and actions attune you to the frequency that resonates with your conscious creation?
  • Conscious Creation: With authentic alignment and a transformed vibration, you are now ready for conscious creation. Envision the reality you wish to manifest. What does it look and feel like? Take intentional and inspired actions to bring this vision into existence consistently and soon your vision will be your reality.

Closing Thoughts:

As we navigate the realms of conscious creation, may your journey be guided by the authenticity of your alignment, the elevation of your vibration, and the intentional actions of your creation.
Trust in the process, embrace your role as a Conscious Creator, and witness the magic unfold.

Until our next exploration,

I love you and I support you.

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[How to be your own authority]

Embrace the Dragon’s wisdom, knowing that like dragons, we can walk, fly, swim, and even travel between dimensions.


Roaring into the Year of the Dragon with a fierce reminder:
Question all authority outside of YOUR True Self! 🐉
Let’s ride the dragon’s energy 🐲 and trust our inner authority and power.
Defy the norms that don’t resonate with your authentic path 🪄.

In the words of an ancient Chinese proverb, “The dragon is awake, and greatness awaits those who align with its energy.”

This is your year to question anyone and anything that tries to limit you and your awesomeness.
Let this year be about True Self-discovery, bold choices, and rewriting your own rules across all realms!
Repeat after me:
I unite with the power of the dragon!
I take inspired actions to manifest my goals and consciously create my vision. Unleash the dragon within and roar with me as we navigate the multidimensional journey ahead! 🐲


  • Authentic Alignment: Dive into the essence of the dragon within you. Reflect on your unique strengths and qualities that make you powerful. How have you been holding back and playing small because you have been outsourcing your power to others?
  • Vibration Transformation: What is the 1 belief for you to cultivate right now that you know would radically transform your vibration as the source of your true power and courage?

 This is mine: I am the one. I am 100% responsible for my life.

  • Conscious Creation: Envision yourself 1 year from now as the brave authority of your own life, beliefs, thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Who have you become? What have you created? Ask your future self to upload you with an action plan to make the True You happen.


As we navigate the Year of the Dragon, embody the spirit of this majestic creature. Trust your instincts, question external authorities, and embrace the multidimensional journey that awaits. May this year be filled with self-discovery, bold choices, and the rewriting of your own rules.

Until next week,
I love you and I support you.

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LIVE WELL AS YOUR TRUE SELF WITH GOAL SETTING [How to set meaningful goals and follow through with them]

Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.
-Tony Robbins


In the fast-paced rhythm of life, the quest to live authentically and embrace your True Self is often accompanied by the need for purposeful goals aligned with who you truly are and what truly matters to you.

Setting and achieving meaningful goals becomes a guiding light, illuminating the steps you need to take on your path toward a life well-lived.
This week, we’ll explore how intentional goal setting can not only shape your aspirations but also lay the foundation for living authentically, fostering a profound sense of well-being.


Authentic Alignment: Set goals that resonate with your True Self. Align your goals with your purpose, values, and overarching vision. Make each goal a genuine reflection of your true identity and greatest fulfillment.

Vibration Transformation: Elevate your goal-setting process with vibrational alignment. Engage in daily practices that raise your energy, such as visualizing yourself attaining your goals, writing and speaking positive affirmations aligned with your goals and getting into the feeling state that your goals evoke emotionally. Create a vibrational match between your goals and your inner self.

Conscious Creation: Consciously shape your future through intentional goal setting. Make a list of the actual actions you need to take to accomplish your goals. Take one small action step every day that is aligned with each of your goals. Approach goal setting as a conscious creation of the life you envision.


A firm commitment to your True Self is always better than a half-hearted agreement that goes against your authenticity.
Setting meaningful goals is a key to living well as your True Self.
I am holding the vision that you follow through with your goals in a way that resonates deeply with who you truly are and what you know in your heart you are capable of creating.

2024 is the year of living authentically and achieving goals that align with your True Self.

I love you and I support you.

Until next week,

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